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Updated January 12, 2011 - 11:28 PM EST
Biden: US to Stay in Afghanistan 'Well Beyond 2014'

Attacks in Afghanistan Kill 6 NATO Troops


NATO Kandahar Attack Caused $100 Million Damage

Lawyer: Assange Could Be Renditioned to Gitmo

  Citing Shooting, Congressmen Eye New Curbs on Political Speech
Gates: North Korea Could Nuke US
Suicide Bombing in NW Pakistan Kills 20
Hezbollah Bloc Withdraws, Collapsing Lebanese Govt
Netanyahu Demands More US Threats to Attack Iran
Clinton to Yemen: More Military Attacks on al-Qaeda
Brits Riled Up as Obama Says 'No Stronger Ally than France'
Sarah Palin's Cross Hairs – and Obama's  by John V. Walsh
Neocons Crank Up the Spin Machine  by Christopher A. Preble
Will Cathay Rule the Waves in the North Pacific?  by Eric Margolis
Lockheed Martin's Shadow Govt  by William Hartung and Tom Engelhardt
The Liberal Complex  by Michael C. Desch
The Lebanonization of Iraq?  by Robert Grenier

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Gaza's Children Dare to Dream

Judge Upholds Algerian's Detention at Guantánamo

Coalition of Groups Rallies Outside White House for Closure of Guantánamo

Posada Trial Opens With Little Mention of 'Terrorism'

Adm. Mike Mullen Observes Disconnect Between US Military and Broader Public

Pentagon: IEDs Killed 21,000 Iraqi Civilians Between 2005-2010

Hit Men Have Killed 240 Iraqi Officials

Iraq and Kuwait at Odds Over Clash

Working to Save Ancient Babylon

Tuesday: 2 Iraqis, 1 Kuwaiti Killed; 42 Iraqis Wounded


Assange: WikiLeaks to Speed Release of Leaked Documents

WikiLeaks: Julian Assange 'Happy' After Extradition Hearing

Protesters Demand Bradley Manning's Release

The War at Home
Rep. King: Ban Weapons Near Congressmen
Feds Arrest Person Suspected of Threatening Sen. Bennet's Denver Office
Kerry Warns Against a Government 'Too Limited to Have Invented the Internet'

Feds Nervous About Ex-CIA Operative's Release

Report: New Spy Plane Tested in California

Minnesota Professor's Lecture in Canada Prompts FBI Call


Iran Rounds Up Christians in Crackdown

Russia Says Considering Iran Fuel Sites Offer


More Votes, and More Deaths, in Southern Sudan

US May Drop Sudan From Terrorism List by July

China: A Force for Peace in Sudan?


UN Peacekeepers Flee Ivory Coast Neighborhood

Sectarian Machete Attacks in Central Nigeria Leave 19 Dead


Hindu Holy Man Reveals Truth of Terror Attacks Blamed on Muslims

US Drops Charges in Alleged Laotian Coup Plot


NATO Commander Lauds Canada's Role in Afghanistan

Canadian Drone Program to Go on Hiatus After Afghan Mission


Pakistan Envoy: No Need for US Ground Invasion

Zardari Ally to Succeed Slain Official in Pakistan

Biden Sees Little Pressure From Pakistan on Taliban


Israeli Warplanes in Fresh Strikes on Gaza: Witnesses

Hamas Tells Other Gaza Militants to Stop Attacks

In First, Hamas Allows Fatah Visit to Gaza Prisons

Israel Extends Jail Term for Palestinian Activist

Al-Jazeera Reporter Asked to Remove Bra by Shin Bet

EU Envoys in East Jerusalem Call

Middle East

Clinton Has Busy Five Hours in Yemen

Saudis, Syria Fail to Forge Deal Over Lebanon Court

Clinton Seeks Gulf Aid for Iran Sanctions, Iraq

Violent Unrest Breaks Out in Tunis


China Spurns Strategic Security Talks With US

Chinese Military Tests Fighter Jet Ahead of Hu's Meeting With Gates

China Tests Stealth Fighter as Gates Visits


Five North Korean Defectors 'Shot Dead'

Russia and Her Neighbors

Kazakhstan to Join Russian Air-Defense Shield

Russia, US Begin Civilian Nuclear Cooperation Deal

Jailing the Opposition in Russia and Belarus


Bit by Bit, a Mexican Police Force Is Eradicated


Justin Raimondo
The Tea Party, Foreign Policy, and the Politics of Real Change

Ivan Eland
Don't Expect Iraq to End Like Sudan

Philip Giraldi
Law and Disorder

Kelley B. Vlahos
WikiLeaks Highlights Drug War Mission Creep

Nebojsa Malic
Moments of Revelation

Ran HaCohen
Racism, Rabbinical and Otherwise

David R. Henderson
Adm. Mullen's Spinning vs. Prof. Hayek's Insight

Charles V. Peņa
TSA: Theater Security Administration

Alan Bock
How Brainy Is Obama?

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