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Updated January 22, 2011 - 11:29 PM EST
Karzai Backs Down, Afghan Parliament to Meet
  Obama May Slash Afghan War Cash While War Rolls On
  Karzai Wins Russian Backing on Milestone Visit
  France Affirms Afghan Role After Reported bin Laden Threat
Druze Support Likely to Put Hezbollah in Power
  Lebanon's Jumblatt Becomes Kingmaker
Mass Protests in Pakistan Against Drone Strikes
  In Pakistan, Islamic Hard-Liners Expanding Their Grip on Society
  Setbacks Plague US Aid to Pakistan
Bradley Manning Lawyer Details Prison Abuse
  Former Commander at Quantico Objects to Treatment of Manning
Biden Thanks House Dems for Supporting War
  Biden: Iraq Has 'At Least' 50 Percent Chance of Stability
  After Half-Hearted Apology on Iraq, Blair Urges Attack on Iran
Foreign Powers 'Disappointed' as Iran Nuclear Talks End
Obama Warned China of US Military Moves Against N. Korea
Feuding Partners: A Shift in the Balance of US-China Relations  by Ted Galen Carpenter
Time to Get Over the Iran Hostage Crisis  by Stephen Kinzer
Obama Submits to Israel Lobby  by Lawrence Davidson
Tempest in Tunis  by J. Peter Pham
Spiritual Death  by Robert Koehler
Missing Persons and Intelligence Agencies  by Malik Ayub Sumbal

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'Lobbies Prevent Push for Military Cuts'
5,000 Rally in Jordan 'Bread and Freedom' Demo
South Sudan Votes Overwhelmingly to Split From North
Repatriations to Haiti Resume, Including Man Acquited of Sears Tower 'Plot'
Secret Payload Launched on Largest West Coast Rocket
WikiLeaks' Julian Assange Life Story Up for Movie
Relatives of Pakistani Drone Victims to Sue CIA
Raging Inflation Adds to Pakistan's Long List of Woes
Ex-CIA Officer: US Not Serious About Tackling LeT
UN Concerned Over Afghan Parliament Delay
Indian Army General Found Guilty of Corruption in Court-Martial
Mistrust Stalls US-China Space Cooperation
Documentary Shows Rare Look at Dissent in Myanmar Military
Isolated Lukashenko Sworn in for Fourth Term
Belarus' President Takes Hard Line at Inauguration
Poland Takes Lead Against Belarus Crackdown
Lukashenko Looks East for New Friends
Belarus Critic's Son Allowed to Stay in Family
German DM Denies Cover-Up Allegations
German Soldier May Have Killed Comrade in Prank
3 Dead, 55 Injured in Albanian Anti-Govt Protest
2 Blasts Shake Ukrainian City
Bomb Defused at Northern Irish Army Training Center
Irish Government Falls and Calls 11 March Poll
Anna Chapman Makes Debut in Her Own Television Series
US Revokes Visas to Pressure Haiti on Election
'Baby Doc' Offers Regret, No Apology, to Haitians
Duvalier: I Came to Take Part in Haiti Reconstruction
Cuba Stops US Mail in New Hiccup in Relations
Colombia Stepping Up Anti-Drug Training of Mexico's Army, Police
'War on Terror'
Teen Detained in Kuwait Returns to US, Reunites With Family
American Gets 4 Years for Bid to Spy for China
UK Judge Approves US Extradition of Terror Suspect
Suspected al-Qaeda Collaborator Fights Deportation
US Military
Army Gives 4,200 Jobs to Contractors That Are Meant for Federal Employees
US Army Gives Soldiers a Few Tips on Social Media
UN Urges Halt to Ugly Israeli-Palestinian Rhetoric
Ex-CIA Officers Warn of Violence Without Peace Progress
UN Chief: Settlements Are Illegal, Hamper Peace Efforts
EU Slams Israeli Court Over Palestinian Activist Sentence

Israel's Probe of Rights Groups Prompts Protest

Palestinians Find Freedom in the Surf of Gaza
US: We Are Willing to Engage Iran but We Are Realistic
Former Iran Hostages Reunite at West Point
Intel Panel Wants Iran Dissidents Off Terror List
British Iraq Probe
Families Reject Blair Apology Over Iraq Dead
'Your Lies Killed My Son...' Blair Fails to Pacify Critics in Torrid Inquiry Session
Tony Blair Wanted a 'Gung-Ho' Approach to Saddam a Year Before Iraq Invasion
Maliki Under Fire as al-Qaeda Rocks Iraq
Sadr Returns to Iran
Iraq Nabs Sunni Militiamen Over Karbala Attack
Tunisian Protesters Say Ruling Party Must Go
Protests as Tunisia Mourns Victims of Unrest
Tunisia's Former Ruling Party Disbands Leadership, Joins With New Government
Tunisian News Media Relish New Freedom
Tunisia's Sudden Press Freedom
Tunisian Prime Minister Pledges to Quit Politics
Slap to a Man's Pride Set Off Tumult in Tunisia
Tunisia to Pay Abuse Victims, Hunt Ben Ali Clan
Ivory Coast
Ouattara Says Invasion May Be Needed to Remove Ivorian Govt
Ivory Coast: Violence Spreading, Human Rights Deteriorating
Sudan Army, Darfur Rebel Clash Kills 21
Group: Third of Zimbabwe Registered Voters Dead
Malaysia Holds 7 Somali Pirates After Saving Ship
South Korean Raid Frees Hostage Crew From Pirates

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