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Updated February 8, 2011 - 11:20 PM EST

GOP Freshmen Help Derail PATRIOT Act Extension

Egypt's State Media Turns on Mubarak
  Senior Marine: 'Multiple Platoons' Headed to Egypt
  White House Claims 'Monumental Changes' in Egypt Govt
  Muslim Brotherhood Threatens to Quit Egypt Talks as Protests Continue
  Washington Fumbles Egypt Messaging

Suleiman: The CIA's Man in Cairo

Air Force: Everyone a Criminal for Reading WikiLeaks
  Lawyers: Manning's Charges May Be Dismissed Over Mistreatment
NATO: 100s of Insurgents to Disarm in Afghanistan
  Gunmen in Army Uniforms Kill Afghan District Governor
  Evidence of 2002 Taliban Offer Damages Myth of al-Qaeda Ties

Afghan, NATO Forces Brace for Spring Offensive

Yemen PM: Yemen 'Not Tunisia or Egypt'

Yemen Opposition MP Survives Attack on Life

US Resumes Pressure on Pakistan to Release Diplomat
Poll: Public Supports $100 Billion Annual Cut to Pentagon
How Foreign Aid Creates Instability and Isolates America  by Rep. Ron Paul
Stand Alone: The Case for a New Isolationism  by Thanassis Cambanis
Washington and the Political Opposition in Egypt  by Christopher Preble
Pox Americana  by Tom Engelhardt
Mubarak's Last Act  by Mohammad Salama
Can Afghanistan Afford to Survive?  interview with Juan Cole

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Military Spending Will Thwart Earmark Ban, Experts Predict

One in 50 Troops in Afghanistan Is a Robot

NATO Views Arab Protests as Indirect Security Threat

Jane Harman's Resignation Is CIA's Loss

Support Grows for Tiered Screening at Airports


Freed Google Exec Helped Spark Egypt Revolt

Egyptian Activist Known as 'Sandmonkey' Reveals Identity After Police Beating

Anonymous Hits Back at FBI Informant 'Security Expert'

US Says It Has Secret Tools to Force Internet on Dictators

Middle East

ElBaradei: 'We Could Experience an Arab Spring'

Israeli Pullout From Lebanese Village on Hold

13 Jewish Homes Approved in Jerusalem Arab Neighborhood

Lebanon Tribunal Debates Terrorism at First Hearing

Tribesmen in Jordan Call for Urgent Political Reform


Gunmen Kill Afghan District Governor

Suicide Bomb in Afghanistan Kills Interpreter

Afghan Bombing Kills 2 and Wounds 5, Including 2 US Soldiers

Suicide Attack in Kandahar Is Afghanistan City's 3rd in 10 Days

US Troops: Rules Allow Shooting Afghan Boy Who Picked Up Rifle and Rode Away on Bike

US-Pakistan Relations Strained Further With Case of Jailed Diplomat

Pakistani Opposition Figure Urges Public Protests

Bomb Hits Police Vehicle in NW Pakistan, 1 Killed

Five NATO Oil Tankers Attacked in Balochistan

Benazir Bhutto's Blackberry Phones Found


US Marine Gets 6-Year Prison Term for Iraq Fraud

Iraqi Christians Find Refuge in France

Monday: 2 Iraqis Killed, 15 Wounded

Iran's Opposition Asks for Rally to Support Egypt and Tunisia

Iran to Launch New Satellites, Ahmadinejad Says

Reports: Iran, Turkey Sign Trade Pact Potentially Worth $30 Billion

South Sudan

S. Sudan Makes Preparations for Next World Capital


UK Blocks Sanctions Against Suspected Somali Pirates

Somali Pirates 'Helped by Intelligence Gathered in London'

Leak: Canada Naval Commander Warned of Somali Govt's 'Collusion' With Pirates

Moscow Airport Bombing: Chechen Militant Claims Credit

Report: Russia Warns US Over Missile Defense Plans

Guardian's Moscow Correspondent Expelled From Russia

Egypt in Crisis

Reports of Sinai Clashes Mount

Egypt's New Cabinet Announces 15% Raise for State Employees

Egypt's Ex-Police Chief Appears Before Prosecutors

Tide Turning in Favor of Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood?

Profile: Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood

Despite Retreats, Egypt Regime's Core Stands Firm

Hosni Mubarak 'Displaying All the Hallmarks of an Aging Autocrat'

In Tahrir Square

Talks Fail to End Egypt Protests

In Egypt, a Wedding Amid the Protests

Resentment Finds a Target in Ahmed Ezz, Steel Monopolist

Egypt Demonstrators Entertain to Keep Morale High

Is Egypt Protest Momentum Ebbing?

The Egyptian General and the Gladiola

Egypt and the US

Obama Hopes for Diplomatic 'Progress' Despite Envoy Scandal

US Suddenly Concerned by Egypt's WMD Research

In Egypt, US Seeks to Balance Competing Goals

2009 Cable Tells of Mubarak Resisting US Calls for Reform

Egypt and the World

Egypt Could Crush Uprising 'Like Iran': Netanyahu

Germany Suspends Arms Exports to Egypt

Possible Exile in Germany: Clinic Near Baden-Baden Considered for Mubarak

WikiLeaks: Israel's Secret Hotline to the Man Tipped to Replace Mubarak


Marine Drills Spark Okinawa Protest

2 Koreas Talk in DMZ to Ease Tensions Since Attack

Cambodia and Thailand Continue Armed Clash Over Temple

Indonesian Authorities Vow Inquiry After Religious Attack

Aung San Suu Kyi's Party Weighs Support of Myanmar Sanctions


German Defense Ministry to Cut Jobs

French Daily: 'Over 100 Europeans in al-Qaeda Training Camps'

Milan Judge Frees Former Guantánamo Inmate

New Basque Party Launched, Rejects ETA Violence


Haiti's President to Stay Three Months Past Term


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Caught in the Headlights

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What's WikiLeaks Got to Do With It?

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How About a Clean Break – with Israel?

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Withdrawing Consent

Ivan Eland
A Hezbollah-Run Lebanon Poses Little Threat to US Security

Ran HaCohen
Barak Unmasked

David R. Henderson
Adm. Mullen's Spinning vs. Prof. Hayek's Insight

Charles V. Peña
TSA: Theater Security Administration

Alan Bock
How Brainy Is Obama?

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