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Updated February 9, 2011 - 11:29 PM EST
GOP Freshmen Nix House PATRIOT Act Extension
  Obama Seeks Domain Name Veto Power
  Air Force Abandons WikiLeaks Threats Against Airmen's Families

As Week 3 Begins, Egypt Protests Growing Again

  Protesters Block Egyptian Parliament
  Suleiman: Egypt 'Not Ready for Democracy'

Mubarak's Base Continues to Crumble as Workers Strike


Egypt Frees Political Detainees as Part of Reforms

  Mubarak Paid for French PM's New Year's Vacation
Cantor: US Goal in Egypt to Stop 'Radical Islam'
Iraq Security 'Probably Going to Take Some Time'
  Three Car Bombs Kill 11, Wound 104 in Iraq's Kirkuk
Karzai Says US Seeks Permanent Military Bases
  Afghan Air War Doubles: Now 10 Attacks Per Day
US Ends Hi-Level Contact With Pakistan Over Murder Case

Army Official: US Troops Might Be Needed in Mexico

Pollard Espionage Ring Still Unfolding  by Grant Smith
Eruption on the Nile/Confusion on the Potomac  by Eric Margolis
We Need a Foreign-Policy Revolution Here at Home  by Jacob G. Hornberger
Be Careful What You Wish For  by Jack Hunter
The Arab World's '1989'?  by Gwynne Dyer
Counter-Revolution Brought to You by...  by Pepe Escobar

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Rep. King Won't Let 'PC' Derail Probe of Muslims

Medal of Honor Recipient Opts Not to Reenlist

Obama Seeks End to Egypt's Emergency Law, Extension of US PATRIOT Act
The Deepening Mystery of Raymond Davis and Two Slain Pakistani Motorcyclists

The Internet Has Turned Leadership Upside Down


EFF, ACLU Challenge Feds' WikiLeaks Twitter Probe

Mideast Unrest Complicates WikiLeaks Prosecution

Assange's Extradition Fight Extended

Iran Cleric: Filtering the Internet Is Un-Islamic

Israel Says Enlisting Hackers to Attack Websites


Change Comes to Tunisia, Slowly

New Signs of Unrest in Tunisia, Gunshots Heard in Center of Capital


Syria to Set Facebook Status to Unbanned in Gesture to People

Syria's 'Day of Anger' Failed to Ignite as Protesters Stay Away

Middle East

Can Al-Jazeera Topple Governments?

Middle East: Governments Clamp Down on Egypt-Inspired Protests, Rights Group Says

Gulf Leaders Hear Rumblings of Dissent

WikiLeaks Cables: Saudi Arabia Cannot Pump Enough Oil to Keep a Lid on Prices

Youth Group Fifth Fence Calls for Kuwait Government to Go

Iran: Opposition Comes Out Swinging as Revolutionary Anniversary Approaches

Jordan Tribes Threaten Revolution Over Country's Palestinian Queen Rania


UK's Hague Tells 'Belligerent' Israelis to Soften Line

US: Relations With Israel Won't Change Over Middle East Events

Palestinians to Hold Local Elections July 9

Palestinian Government Sets Date for Polls, Hamas Rejects Move

Activist: Palestinian Trips Had No Link to Terror


High-Ranking Iraqi Officer Killed in Baghdad

Amnesty Accuses Iraq of Operating Secret Prisons to Torture Detainees

In Kirkuk, a Test of US Peacekeepers' Lasting Impact

Tuesday: 4 Iraqis Killed, 7 Wounded

Rumsfeld Speaks on Iraq
Rumsfeld Wanted Iraq Hit as Powell Spoke

Rumsfeld Defends Iraq War Handling, Guantanamo in Fox News Interview

US Declassified Report: Little Evidence for Iraq WMDs Ahead of 2003 War

US Military

Obama Taps New Army Chief of Staff

US Commander: Special Operations Forces Stressed

New Military Plan Looks Beyond Current Wars

Maine Agency Deeded Closed Naval Base Landing Strip

US Diplomacy

Bush Not at Risk of Arrest in Europe, Experts Say

US Embassy's Local Workers in Saudi Arabia 'Exploited'
In Tahrir Square

A New Leader for Egypt's Protesters?

Protests Swell in Rejection of Egypt's Limited Reforms

The Different Shades of Tahrir

Egypt: Protesters' Sarcasm Reflected in Anti-Mubarak Signs

First-Timers Join Mass Protest in Cairo Square

Mubarak's Crisis

Egypt's Mubarak Meets UAE Foreign Minister Amid Ongoing Unrest

Free, Fair Elections Still Distant Prospect for Egypt

Egyptian Man's Death Became Symbol of Callous State

6,000 Suez Workers on Strike

Egypt Central Bank Intervenes to Boost Pound

Egypt and the US

Gates Praises Egypt's Military for Restraint

US Denies Involvement in Cairo Hit-and-Run

Poll: Obama Has Public's Support on His 'Handling' of Egypt

Gallup: 82% of Americans Support the Egyptian Protesters

Allies Press US to Go Slow on Egypt

Egypt and the World

Israel Long Favored Suleiman Succession, Leaked Cables Show

Rights Group Urges Trial if Mubarak Seeks German Hospital Refuge


Twin Bombings Hit Afghan City Near Pakistani Border

Karzai Calls for Release of Taliban Official From Guantanamo

No One Hurt in Bomb in Heavy Kabul Traffic

Afghan Government Accuses 16 Security Firms of Violations


Diplomat: US Official's Fate May Threaten Pakistan Ties

Peshawar Bomb Destroys 13 Vehicles, Including NATO Tankers

Zardari Appoints Ally to Pakistan Tribal Province

Musharraf Accused in Bhutto Murder

Report: US Needs to Show Progress on Pakistan Aid

Guardian Correspondent's Expulsion from Russia Seen as Warning to All Foreign Reporters

Muslim Rebel Cheats Death to Haunt Russia


Blaze Consumes Ivory Coast Treasury Amid Political Standoff

Former Liberian President Boycotts War Crimes Trial


Thailand Imposes Tough Security Law Ahead of Protests

Thailand: Webmaster's Court Case Tests Freedom of Speech

US Starts War Games Near Thai-Cambodian Clash

In Other News

Growing Aussie Row Over Indifference Toward Troop Deaths

IRA Dissidents Hid Belfast Bomb on Child's Bike

Germany Indicts Alleged Islamist for Bombmaking and Web Videos

Cuba Cooperating in US Case Against Ex-CIA Agent Posada


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How About a Clean Break – with Israel?

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Withdrawing Consent

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Barak Unmasked

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Adm. Mullen's Spinning vs. Prof. Hayek's Insight

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TSA: Theater Security Administration

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How Brainy Is Obama?

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