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Updated February 14, 2011 - 11:29 PM EST
House Votes to Extend PATRIOT Act Provisions
Egyptian Protests Erupt Over Pay
  Egyptian Junta Moves Against Protesters, Strikers
  Is the Army Tightening Its Grip on Egypt?
  Egypt's Military Suspends Constitution, Disbands Parliament
  Junta's Stranglehold on Egypt's Economy Imperils Reform
  Egypt Shuts Banks After New Protests From Employees, Police

Iran Police Fire Tear Gas at Opposition Rally, 1 Dead

Protester Killed in Bahrain 'Day of Rage'

US Reassures Jordan After Egypt Revolution
  US Calls for Algerian 'Restraint' on Protests
USAID Says Budget Cuts Threaten Afghan War
  Afghan Government Next to Fall After Egypt, Says Taliban
Pentagon Warns Congress Over 2011 Budget
  Obama Unveils Record $3.73 Trillion Budget for 2012
Opposition Front to Form in Iraqi Parliament
  Suicide Bombing: 48 Slain in Iraqi City of Samarra
  Iraqi Dies After Setting Himself on Fire in Unemployment Protest
Palestinian Government to Quit, Call Elections
Swedish PM: Assange Is 'Public Enemy Number One'
Liberty Sprouts From the Roots of Tyranny  by Bob Ray Sanders
A Primer on the Muslim Brotherhood  by Adam Serwer
Rumsfeld's Memoir Highlights Iraq Lies  by Al Neuharth
Jimmy Carter's Gift of 'Apartheid'  by John V. Walsh
The Freedom Reading List  by Jen Marlowe and Tom Engelhardt
The Post–9/11 Feeding Frenzy  by Sheldon Richman

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Assange Hails WikiLeaks Role in Middle East Revolt
Obama Seeks to Cut a Mere $78 Billion From Defense Budget
WikiLeaks: US Was Disappointed in Finnish Attitude on Terrorism
Dual Uprisings Show Potent New Threats to Arab States
Germany Mulls Foreign Recruits for Army
Rep. Jones Pushes for End to Afghanistan War
NATO: 740 Trainers Still Needed for Afghan Forces
Rare-Earth Shortage? Afghans Think They Can Help
UK Photographer Fights for Life in Birmingham Hospital After Afghanistan Explosion
India to Pull 10,000 Troops From Kashmir
Eight-Year-Old Girl, Brother Die in India Kashmir Blast
India's Foreign Minister Makes Gaffe at UN Security Council Meet
Thailand to Reject UN Help Over Cambodia
Indonesia's Radical Cleric on Trial for Terrorism
For Tunisia, Revolution Was the Easy Part
Tunisians Turn to Everyday Matters
Further 1,000 Tunisian Refugees Land at Lampedusa
Italy to Ask 'To Deploy Police to Tunisia' to Tackle Migration
Algeria Opposition Says to Hold Weekly Rallies
Torture Victim Fights Decision to Deport Her Back to Sudan
Bono Reignites Anger Over 'Shoot the Boer' Song
Russian Village Is Angry, but Not With Bomber
Russia Reinstates a Reporter It Expelled
Egypt's Military Junta
Mubarak Loyalists Change Stripes to Fit Into the New Egypt
Field Marshal Mohammed Tantawi, the Man in Charge of Egypt
Egypt's New Military Rulers to Ban Union Meetings
Egypt's Opposition Divided on Future Course of Action as Protests Wind Down
Among the Muslim Brotherhood
Report: European Countries May Freeze Mubarak's Assets Abroad
Mubarak Pictures Removed; Calls for Renaming Police Academy After Khaled Said
Boehner: US Handled Egypt Crisis as Best It Could
Report: Sons of Egypt's Mubarak Nearly Came to Blows
Resort Town Mubarak Built May Be His Permanent Home
As Egypt Calms Down, So Do Israeli Nerves
Israeli Cabinet Approves New Army Chief
Gadhafi: Palestinian Refugees Can Use Mideast Unrest to Pressure Israel
Maliki Fills Power, Trade, Other Iraq Cabinet Jobs
Iraq's Maliki Hails 'Peaceful Change' in Egypt
Iran Opposition Moves Ahead With Rally Plan, Despite Warnings
Tehran Will Not Accept Anything Beyond IAEA Rules
Iran's Ahmadinejad Appoints New Atomic Chief
Saudi Arabia
Umma Islamic Party, Saudi Arabia's First Political Party, Formed by Moderate Scholars

Justin Raimondo
It's Always About Israel

Philip Giraldi
Let's Go to Plan B

Ivan Eland
Tear Down This Wall (of Fame): Reagan's Overrated Foreign Policy

Kelley B. Vlahos
What's WikiLeaks Got to Do With It?

Nebojsa Malic
Withdrawing Consent

Ran HaCohen
Barak Unmasked

David R. Henderson
Adm. Mullen's Spinning vs. Prof. Hayek's Insight

Charles V. Peņa
TSA: Theater Security Administration

Alan Bock
How Brainy Is Obama?

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