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Updated February 19, 2011 - 11:27 PM EST
200 Die as Libya Forces Ratchet Up Attacks in East
  Government Snipers Shoot Mourners, Killing 15 in Libya
  Libyan Fury Challenges Gadhafi
Bahrain Military, Police Flee From Protesters
  Brutal Bahrain Crackdown May Be Just a Prelude
  Gulf May Use Military Force in Support of Bahrain's Regime
  The Arsenal Against Democracy: US Arms Fuel Bahraini Crackdown
  Bahrain Royal Family Orders Army to Turn on the People
  WikiLeaks Cables Show No Evidence of Iran's Hand in Bahrain Unrest
  Mideast Violence Spreads to Home Port of US 5th Fleet
Egypt's Military Says No More Strikes, Protests
  Egyptian Military Under Mubarak's Shadow
  Demonstrators Fill Tahrir Square to Press Military for More Reforms
Thousands Protest in N. Iraq Over Shooting
  Friday Protests Reported Across Iraq
Algeria Police Attack Fresh Opposition Rally
  20,000 Protest in Tiny Djibouti Against President
  At Least Six Protesters Killed as Yemen Violence Rises
  Protesters Beaten in Jordan Capital as Calls for Reform Continue
  Omanis Rally Against Corruption, Low Wages
  30 Wounded, 50 Arrested as Kuwait Police Attack Protesters
US Entering Direct Talks With Taliban: Report
  18 Killed, 70 Wounded in Afghan Bank Attack
  Afghan Soldier Kills 3 German Troops, Wounds 6
  US Launches Diplomatic 'Surge' to End Afghan War
  Residents of Razed Afghan Village Dispute US Case for Destruction
Jailed US 'Consulate Worker' Tied to Drones
  Ties Between Pakistan, US Intel Agencies Hit Low Point
US Vetoes UN Draft Condemning Settlements
Suez Canal Says No Go-Ahead Yet for Iran Warships
Your $5,555 Defense Bill Chokes on Waste  by Veronique de Rugy
After Mubarak – What Does Israel Do?  by Daniel Levy
How Anonymous Hacked the Security Firm Hacker  by Barrett Brown
Fall of the Raj  by Eric Margolis
For the Love of Liberty  by Lew Rockwell
Next Stop: The House of Saud  by Pepe Escobar

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New Bill Strips President's Power to Shut Off Internet
Phone Cameras Credited With Helping the World See Protests in Middle East
Military Chaplain: Soldier's Rape 'Must Have Been God's Will'
Australia Asks Sweden to Give Assange Fair Hearing
With Increased US Aid, Honduras Militarizes Anti-Drug Fight
Kadhafi Loyalists Threaten to Snuff Out Protests
Libyan Site Says National Congress Halts Session
Libya's Gadaffi Faces Challenge to His 40 Years of Rule
Libya Protests: 'Terror and Bribery Are Blunt Tools Now'
Al Jazeera Says Signal Jammed, Website Blocked
Egypt's Military Discourages Economic Change
After Long Exile, Sunni Cleric Takes Role in Egypt
Prison Guards Accused of Killing Dozens of Jail Inmates in Egypt
Egyptians Celebrate, Pressure Army to Keep Pledges
Message to Egypt From Qaeda's No. 2
Thousands of Mubarak Sympathizers Hold Rally in Cairo
Egypt Starts Overhauling Constitution
Egypt Women Stand for Equality in the Square
Assets of Mubarak and Aides Are Frozen by Swiss
Egyptians, Watching From US, Ponder Their Return
Tolerant, Tech-Savvy Young Islamists May Reshape Egyptian Politics
Three Weeks in Egypt Show the Power of Brutality – and Its Limits
Deadly Day Around Afghanistan, as Attacks Kill 18
Taliban Marginalized in Former Stronghold, US General Says
Clinton Warns Taliban: Cut Ties With al-Qaeda
Clinton Reaffirms Schedule of US Military Withdrawal From Afghanistan
US Sanctions Target Afghan Money Laundering
Russia Opposes Long-Term US Bases in Afghanistan
Pak Mulls Blood Money Deal to Let Off Davis, Buy Peace With US
Top US Lawmakers Reject Pakistan Aid Cuts Over Davis Issue
Pakistan Judge Orders Arrest of US Car's Driver
Power Pylons, Gas Pipeline Blown Up in Balochistan
Shutter-Down Strike in Balochistan Against Extra-Judicial Killings
China's Intimidation of Dissidents Said to Persist After Prison
Even More Than Mideast, China Keeps Firm Grip on Internet
As Middle East Erupts in Protest, India Finds Comfort on the Fence
UN: 5,000 Tamils Are Held Off-Limits in Sri Lanka
Kyrgyzstan Names Mountain Vladimir Putin
The War at Home
House Votes to Let Pentagon Sponsor NASCAR Races
Jailed Puerto Rican Nationalist Is Denied Parole
Military Chaplain: Soldier's Rape 'Must Have Been God's Will'
Weekend Reviews
Living With the Bomb
The Washington Rules
Law Professor Says Egypt Was a Common Destination for Torture of Detainees Sent by US
New Phil Ochs Film: Still Marchin' Across the Land
Security Forces in Bahrain Fire on Mourners and Journalists
New Clashes Erupt in Bahrain After Marchers Rally in Support of King
Obama Speaks to Bahrain's King, Urges Restraint
US Offered Rosy View of Bahrain Before Crackdown
Protesters Step in to Help at Bahrain Hospital
Internet Use in Bahrain Restricted, Data Shows
Bahrain's Crackdown Shows the Limits of a Revolution
Popular MP in Iraq PM's Bloc Resigns
Ex-Aide: Colin Powell Was 'Manipulated' by Cheney Into Justifying Iraq War
Maliki Cancels Kut Visit, Sends Delegation to Negotiate With Protestors
Looters Hit Opposition Offices in North Iraq Demos
6 Killed, 32 Wounded in Muqdadiya Blast
US Marine in Iraq Murder Case Returned to Brig
Iran's Revolutionary Guard Pledges to Hold Fire
US Report Finds Debate in Iran on Building Nuclear Bomb
Spain Says Iran Apologizes for Diplomat Detention
Palestinian Official: Obama Threatened Abbas
US: Veto on UN Draft Is Not Endorsement of Settlements
'Death to Arabs' Spray-Painted in Palestinian Village
Middle East
IMF Says Mideast Protests Could Help Foster Long-Term Growth
Bahrain, Libya: Britain Revokes Arms Exports, Fearing Use Against Protesters
Turkey Jails 3 Journalists on Coup Allegation
Algeria Braces for More Protests
Three Hurt in Tunis Islamist Protest Over Brothel
Voting in Uganda Is Largely Orderly
Somali Mission: Pirates Capture 4 Americans
Ivory Coast's Gbagbo Seizes 4 International Banks
Deja Vu: Russia, US at Odds Over Missile Defense
Russian Finance Minister Says Political Change Is Needed
Albania: Thousands of Protesters Demand a New Government
Thousands Protest in Bolivia Over Food Prices
Guatemala Ends 'Siege' in Province Controlled by Mexico Drug Traffickers
Aristide Backers March Amid Talk of Haiti Return
Cuba Police Free Mother of Hunger Striker Who Died
Venezuela: US Should Mind Own Business on Protests
Guantanamo Prisoner to Help Prosecute Others
Sudanese Inmate Sentenced to 14 Years at Gitmo

Justin Raimondo
The Battle of Bahrain

Nebojsa Malic
Children of Lies

Philip Giraldi
Did Someone Lose Egypt?

Ivan Eland
Across-the-Board Cuts Needed to Avoid Fiscal Armageddon

Kelley B. Vlahos
Old Guard Moving Aside at CPAC

Ran HaCohen
Barak Unmasked

David R. Henderson
Adm. Mullen's Spinning vs. Prof. Hayek's Insight

Charles V. Peña
TSA: Theater Security Administration

Alan Bock
How Brainy Is Obama?

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