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Updated April 5, 2011 - 11:18 PM EDT
Gadhafi's Sons Have Eye on Seizing Power
  Libya: Ready for Elections, but Gadhafi Must Stay
  Gadhafi Forces Take Brega

US Planes Hit Targets on Libyan Coastline


GOP Lawmakers Divided Over Arming Libyan Rebels


Gates: It's a Matter of Time Before Gadhafi's Gone

Obama Reverses Civilian Trial Plan for 9/11 Detainee
  Rights Groups Deplore Order to Try 9/11 Suspects at Guantánamo

NATO Troops Kill Six Civilians in Afghanistan

  Afghan Border Policeman Kills Two US Soldiers
  Report Reveals Discipline Breakdown in Afghanistan 'Kill Team' Brigade

Ivory Coast: Laurent Gbagbo 'Negotiating Surrender'


Despite Attack, UN 'Not Party' to Ivory Coast Conflict

At Least 17 Killed in Yemen Crackdown

Israel Plans to Resume Assasination Campaigns

Obama Aide: US 'Consistent' in Opposing Palestinian Statehood

Why We Keep Fighting All These Wars  by Stephen M. Walt
The Fed Undermines Foreign Policy  by Rep. Ron Paul
Libyan War Recalls Afghan Pitfalls  by Robert Parry
The Limits of Air Power  by Andrew Cockburn
Lessons of Libya  by David Sirota
Goldstone's Reconsideration  by Bernard Avishai

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How Libya Is a Showcase in the New Arms Race

Gen. Petraeus Being 'Seriously Considered' for CIA Director

GOP Bill: Fund Pentagon for Year, Government for Week

Iraq Security Forces Under Scrutiny as Violence Rises

How the Senate Was Bait-And-Switched Into War

Libya: The 'Dirty Secret' of UK Arms Sales to Gadhafi

CEO of Italian Energy Co. in Libya for Talks With Rebels


Did a Quran Burning Really Cause Afghan Violence?

Afghan Women Still Battling for Rights

Purdue Receives $32 Million Afghanistan Farm Grant


Report: Al-Qaeda in Pakistan Grooming New Leadership

David Cameron Calls for 'Fresh Start' With Pakistan

Pakistani Tribe Chief Killed

Suicide Bomber Kills 10 at Pakistani Bus Stop


Protesters Demand Resignation of Kurdish Government

Iranian Artillery Shells Border Regions in Sulaimaniyah

Police in Iraq's Kurdish Region Arrest 2 Clerics Who Urged Protests, Say They Incited Violence
Monday: 2 US Soldiers, 18 Iraqis Killed; 15 Iraqis Wounded
Israeli General: Recognizing Palestine an 'International Assault Against Israel'

Israel Indicts Kidnapped Gaza Engineer as 'Rocket Mastermind'

Prominent Israelis to Propose Peace Plan

Israel Scours Palestinian Village in Hunt for Killers

Israeli-Arab Actor Gunned Down in West Bank

Rachel Corrie Trials Resume in Haifa


Egypt's Foreign Minister Talks Tough on Israel

A Stasi Expert Advises Egypt on Secret Police Legacy

Egypt Ready to 'Open New Page' in Relations With Iran


Iran Warns Saudis to Remove Their Troops From Bahrain

Bahrain: Government Shuts Down Newspaper Critical of Crackdown

Middle East

US Sees Yemen Unrest as a Possible Opening for al-Qaeda

US Suspends Arms Aid to Lebanon, Again

War in Libya

Libyan Oil Minister Says Calls to Oust Gadhafi Unrealistic

Libya Rebels Advance on Oil Town of Brega, Again

Libya Wounded Describe Siege Hell, Turkey Seeks Peace

Libya: Military Instructor Attempts to Turn Youthful Volunteers Into Fearsome Fighting Force

Italy Backs Libyan Rebel Council

Sanctions Are Dropped Against Libyan Defector

In Libya, Being a Rebel Medic Means Being a Target

UK Will Supply Equipment to Libyan Rebels, Says Hague

Namibia MPs Criticize NATO Strikes on Libya

Libya: US War at Home

Senators Debate Libya Resolution

Likely Voters Are Wary of Libyan Mission Cost

Ivory Coast

UN Helicopters Fire on Gbagbo Army Camp

France Sends Extra 150 Soldiers to Ivory Coast

Aid Agencies Brace for Massive Refugee Flows From Ivory Coast

Ouattara Forces Say They Have Surrounded Ivory Coast Palace

Russia and Her Neighbors
Kazakh President Wins Vote at Home, but Not Among International Observers

Opposition in Azerbaijan Vows to Step Up Protests

Islamist Websites Report Russia's 'Bin-Laden' Still Alive, Again

The War at Home

'Paranoia Meter': HBGary's Plot to Find the Pentagon's Next WikiLeaker

Ratings for Obama's National Security Performance Fall to New Low

Darpa: We Have Conflicts of Interest All the Time

US Government's Domain Seizures Failed Miserably

In Other News

Haiti's Martelly Elected as President, Unofficial Results Show

UN Plane Crashes in Congo Killing 32


Justin Raimondo
The Arab Awakening, Hijacked?

Kelley B. Vlahos
The Censored War and You

Charles V. Peņa
Libya Hypocrisy

Philip Giraldi
What the Patriot Act Does For You

Ivan Eland
High Costs May Not Be the Worst Aspects of the Attack on Libya

Nebojsa Malic
Another Evil Little War

Ran HaCohen
West Bank Neighbors: Chronicles of Death

David R. Henderson
Adm. Mullen's Spinning vs. Prof. Hayek's Insight

Alan Bock
How Brainy Is Obama?

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