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Updated April 12, 2011 - 11:20 PM EDT
US Drone Strike Kills Two US Soldiers in Afghanistan

Syrian Soldiers Shot for Refusing to Fire on Protesters

Libya Rebels Reject Ceasefire, War Continues
  Former Libyan Official Warns Gadhafi Will Plot Terrorist Attacks on US

Pentagon Estimates Libya Costs at $608 Million

Pakistan Demands US Halt Drone Attacks, Cut CIA
  War in Afghanistan Destabilizing Pakistan, Says Zardari
Saleh Again Suggests Willingness to Transfer Power
Israeli FM: Gaza Ceasefire a 'Grave Mistake'
Official: Iran to Build Five Nuclear Research Reactors
UN Denied Private Access to Bradley Manning

Egypt's Hosni Mubarak in Hospital After Heart Attack

Few Politicians Say It, but Most Think It: Our Afghan War Is a Disaster  by Julian Glover
How Close Did the US Come to Launching a War Against Iran?  by Christopher A. Preble
'One of the Strongest Reasons' for the Libyan War Is Clearly Untrue  by Daniel Larison
Private Manning's Humiliation  by Bruce Ackerman and Yochai Benkler
NYT Demands Libyan War Escalation  by Robert Parry
Britain Can't Undo Past Crimes, but It Can Quit Committing New Ones  by Charles Glass

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Iraq Steps Back on the Regional Stage, Away From America

CIA Says It Has Slashed Its Terrorism Interrogation Role

Latin America Logs Largest Increase in 2010 Military Spending

Iraq's Chalabi Advises Protesters Abroad

Obama Faces Criticism From Mentor Over Bradley Manning Treatment
Arab Spring at Azerbaijan's Door
Libya at War

Talk of Gadhafi Leaving 'Ridiculous,' Says Son

Libya's Koussa Speaks for First Time Since Fleeing

Libya Unrest: Thousands of Children Caught in the Crossfire in Misrata
Leaders of Libya's Rebellion Once Sought Change Inside Gadhafi Regime Through Son

Possible Libya Stalemate Puts Stress on US Policy

Rebels: Pro-Gadhafi Forces Step Up Attack on Misrata


Explosions in Fallujah Kill Seven

US Humanitarian Aid Reaches Iranian Cult's Camp in Iraq

Monday: 22 Iraqis Killed, 52 Wounded


Syrian Opposition Says 200 Killed in Protests

Syrian Muslim Brotherhood Leader Declares Support for Anti-Assad Protests
Syrian President 'Honors' Dead Protesters, Releases 191 Detainees
Mossad Former Head: Cairo's Pro-Gaza Protests Herald Shifting Attitude Towards Israel

Egypt Blogger Jailed for Criticizing Army

Egypt PM Says Regrets Protest Crackdown, Sets Probe

Egypt Youth Coalition Suspends Dialogue With Armed Forces


Bahrain Unrest: Torture Fears as Activists Die in Jail

Bahrain Questions Three Reporters, May Charge Activist


Iran Expels Kuwaiti Diplomats

Iranian Students Hurl Firebombs at Saudi Embassy

Iran Blames Pipeline Explosion on Western Enemies

Middle East

Former Ben Ali Party Official Arrested in Tunisia

Germany Threatens to Reintroduce Border Checks in Row Over Tunisian Refugees

Jordanian Pro-Democracy Leader Detained

Eleven Suspected al-Qaeda Militants Killed in South Yemen

In Other News

FBI Files Reveal Scare Stories of Hitler Living in the US

Official: EU to Ease Myanmar Sanctions


Roadside Bombs Kill NATO Soldier, Two Afghan Policemen

Karzai Blames Foreign Advisers for Problems at Kabul Bank

Canadian Media Largely Missing From Afghanistan These Days

Farmers and Insurgents Plant Mines to Prevent Destruction of Poppy Fields
Ivory Coast

Ouattara Urges Peace After Ivory Coast Rival Held

Clinton: Capture of Ivory Coast President Is a Lesson to Dictators Everywhere
Fears That Putting Gbagbo on Trial for War Crimes Will Reignite the Conflict

West Bank Village Residents Report Daily IDF Raids

Israelis Split Over Proposed Ceasefire With Hamas in Gaza Strip

Czech Reporters Sue Israel Over Flotilla Raid

Israeli PM: New Flotilla 'Must Be Stopped'

Israel Worried by 'Weakening' US

US Backs Down and Grants Visa to Omar Barghouti, Palestinian Advocate of Israel Boycott

German Mediation in Shalit Affair Faces Failure

Israel to Arm Combat Soldiers With Cameras to Fight War Crimes Charges
'War on Terror'

US Blocks 350 With Suspected Ties to Terrorists from Flying

Terror Suspect Padilla Appeals Decision Over Alleged Torture

Pentagon Lawyer Apologizes to Seminole Tribe for al-Qaeda Analogy

Venezuela to Deport Suspected Colombian Rebels

Argentine Rights Leader Testifies About Daughter


At Least 6 Killed in Clashes in Russia's North Caucasus

Russian Internet Users Face More State Spying

European Parliament Members: Russia Must Permit Free Assembly, Elections

Protest to Challenge Swaziland Autocracy

Swazi Pro-Democracy Group Says 5 Activists Held


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