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Updated April 16, 2011 - 11:18 PM EDT
Obama Admits Libyan War a 'Stalemate'
  NATO Prepares for 'Long War' in Libya
  Reports: Gadhafi Forces Using Cluster Bombs
  NATO Mission in Disarray as Criticisms Mount
  Libya University Students Injured by NATO Air Strike
  Cameron, Obama, Sarkozy Vow to Keep Bombing Until Gadhafi Is Gone
  Senate Republicans Divided on US Involvement in Libya War
Afghan Bomber Kills 5 NATO Troops, 4 Afghans
  A Motley Consensus on the Afghanistan Line Item
CIA Spurns Pakistan's Calls to End Drone Strikes
Police Attack as Syrian Protesters March
Iraq Eyes 'Free Speech Zones' for Baghdad
Militants Kill 13 Soldiers During Algerian President's Speech
90 Injured in Clashes Between Jordan Policemen and Salafis
Was Intervention in Libya Justified? Was It Legal?  by Stephen Walt
What a Strange Way to Protect Civilians: Depleted Uranium and Libya  by David Wilson
In Libya, as in Iraq, 'End of Combat' Means 'More Combat'  by Michael Tennant
Israel Should Recognize Palestinian Statehood  by Zvi Bar'el
Goldstone's Guide to Gaza  by Charles Glass
Britain Needs to End Its Love Affair With the World Stage  by Jackie Ashley

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TSA Security Looks at People Who Complain About TSA Security
GOP Tables Antiwar Resolution on Libya
Chile to Exhume Former President Salvador Allende
Jihadists 'Declare War' on France Over Veil Ban
US Senate Calls on UN to Revoke Report on Israel
Group Sues CIA to Declassify Bay of Pigs History
'Most Challenging' US Missile Defense Test a Success
Bahrain Backs Off on Opposition Party Ban
As Cries for Revolution Fade, Bahrainis Wonder What Went Wrong
Barak Hails US Decision to Continue Funding Iron Dome
Hamas Claims Israel Killed Italian to Stop Gaza Flotilla
Gaza Killing of Italian Activist Deals a Blow to Hamas
Israel Strikes Hamas Targets After Rocket Fire
Soldiers Ignore Settlers Hurling Stones
Israel to Grant Preference to Settlers in Gun Licensing Procedure
Congressional Bill: No Money to UN Till It Retracts Goldstone Report
Why Is the Iraqi Military Cracking Down on an Iranian Camp?
UN Rights Chief Urges Probe of Deaths at Iraqi Camp
Dawlat Al-Qanoon Lawmakers Leave Parliament's Session
2 Soldiers Killed, Wounded by Sniper in Baaquba
Friday: 2 Iraqis Killed, 10 Wounded
Dueling Protests in Yemen Remain Peaceful
Yemen's Saleh Calls for Talks as Protests Escalate
Middle East
Syrian Regime Backs Off From Protesters, in a Shift
Chinese Firms Dominate Iran Oil Exposition
Kandahar Police Chief Killed in Afghan Suicide Attack
Taliban Free Aspiring Afghan Policemen
Food Aid for Millions of Afghans Endangered, Says UN Agency
Son's Death in Quran Burning Protest Haunts Afghan Family
China 'Jasmine' Detentions Up to 54: Rights Group
Dalai Lama Seeks International Support as China Security Puts Tibetan Monastery on Lockdown
Pakistan's Zardari Allowed US to Boost Drone Strikes
Suicide Bomber Attacks Indonesian Police at Prayers, Wounding 28 in Nation's 1st Mosque Attack
The War at Home
Colorado Man Claims He Was 'Sexually Assaulted' by TSA
Veterans Advocate Kills Self After War Tours in Iraq, Afghanistan
NATO Runs Short on Some Munitions in Libya
Libya Rebels Build Parallel State
Rebels Fight Street by Street for Misrata
NATO Claims Unity on Libya as Russia Questions Military Actions
Libyan Forces Shell Misrata Port Road, Eight Dead
Libya Rebels Seek $2 Billion Loan
Report: Female Colombian Snipers Fighting to Defend Gadhafi in Libya
US Servicemen Play Key Roles Aboard French Carrier
Two Western Journalists Missing in Libya; Three Spotted in Tripoli Detention Camp
US Grad Student Returns to Libya to Fight
NATO and UK Hope for More Libya Strike Aircraft
Italy Rejects Calls to Join Libya Ground Attack Operations
'Mubarak May Be Hanged if He Ordered Rioters' Deaths'
Conservative Muslims Protest Against Christian Governor in Egypt
Prosecutor Orders Mubarak Back From Red Sea Resort
Burkina Faso
President of Burkina Faso 'Flees Mutiny'
Angry Burkina Faso Soldiers Go on a Rampage
Burkina Faso's Blaise Compaore Sacks His Government
Police in Northern Nigeria Accuse Radical Muslim Sect of Killing 2 Days Before Election
Nigerian President's Electoral Chances Harmed by Muslim Unease Ahead of Crucial Election
Somali Pirate: Indian Hostages Are Held Despite Ransom as Retaliation for Indian Navy Arrests
Somalia: Shoe-Shining in a War Zone
The 'O' Factor: Kenya's Tribal Relations Leads Some to Lump Obama, Ocampo and Odinga Together
Zimbabwe Police Arrest Priest, Govt Minister
Haiti Postpones Final Election Results to Review Ballots in Disputed Legislative Races
Belarus Investigators: Mass Murder the Motive for Metro Attack
Clinton Calls for Russian Military Transparency
War Crimes Court Jails Ex-Croatian General Ante Gotovina for 24 Years

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