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Updated April 18, 2011 - 11:29 PM EDT
EU Awaits UN Approval for Libya Ground Troops
  Libya OKs UN Humanitarian Aid in Misrata
  Libyan Pro-Government Shelling Continues as UN Peace Call Ignored
  One Month In: NATO's Purpose in Libya Still Unclear
  Situation in East Libya's Ajdabiyah Unclear as Fighting Continues
  Libya Rebels Draw on Benghazi Committees for 'Win or Die' Fight
  Gadhafi's Son: We Will Deal With Terrorists First and Then Talk Reform
  Libya's Civil War Shrinks Christian Communities
Day of Afghan Attacks Kills 8 NATO Soldiers
  Attack on Troops Shows Taliban Danger: Experts
Yemen Opposition in Riyadh for Crisis Talks
  Yemen Forces Fire on Sanaa Protest March, 22 Hurt
  Tribal Chiefs Join Call for Saleh to Go
13 More Die as Syria Protesters Reject Assad's Promises
  US Secretly Backed Syrian Opposition, Cables Show
US Ties With Pakistan Fray in Rift Over Drone Strikes
Lebanese President: WikiLeaks Aimed at Sowing Division
Police Fire on Demonstrators in Iraq; 35 Wounded
Jordan Arrests Over 100 After Friday Protests
Obama vs. Obama on Signing Statements  by Glenn Greenwald
When Preventive Wars Are Fought to Counter Empty Threats  by Daniel Larison
Three Amigos: Barack and Buddies Pledge Open-Ended War of Aggression  by Chris Floyd
The Great Israeli Security Scam  by Ira Chernus and Tom Engelhardt
Israel Becomes the Settler State  by Uri Avnery
The Goldstone Affair  by Adam Horowitz, Lizzy Ratner, Philip Weiss

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Rand Paul Wants to Cut Military Spending
French Colonial Past Casts Long Shadow Over Policy in Africa
Chief Rabbi to Obama: Release Pollard or Lose Reelection
Lobbying Report: Drones Fly Through Congress to Enter US Skies
Pentagon Buying Chief: Navy Can't 'Hide' Nuclear Sub Fleet's $60 Billion Price Tag
Whatever Happened to the Antiwar Movement?
Iraqi Army Bars Burials at Iran Rebel Camp
Film Shows 'UK Soldiers Beating Iraqi Civilian'
Boehner Visits Iraq, Assures Support for Mission
After US Pullback, Iraq Envoys Are More Vulnerable
Conference on Mass Graveyards Held in Arbil
Five People, Including Cop, Killed in Gunmen Attack in Baghdad
Cop Shot Down in Mosul
Iraq's Foreign Minister Confers With State Dept Official on Impending US Withdrawal
Kurdish Mediation to Settle Differences Between State of Law and Al-Iraqiya Coalitions
Sunday: 9 Iraqis Killed, 43 Wounded
Iran's Khamenei Rejects Minister's Resignation: Report
Reports: Iran Intelligence Chief in Political Vise
State Department Cables Reveal US Thirst for All Things Iranian
Iran Sets March 2012 for Next Parliamentary Election in Test for Ahmadinejad
Gulf States Call on UN to Halt Iran 'Interference'
Iran Accuses Siemens of Helping Launch Stuxnet Cyber-Attack
Ministers to PM: Present Foreign Policy in Israel, Not the US
Poll: Palestinian Support for Gaza Rocket Attacks on Israel Dropped by Half
Gazans to Hold 'State Funeral' for Slain Italian
Two Palestinians Confess to Settler Family Murder, Israel Says
Israeli Teen Wounded in April 7 Bus Attack Dies
Netanyahu Names New Shalit Negotiator
Helen Thomas to Address Anti-Israel Protests During Netanyahu's Visit to US
Turkish Minister: Lieberman Still Acts Like Bouncer
Assad's Pledge Met With Defiance
Bashar Al-Assad Sets Detainees Free to Stem Fury
Middle East
Once Shunned, Al-Jazeera Has Fans in Obama White House
Jordan Says Attack on Police 'Terrorist Act'
Oman to Spend 1 Billion Rials to Meet Protesters' Demands
Victor Toro, Tortured in Chile, Fights Deportation
Salvadoran in Florida Faces Deportation for Torture
Australian Military Abuse Could Lead to Payouts
Libya at War
Besieged West Libya City Weathers Continued Attacks
Fierce Fighting in Misrata Kills 17
Libyan Rebels Fear Fresh Attack on Ajdabiyah
Libya Revolt: Libya Rebel's Story Shows Links to Taliban, Al Qaeda, NATO
Libya: Britain Urges Action at UN
An Interview With Saif Al-Islam Gadhafi, Son of the Libyan Leader
UK Prime Minister: Libya Military Invasion Is Not on the Table
In a Medical Tent in Libya, a Grim Procession
A City in Libya Takes Halting Steps to Democracy
Youngest at War in Libya Tell Stories of the Front Line
Inside Besieged Libyan City
Libyan Community in the Opposition East Experiences the Unseen Mental Scars of War
Doha Debates to Focus on Intervention in Libya
Egypt Presidential Hopeful Sabbahi Would Revise Relations With Israel
Nigeria Election: Goodluck Jonathan 'To Win Outright'
Patience Is Urged on Tunisia Reform
Algerian President Upbeat Over Moroccan Ties Despite Years of Tension Over West Sahara
Five Soldiers Killed in Terrorist Ambush in East Algiers
Opposition Leader Says Revolts Will Not Change Sudan's Regime
France Stops All Italian Trains Carrying North African Immigrants
Burkina Faso: Ouagadougou Under Curfew but Riots Spread to South
Two Cops Among Three Killed in Karachi Target Killings
Time Ripe for Change in Country, Says Musharraf
Official: 5 Troops Killed in Afghanistan Bombing Are All Americans
In Afghanistan's South, Signs of Progress in Three Districts Signal a Shift
Three Killed in Bangladesh Ethnic Riots
Azerbaijan Police Detain 65 in Breaking Up Second Pro-Democracy Rally This Month
Sri Lanka to Launch Campaign Against UN War Crimes Report
Nuclear Sub Secrets Revealed by MoD 'Schoolboy Error'
US Ambassador Douglas Kmiec Quits Malta Post
Euroskeptic Parties Make Gains in Finland Vote
West Germany's Efforts to Influence the Eichmann Trial

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Hypocrites, Left and Right

Charles V. Peņa
You Cannot Be Serious

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Goldstone Recants, Gaza Dies

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US Out of Iraq. Really.

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Searching for Meaning in the Afghan Riots

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West Bank Neighbors: Chronicles of Death

David R. Henderson
Adm. Mullen's Spinning vs. Prof. Hayek's Insight

Alan Bock
How Brainy Is Obama?

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