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Updated April 24, 2011 - 11:17 PM EDT
126 Protesters Killed in 2-Day Syria Crackdown
  Syrian Forces Raid Homes as Assad Opposition Mounts
  Obama Regime in a Quandary Over Syria
Fighting Worsens in Misrata
  With Libyan Stalemate, Barack Obama Faces New Criticism
  Gadhafi Troops Seize Western Town: Rebels
  US Confirms First Predator Strike in Libya
  Libyan Foreign Minister Crosses Tunisian Border
Afghan Villagers Fear Taliban and NATO
  NATO Helicopter Downed in Afghanistan, Rescue Team Fired Upon
  Pakistan Rally Halts NATO Supplies for Afghanistan
Arab Spring Stalls as US Defers to Saudi 'Counter-Revolution'
  Yemen Rulers, Opposition Accept Gulf Plan; Saleh Warns of Civil War
Israel: Recognition of a Palestine Will Make Us 'Colonialists'
  Shocking Report Reveals Israel's Electronic War on the Arabs
Seriously: Obama Condemns Manning's Contempt for the Rule of Law  by Kevin Gosztola
News Flash: Iraq War Was About Oil  by Ray McGovern
The Regimes Are Rallying Their Forces; Is the Tide Turning Against Arab Freedom?  by Patrick Cockburn
Drone Attacks in Libya: A Mistake  by David Ignatius
US Weapons to Israel Are Disincentives to Peace  by Josh Ruebner
Mexico's Drug War Body Count Mounts  by Ted Galen Carpenter

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Fedia Hamdi's Slap Which Sparked a Revolution 'Didn't Happen'
US to Fund Internet Activism in 'Authoritarian' Countries
Guantanamo: Why Obama Hasn't Fulfilled His Promise to Close the Facility
Airport Passenger Screener Charged in Distributing Child Pornography
DHS Weather Forecast: Stormy With a Chance of Terror
Libya at War
Libyan Rebels Firmly in Control in Mountainous West
Misrata Rebels Capture Gadhafi Soldiers
New Blasts Rock Libyan Capital Late Saturday
In the East, Plans for a Post-Gadhafi Libya
Charity Says Children Raped During Libya Conflict
A Group of Conflict Photographers Runs Out of Luck
Libya and the World
Russia and Greece Talk to Libya About a Ceasefire
Libyan PM Says Libya Committed to UN Resolutions
Algeria Denies Supporting Gadhafi's Regime
African Migrant Workers Leave Misrata Worried About Future
Italian Supply Ship Seized in Libya Released
South African Photographer Alive and Well in Libya
New Egyptian Minister Promises Shifts in Foreign Policy
Egyptian Protesters Want Ex-Police Governors to Resign
Mubarak Faces More Questioning on Gas Deal With Israel
Egypt Orders Ex-Energy Minister to Stand Trial for Natural Gas Deal With Israel
US Senator McCain in Egypt After Libya Visit
Ivory Coast
Ivory Coast Embarks on Daunting Security Purge
Warlord Says His Forces Are Ready to Lay Down Arms, but It Will Take Time
Ivory Coast Tightens Surveillance of Ousted Official
Ivorian Courts Divert Blame
UN Peacekeepers Clear Explosives
Young Suffer Deadly Disease in Ivory Coast War
Police Use Truncheons to Stifle Algeria Protests
Algeria Starts Implementing Bouteflika's Reforms
Algeria Rejects Considering Extreme Islamists in Political Reforms
Violence Continues in Nigeria After Vote
Nigeria Steps Up Security After Deadly Post-Poll Violence
Nigeria Post-Poll Violence Suspects Riot in Jail
Kenyan Official Says Police Are Interrogating 3 Men Arrested With Bomb-Making Material
US Official Says Youth Empowerment Will Help Avoid a Repeat of Postelection Violence
Thousands Flee Clashes in South Sudan Oil State
Chad's Deby Set to Win Vote Boycotted by Opposition
Massive Two-Day Anti-US Protest Begins in NW Pakistan
Pakistan: Anti-Drone Sit-In to Continue Till Victory, Says Imran
Musharraf to Be Declared Wanted
Pakistan's Deprived Christian Community Say They're Being Persecuted for US Drone Strikes
Two Policemen Killed in Lahore
Security Forces Kill Six Militants in Orakzai, Pakistan
Report: Indian PM Opened Secret Talks With Pakistani Army Chief 10 Months Ago
Suicide Attack Kills 5 in Pakistani Tribal Region
Suicide Bomber Kills Anti-Taliban Leader in Pakistan
Police Constable and Advocate Gunned Down in Karachi
One Dead in Dera Murad Jamali Landmine Blast
Suicide Explosion Hits Military Convoy in Pakistan, 4 Killed, 4 Wounded
Bomb Explosion in Hangu, Pakistan Kills Minor
Sindh Police Arrest Seven Alleged Target Killers
Pakistan Army Boss Kayani Says Militants' Back Broken
Acquittals Leave Pakistan Rape Victim in Fear for Her Life
Afghan Police Seek to Stop Illicit Trade in Uniforms
Two Afghan Police, One Civilian Killed in Afghanistan
Two Schools in Afghanistan, One Complicated Situation
Afghan Christian Released From Prison and Safely Out of the Country
Activists Say Two Killed in Tibetan Monastery Crackdown
Decision to Quit to Further Democratize Tibetan Society: Dalai Lama
Video Emerges of Chinese Crackdown Near Tibetan Monastery
Tibetan Government in Exile 'Deeply Concerned' About China Crackdown on Monastery
Controversial Confucius Statue Vanishes From Tiananmen
Thousands March in Hong Kong to Demand Release of China's Ai
Shanghai Truckers' Protest Ebbs With Concessions Won on Fees
Fighting on Thai-Cambodia Border Kills 11 Soldiers
Cambodia Claims Thai Used Chemical Weapon in Clash
Thai-Cambodia Fighting Disrupts Border Ties
Cambodian, Thai Armed Clashes Force 5,000 Cambodian Villagers Flee Home
North Korea Condemns 'Anti-Reunification Acts' of South Korea
Former Residents of Island Seek Reparations for Incheon Assault
WikiLeaks Cables Bare Secrets of US-Laotian Relations
Abu Sayyaf Blamed for Explosives in Philippines
20th Arrest in Indonesian Bomb Plots Is Journalist
Syria: Reports of Violence Fabricated
Second Syrian Lawmaker Quits in Protest at Killings
For Syrian Christians, Protests Are Cause for Fear
3 Prominent Syrians Resign in Protest of Deadly Crackdown
5 Syrian Police Killed, 5 Others Injured in Attack on Checkpoint
Exiles Shaping World's Image of Syria Revolt
Youngsters Conspire Covertly to Confound Police in Syria
Govt-Appointed Mufti in Syrian Deraa Quits Over Killings
Factbox: Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad
As Yemen's Saleh Set to Quit, Activists Say Protests Go On
Shops Close Across Yemen in Protest Against Saleh
Yemeni Tribal Gunmen Kidnap Saudi Diplomat
Profile: Yemen's Ali Abdullah Saleh
Opposition Says Authorities Demolished Shi'ite Mosques as Part of Crackdown on Dissent
Rights Groups Slam Bahraini Crackdown
Iraqi Shi'ites Want Saudis to Withdraw From Bahrain
Iraq PM Pledges Not to Ask for US Troop Extension
Iraqi Cleric's Followers Demand US Troops Leave

US Pressure Exists on Govt to Extend Troop Presence in Iraq, Kurdish Leader Says

3 Govt Officials Are Killed in Iraq
Iraqi Legislature Demands Investigation About Existence of Secret Prisons in Iraq
Iraqi Kurd Demo Fatalities Rise to 10
US Military Says 2 Soldiers Killed While Conducting Operations in Southern Iraq
MP: Iraqi Govt Persistant on US Troops Withdrawal by 2011
Thousands Gather in Mosul, Demanding Release of Detainees and Putting End to Corruption
Saturday: 2 US Soldiers, 9 Iraqis Killed; 6 Iraqis Wounded
Iran on Edge as Ally Syria Fights for Survival
Iran's Supreme Leader Warns He Will Intervene in Affairs of Ahmadinejad's Govt if Needed
Iran Leader's Warning Appears to Rebuke President
Iran FM Urges Egypt to Upgrade Diplomatic Ties
Iran Opposition Leader's Wife Let Out for Treatment
Mousa: Winds of Change Will Reach Iran
Hamas, PA Reject Any Peace Plan Without Right of Return
Pressure Mounts for Netanyahu Peace Plan
EU Split Over UN Recognition of Palestinian State
Turkey Backs Independent Palestine
West Bank Clashes Leave 13 Wounded: Medics
Israeli Forces Arrest Palestinian Writer
West Bank Conference: Intifada Possible in Sept.
Violent Israeli Car Ad Returns
Middle East
UAE: Govt Targets Rights Group in Widening Crackdown on Dissent
Jordan Detains 136 on 'Terror' Charges
Lebanon Demo Passes Peacefully After Agreement
Saudi Arabia Revives Plans for Municipal Vote
Arab American Medical Group Seeks Emergency Aid
As Gallipoli Anniversary Nears, Researchers Map World War I Killing Ground in Major Study
British Royal Flak
Royal Wedding Invitation to Crown Prince of Bahrain Draws Criticism
Absolute Monarch's Invitation Angers Poverty-Striken in Swaziland Suffering From a Brutal Crackdown on Dissent
Hundreds Join Moscow Anti-Muslim Rally
Northern Ireland Police Issue Easter Terror Warning
Vienna to Honor Austria's Nazi Army Deserters
Venezuela Detains Alleged Colombian Guerrilla
US Backs Peaceful Settlement of Honduran Conflicts
New Leader Overhauls US Broadcasts Into Cuba
Five Women Brutally Murdered in Mexico Beach Resort
Assailing Opposition Media, Ecuador's Correa Accused of Imperiling Free Speech
US Military
A Pentagon After Gates: What's the New Defense Chief's Mission?
2 Navy Officers Relieved of Command
US Marines Get 'Ballistic Boxers'
FBI: Man Seeking Ohio Job Faked Being Army General
Americans Still Dying
Sandusky (OH) Soldier Killed by Afghan Sleeper Agent Leaves Behind Wife, Five Children
Waxahatchie (TX) Soldier Killed a Month After Arriving in Afghanistan
Baltimore (MD) Soldier Killed by Suicide Bomber Two Weeks Before Returing Home
Immokalee (FL) Family Speaks After Daughter Killed by Afghan Bomber
Georgia Community Lends Its Heart to Final Homecoming of Soldier Who Died in Iraq
Barstow (CA) Military Contractor Killed by Afghan Suicide Bomber
Memorial Service Held for Yauco (PR) Sgt. Killed in Afghanistan
Faimily, Friends Remember Fort Thomas (KY) Soldier
St. Paul (MN) GI Remembered as a Son, a Friend, a Soldier
Uganda-Born Green Bay (WI) Soldier Killed by Afghan Bomb
Beeville (TX) Soldier Killed by IED in Afghanistan

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West Bank Neighbors: Chronicles of Death

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