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Updated May 13, 2011 - 11:12 PM EDT
Libya: NATO Air Strike Kills 11 Imams
  NATO Shells Red Crescent Centers in Misrata
  Official: Libya Won't Try to Reclaim Eastern Cities
  At Deadline, Obama Seeks to Continue War in Libya
  Gadhafi's Complex Again Struck by Barrage of NATO Missiles
  NATO Chief Envisions Role in Reconstruction of Libya
  Libyan Opposition Group Leader to Ask White House for Recognition
Bin Laden's Multitrillion-Dollar Toll on Taxpayers
  House Panel OKs $690 Billion in 2012 Military Spending
  White House Claims Right to Censor Unclassified Materials
  GOP Struggles for PATRIOT Act Extension Votes
Bombings at Pakistan Paramilitary Base Kill 80
  Despite Pakistani Opposition, US Escalating Drone Strikes
  Pakistan Army Chief Balks at US Demands to Cooperate
  Cooperation Between ISI, CIA Broken Down: Gilani
At Least Six Killed as Protests Continue in Syria
  Fearing Assad Demise, Hezbollah May Move Assets From Syria
  Syria's Assad Reported to Have Ordered No Shooting
US Raids Sadr Headquarters in Iraq
  Iraq Dossier Drawn Up to Make Case for War – Intel Officer
Sunni Monarchies Close Ranks
  Bahrain: GCC Troops to Remain Beyond June
The bin Laden Kill Plan
NATO Kills 12-Year-Old Afghan Girl, Policeman
Yemen Civil War Looms: Tribal Forces to Protect Protesters
The bin Laden Dividend  by Glenn Greenwald
House GOP Shreds Constitution With Backdoor Proposal of Permanent War  by John Nichols
Pentagon to White House, American People on Afghanistan: Take a Hike  by Robert Greenwald and Derrick Crowe
The USA PATRIOT Act: Dispelling the Myths  by Bruce Fein
America's International Welfare State  by Wes Messamore
Who Cares Whether Hamas Recognizes Israel?  by M.J. Rosenberg

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Romania to Host US Base
Hill Panel Backs Limits on Detainee Transfers
White House Reveals Cybersecurity Plan
Reversals Challenge Hope of Arab Spring
McCain: Torture Did Not Lead to bin Laden Death
WikiLeaks Cables Show Race to Carve Up Arctic
Signs of Leadership Void as al-Qaeda Pushes On
Some States Want TSA to Ease Up
US to Pay Pakistan $300 Million for Fighting Militants
Pakistani PM Suggests Drone-Share Deal With US
Pakistan Won't Share US Chopper Wreckage With China: Haqqani
Pakistan to Define Parameters of Anti-Terror Cooperation With US
CIA Has Created Own Taliban to Wreak Terror Havoc on Pakistan, Claims Pak Paper
Pakistani Opposition Leader Is Seeking Inquiry on US Raid
India's Diplomatic Ties With Afghanistan Worry Pakistan
ISI Hires US Attorneys, Pleads Immunity in 26/11 Case
Pakistani President Can't Be Party Chief Too, Court Rules
The Killing of bin Laden
Security Fears for US Navy SEAL Team
SEAL-Spotting Becomes Local Sport in Virginia Beach After bin Laden Raid
How bin Laden Emailed Without Being Detected by US
Key bin Laden Intel Came From Detainee Later Released
Officials: bin Laden 'Complacent' in Pakistan, No Sign of Escape Plan
Former Colin Powell Chief of Staff: Bush Didn't Want to Get bin Laden
How bin Laden Never Gave Up His Dream of Another September 11
Pakistan PM Gilani: Osama bin Laden Hid in Yemen Too
Bin Laden's Wife: I'll Stand With You
Obama SEAL Doll Marks bin Laden Killing
Poll: bin Laden Got Too Much Coverage
Bin Laden Videos as Psy-Ops: What US Wants Afghan Insurgents to See
Gates: bin Laden Death Could Speed Taliban Peace Talks, Reintegration
101st Airborne Division General Confronts Afghan Journalists
India PM Pledges $500 Million in Afghan Aid
Closing Afghan Mission Like Giant Moving and Garage Sale for Canadian Forces
Obama Dismayed as India Rejects Arms Deal
Indian PM Sees Change After bin Laden's Death
Indian Politicians Arrested for Supporting Farmers' Protests
US, South Korea Plan Drill Near Disputed Sea Border
Leader Says Taiwan Wants F-16 Jets as Leverage
Bosnian Serbs May Cancel Referendum
Bomb Attacks Double in Northern Ireland
Irish Muslim Arrested in Dublin Over Obama Threats
EU Slams Denmark Over Plans to Reintroduce Border Checks
25 Injured During Far-Right Rampage Against Immigrants in Greece's Capital
Medvedev: Russia and Pakistan Vow to Fight Terrorism Together
The War at Home
House GOP Moves to End Money for New Body Scanners
Obama Seeks Extension of Mueller's Term as FBI Director
2 Men Arrested in New York, Accused of Plotting to Blow Up Synagogue
Liberals in Southern Arizona Seek to Form New State
Europeans Say Libya Intervention Possible Within Hours of UN Vote
Qatari Military Advisers on the Ground, Helping Libyan Rebels
Battle Shifts in Desert Sands as Gadhafi Loyalists Target Oilfields
Libya Rebels in Misrata Cautious Despite Gains
Gadhafi's Visit to Hotel Puzzles Journalists
Libya War Costs US $750 Million: Gates
Cameron Invites Libyan Rebels to Open Office in London
Libya Offers Controlled Tour of NATO Bombing Sites in Tripoli
Frenchman Dies of Gunshot Wound in East Libya
School Is Out for Libya's Children of the Revolution, as They Work to Get Benghazi Back to Normal
'Gadhafi Is the Terrorist Man': Derna Denies Being al-Qaeda Hotbed
Egypt's Activists Turn Tables on Tormentors
Crime Wave in Egypt Has People Afraid, Even the Police
Zimbabwe Constitution-Reform Program in Disarray
UN Preparing for Iraqis to Flee Syria
Clinton Vows to Increase Pressure on Syrian Regime
Signs of Chaos in Syria's Intense Crackdown
In Syria, a Tense Calm After Shelling and Gunfire
In Damascus, Dreams of a Revolution Amid Fears of Defeat
Israeli Ex-Spy Boss: Iran Strike 'Stupid'
Palestinians: Prepare for 3rd Intifada
Israel Exploits Jordan Valley, Says Rights Group
Israel to Curb al-Aqsa Entry as Palestinians Mark Nakba
Israel Shows Off Missile Defense Against Palestinian Rockets
Palestinian Population Grew 8-Fold Since '48
Shin Bet: Egypt Doing Little to Stop Gaza Arms Smugglers
With Heavy Hearts, Christians Leave Baghdad
Al-Qaeda Allies Say They Backed Iraq Prison Break
Iraq Inquiry Report Will Be Almost a Year Late, Admits Chilcot
Handheld Spy Drone Too Wimpy for US Marines in Iraq
Ex-Candidate Among Three Dead in Iraq Unrest
Six Persons Injured in Baghdad Explosions
Thursday: 6 Iraqis Killed, 18 Wounded
Witnesses: 2 Killed, Dozens Hurt in Yemen Protest
UN Berates Yemeni Rebels for Recruiting Child Soldiers
Middle East
Security Forces Target Bahrain Medics
Investors Shy Away From Unrest
Internet Is Double-Edged Sword in Arab Revolts: Amnesty
US Congress Members to Turkey's Erdogan: Stop Gaza Flotilla
Lebanon Makes Progress in Forming Cabinet After Months of Impasse
US Military
Key House Panel Approves Military Pay Increase
House Panel Votes to Delay Repeal of 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell'
Navy Researcher Links Toxins in War-Zone Dust to Ailments
3 Billion-Dollar Guam Construction Proposal Deadline Delayed

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