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Updated July 25, 2011 - 11:10 PM EDT
NATO Strike Kills 7 at Libya Hospital
  Rebel Chief: Gadhafi, Family Can Stay in Libya
  Germany Lends Libyan Rebels $144 Million as Fighting Rages
As Norway Toll Rises, All Eyes on Attacker
  Killings in Norway Spotlight Anti-Muslim Thought in US
  Norway Gunman Claims 'Accomplices'
  In Diary, 'Crusader' Details Months of Preparation for Attacks
  Breivik Says NATO Bombing of Serbia 'Tipped the Scales' for Him
  Focus on Islamists Let Other Extremists Go Under Radar

British Helicopter Injures Children in Afghanistan

  NATO Helicopter Downed in Afghanistan
  US Trucking Funds Reach Taliban: Military-Led Investigation
Pentagon: New Iraq Troop Deal Needed ASAP
  Sadrists Warn of Political Crisis if Trust Withdrawn From Govt
US: Pakistan Restricting Movement of Foreigners
  Pakistan 'Regaining Control' of Tribal North
  Pakistani Views of the US
UN's Flotilla Probe Report Delayed Yet Again
  Report: UN Panel Rules IDF Boarded Marmara 'To Kill'
10 Soldiers Killed in Yemen Suicide Bombing
North Korean Official to Visit US on Stalled Nuke Talks
You Hack, We Shoot: Pentagon Mulls Counterstrikes
Baksheesh for the Doorkeeper  by Uri Avnery
Norway's Attacks Reveal Real Clash of Civilizations  by Ahmed Moor
The Left's Antiwar Movement in Monterey: Down but Not Out  by David R. Henderson
Exploiting a Tragedy  by Stephen M. Walt
Thank You for Your Service?  by Laurence M. Vance
Fear-Mongering and Servitude  by James Bovard

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Judges Keep Accused Taliban Fighter Held at Guantanamo
Slaughter Cruel but Necessary, Says Gunman Anders Breivik
Watch: Oslo Gunman's Video Manifesto
Colombians United Against Escalating War
Citizen's Arrest on Tony Blair Worth $4,500
Norway Terror Death Toll Rises to 93
Police Say Oslo Suspect Admits 'Facts,' Not Guilt, in Massacre
Norway Suspect Says Acted Alone
Norway Suspect Borrowed From Unabomber's Manifesto
Oslo Suspect Cultivated Parallel Life to Disguise 'Martyrdom Operation'
Suspect Wanted Muslims Out of Europe; Killing Was 'Marketing' for Manifesto
Gunman's Father Was London Diplomat
Police Guard 'Was Meant to Be on Island'
Gunman Alienated by Party's Softened Rhetoric
Police: Norwegian Man Had 'Lots of Ammunition' When Arrested
Norway Attacker a Big Fan of Israel
Hunt for Britons Linked to Norway Killer Anders Behring Breivik
Norway Gunman Claims a London Connection
Faces of Hatred: Norway Mass Killer's Life Laid Bare
Afghan Flees War Zone Home, Shot 4 Times in Norway
Norway Massacre Exposes Incendiary Immigration Issue
UK Muslims Vigilant After Norway
Hague: UK to Assess Terror Defenses After Norway
Fear of Anarchist Threat Grows as Countdown to London 2012 Olympics Begins
UK Army Officers Could Be Moved Into Police Elite
Israel's Lieberman Won't Quit on Apology to Turkey
It's All About Real-Estate: Understanding the Tent Protests
Israel Seeks to Strip Convicted Terrorists' Families of Pensions
'Ambassador Michael Oren to Visit Pollard in Prison'
France to Buy Israeli-Made Drones, 42 Years After It Banned Weapons Sales to Israel
Anti- and Pro-Assad Protesters Clash in Beirut
Lebanon Cannot Survive Without Hezbollah: Aoun
Syria Tightens Screws on Homs, Assad Sacks Governor
Bahraini Unrest Causes 33 Deaths and Over 400 Injuries: Official
International Panel Begins Probe of Bahrain Unrest
Iraqi Forces Arrest 16 Suspected al-Qaeda Members
Envoy: Iraq Regards Iran's Action Against PJAK as Justified
US Forces Detain 7 in South Iraq Air Landing
6 Injured in Baghdad Explosion
Iraq Inks $6.5 Billion Refinery Deal
China Begins Oil Production in Iraq
Sunday: 6 Iraqis Killed, 14 Wounded
Iranian Bombardment Continued in Kurdish Region
Iran Asks Germany to Try Kurdish Rebel Chief
Iran to Ink Gas Contract With Syria, Iraq
Russia Says Three Rebels Killed in Dagestan Raid
Belgium's New Burqa Ban Challenged in Court
15 Killed in Karachi Violence
US Turns Heat on ISI, Says It Spies on Pakistani-Americans
Soldier Dies in Thwarted Pakistan Suicide Attack
FM: Pakistan Doesn't Want One-Sided Ties With US
Shutter-Down Strike in Balochistan Against Killing of BNP Leader
Militants Hang 8-Year-Old Boy in Southern Afghanistan
Eikenberry Leaves Afghanistan Amid Concerns for Its Future
NATO Hands Model Anti-Taliban Province to Afghans
Afghans Slowly Take Over Security in Several Areas
North Korea Holds Local Elections Amid Succession
North Korea Tested Missile Rocket: Report
Official: South Korea Approves Flour Aid to North Korea for 1st Time Since Deadly Artillery Attack
Quiet Digital Revolution Under Way in North Korea
Glimpse Into Daily Life in North Korea
Beijing's Maritime Push Irks ASEAN
China Arrests Its Most-Wanted Fugitive After Canada Deports Him
Clinton to Meet Hong Kong, Mainland Officials
Sri Lanka
Tamil Party Wins Elections in Sri Lanka's Ex-War Zone
Sri Lanka Voting Marked by Skepticism on Change
Tamil Party Wins Elections in Sri Lanka's Ex-War Zone
Mumbai Death Toll Rises to 23
Hint of Hope as Suu Kyi Set for Myanmar Govt Meet
Gadhafi Counter-Attack Repulsed, Tripoli Bombed
Libyan Women Fight for Freedom on the Home Front
Gadhafi Tells Egyptians They Should Have Let Mubarak Stay in Power
March Against Egypt's Military Collapses Into Violence
Egypt After Mubarak: Opposition Defiant Despite Clashes
Egypt's Revolution Not Just About Tweeting: Bloggers
South Sudan: Rebel Leader Gatluak Gai Killed in Mysterious Circumstances
Sudan Currency Move Heightens Differences With South
US Removes Nigeria From Terror List
Bomb in Nigeria Kills 8, Witness Says
President Reshuffles Military Leadership After Protests Leave 18 Dead
Malawi Riots a Warning to Government: Analysts
Aid Reaches Drought Victims in Islamist Area of Somalia
The War at Home
Ban on Gays in the Military Will End in 60 Days
Cyber Threat Will Force Pentagon to Buy Computers Faster and Change Culture
Bill Would Force Obama to Pay Social Security, Military if US Defaults

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What Really Goes on in Afghanistan?

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Things You Can Say, Things You Cannot

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You Cannot Be Serious

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