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Updated September 3, 2011 - 11:17 PM EDT
Israel Opposes Palestine State for Fear of ICC
  Turkey Expels Israeli Envoy, Threatens Lawsuit Over Flotilla Deaths
Cables Force Iraq to Reopen Probe Into 2006 Raid
  New Lancet Study Says 12,000 Iraqis Dead From Suicide Bombings
  Iran Denies Sending Weapons for Terrorists in Iraq
NATO Warns Libyan Rebels to Stop Arms Looting
  Libyans Pledge Democracy as They Win Gadhafi Billions
  More on Gadhafi Libya's Ties to CIA Torture
Afghan Troops Deserting at Growing Rates
  Taliban Kidnap 40 Pakistani Boys in Afghanistan
Assange Faces Australia Arrest Over Cables
IAEA Expressed 'Concern' About Iran
JSOC: America's Other Secretive Killers
At Least 17 Killed in Syria Protest Crackdown
US Says No Evidence of New 9/11 Plot, Issues Travel Warning
'Victory' in Libya: No Model for US Foreign Policy  by Doug Bandow
Why Palestinians Can't Recognize a 'Jewish State'  by Hassan Jabareen
What Happened to Howard Dean, Antiwar Champion?  by Conor Friedersdorf
Gadhafi's Libya as Demon  by Diana Johnstone
Deceit of Shakespearean Proportions  by Robert Scheer
The Road to the Permanent Warfare State  by Gregory Bresiger

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The 10 Worst Military Contracting Boondoggles
Deployments and Child Deaths
Deadly Clashes in Tunisian Town of Sbeitla
Swiss to Charge Nuclear Smuggling Suspects in Fall
Iraq ‘Protection’ Law Offers Little Safety
Media Outlets Condemn WikiLeaks' Disclosure
Activists: Wounded Syrian Protesters Being Abused in Hospitals
Fear of Assad's 'Ghosts' Brings a Sinister Calm to Streets of Capital
EU Steps Up Syria Sanctions With Ban on Oil Imports
A Lifetime of Resistance in Syria
Syrian Diaspora in DC Area Helps Fight Regime
Thousands in Khaldieh Protest Assad Regime [video]
Israel Will Not Apologize for Flotilla Killings
UN Report on Flotilla Raid - Text
Commander Says Iraq Transition on Track
Human Rights Watch Slams Turkey, Iran Attacks in North Iraq
Only Eight Iraqi Jews in Baghdad in 2009: Cable
Riot Police Clash With Demonstrators in Bahrain
Bahrain Cleric Blames Police for Protester's Death
Sadr Demands Saudi Arabia to Withdraw Its Forces From Bahrain
Iran Warns Against Any Attack on Country
Sarkozy Warns Iran of Potential Preemptive Attack
Jailed Dissident Cleric in Iran Deprived of Rights, Says Wife
The Internet and Iran: 'It Is Possible to Pull the Plug'
Yemenis Rally to Up Pressure on Saleh
In Yemen's Struggles, Signs of Tribal Clout
Middle East
UN Nuclear Agency Seeks Rare Mideast Nuclear Talks
Yemenis Rally to Up Pressure on Saleh
Moussa Says He Warned Mubarak
Turkey Agrees to Host Early Warning Radar
Mexico's Drug War Goes to School
Mexico's Calderon Defends War on Drug Cartels
Suspected Gulf Cartel Member Behind Historic Split With Zetas Killed in Northern Mexico
Two Women Journalists Killed in Mexico City
'War on Terror'
Americans' Fear of Terrorism in US Is Near Low Point
Virginian Accused of Making YouTube Terror Video
In Other News
Serbia and Kosovo Reach Deal to End Trade War
American Jailed in Cuba: I Was 'Trusting Fool'
French Diplomat Is New UN Peacekeeping Chief
Weekend Reviews
Engaging – Just Not Radical
The Former Vice-President Cherry-Picks His Past
Torture's Many Tentacles
Explaining Why 'They Hate Us'
Killed by a Mirage
Torture's Dark Beginnings
Libyan Rebels Gear Up for Assault on Moammar Gadhafi's Home Town of Sirte
Files Note Close CIA Ties to Gadhafi Spy Unit
Libya Interim Leaders Vow Tolerance and Respect for Law
Bulgaria Demands Libya Return 2007 Pay-Off Over Nurses
Algeria Moves Muammar Gadhafi's Family to Capital: Reports
Libyans Flock to Green Square to Celebrate
Libya: 5 Foreign Oil Companies Back Working
Satellite TV Station Keeps Gadhafi on the Air in Syria
Road Trip! American Student Joins Rebels in Fight for Gadhafi Stronghold
Jos Clashes: Nigerian Christians and Muslims Seek Calm
Nigeria Separatists See Treason Charges Dropped
Let Somalis Manage Aid for Development, Doctor Says
Malaysian TV Station Says 1 of Its Journalists Shot Dead in Somali Capital
Turkish Aid to Somalia: A New Pulse in Africa
Amid Tensions With South, Sudan Attacks Border State
Sudan's Conflict Spreads: Is This the Start of a New Civil War?
Report: Teenage Girl Dies in Tunisia Violence as It Continues to Face Residual Instability
UN Concerned About Ivory Coast Abuse Allegations
Ethiopia Denies Troops Killed by Ogaden Rebels
NATO Races to Secure Violent, Porous Afghanistan-Pakistan Border
In Afghanistan, Reviewing a Decade of Promises
Medvedev Urges Regional Solution to Afghan Issues
Gunmen Attack Minibus in Kurram, Kill 7 Shi'ites
Pakistani Cricket Hero Imran Khan Becomes a Political Player
Imprisoned American: 'Now Pakistan and America Have Some Problems. So They're Taking It Out on Me'
UN: North Korea Nuke Equipment From Black Market
India Says Ship Near Vietnam Was Warned by China
China Increasingly Uses Tactic of Making Dissidents Vanish
Head of Pro-Opposition Radio Station Attacked in Sri Lanka
Russia Gets Tajikistan Base Deal, Strengthens Central Asia Influence
Russian Negotiator Warns NATO Over Missile Defense Plans
US Military
Raytheon SM-3 Missile Fails to Hit Target in Pacific Test
Where's Panetta? Secretary's California Weekends Questioned
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Israelis Sick and Tired – but of What?

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The Left's Antiwar Movement in Monterey: Down but Not Out

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