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Updated September 27, 2011 - 11:25 PM EDT

Iran Could Deploy Navy Near US Coast

Families Flee As Libyan Rebels Attack Sirte

At Least 54 Killed in Attacks Across Afghanistan

  US Trainers in Afghanistan to Increase by 800
  Afghan Employee Kills US Citizen in Kabul CIA Annex
Pakistan Scrambles for New Allies as US Split Looms

US Makes Deal to Give Drones to Turkey

Israel: Massive Expansion of Jerusalem Settlement

Iraq to Buy 18 F-16 Warplanes From US
  11 Iraqis Killed as Gunmen Target Political and Religious Leaders
Bahrain Jails Protesters as US Sells Regime Arms
As Deaths Mount, Turkey Set to Cut All Ties With Syria
Yemeni Tribesmen Capture Republican Guard Base
Let's Get Out of the Middle East – and the UN  by Rep. Ron Paul
Did the Rabbani Hit Really Kill Peace Talks?  by Gareth Porter
Palestinian Statehood Bid Deals a Death Blow to the Old Diplomacy  by Jonathan Cook
Two Systematic Acts of Brutality and Cover-Up  by Hiroaki Sato
Why al-Qaeda Won  by Walden Bello
Germany Makes Another Balkan Mess  by Ted Galen Carpenter

More Viewpoints

Empire of the Son
by Thaddeus Russell

Pakistanis Tied to 2007 Border Ambush on Americans

Newly Released Documents Reveal Defense Department Intelligence Violations
Budget Cuts Could Force Army, Marines to Nix 150K Troops, Hawks Claim

Turkish Paper Names Israelis It Says Were in Flotilla


US to Hand Over Iraq Bases, Equipment Worth Billions

Senior Finance Official Assassinated in Iraq

Selling Booze in Baghdad a Dangerous Business

Shaken by Increase in Attacks Since 2001, Many Pakistanis Fault US

Why the Israel-Palestine Clash Threatens Cairo-US Ties

Palestine, Yes, but Israelis Draw the Line at Jerusalem

Few Talking After Shoving Match at UN Assembly

Al-Jazeera Reporter Released From Israeli Prison After Plea Bargain

IDF to Legally Protect Mavi Marmara Raid Soldiers

Israel Arrests Hamas Lawmaker in Jerusalem

Saudi Arabia Urges World to Accept Palestinians' UN Bid


China Foreign Minister Warns Clinton on F-16 Deal

In a North Korean Port City, Foreign Investment Starts to Flow


Somalia 'Peacekeepers' Admit Killing Malaysian Journalist


Official: Cuba Seeks Normalization With US

Anti-Crime Chat Users Vow to Keep Posting Despite Beheading of Mexican Woman for Web Comments

Rivalries Impede Government Formation in Libya

Italy's Eni Resumes Oil Production in Libya

Libyan Justice Minister: Lockerbie Case 'Closed'

NTC's Jibril Asks UN to Lift Libya Sanctions

Libya Could Cost UK Taxpayers £1.75 Billion

Libyan Berbers Demand Recognition in New Constitution


Syria Blames Ongoing Unrest on 'Foreign Intervention'

Syria Unrest: 'Tanks Bombard Central Town of Al-Rastan'

Syrian Forces Kill 4 Defecting Soldiers

Official: Syrian Troops Captured in Central Town

Middle East

Ready, Set, Walk Out! Protesting Ahmadinejad at UN

Blast Destroys Egypt Gas Pipeline to Israel, Jordan

Amnesty International Urges Egypt to Free Blogger on Hunger Strike for More Than a Month

In Riddle of Mideast Upheaval, Turkey Offers Itself as an Answer

Bahrain's Besieged Protesters Keep Campaign Alive

United States

NYPD Chief: We Could Take Down Plane if Necessary

Pentagon Extends Program to Defend Cyber Networks


Russia Skeptics Proven Right as Putin Set to Take Top Spot Again

Putin May Restore Tougher Tone to Relations With US

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