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Updated October 23, 2011 - 11:25 PM EDT
Iraq Continues US Talks To Keep 1000s of GIs
  Turkey Escalates Fight With PKK, Endangers Iraqi Civilians
  Iraq PM Says Failed Talks on Immunity for GIs Led to US Withdrawal
  Sadr: US Embassy Employees Are 'Occupiers; Should Be Fought'
  US Scales Back Diplomacy in Iraq Amid Fiscal and Security Concerns
Afghanistan Would Support Pakistan in War With US
Clues to Gadhafi's Death Concealed From Public
  Rebels: Gadhafi's Son Saif Al-Islam Captured
  Growing Revulsion at the Treatment of the Gadhafi's Body
  Libyan PM Says Wishes Gadhafi Had Not Been Killed
  Thousands of Prisoners in Libya Languish Without Charge
Are Drones Creating a New Global Arms Race?
Heavy Fighting in Yemeni Capital After UN Vote Kills 20
Kosovo Serbs Stop NATO Troops Removing Roadblocks
Airstrike That Killed US Teen Raises Legal, Ethical Questions
You Can't Blame Gadhafi for Thinking He Was One of the Good Guys  by Robert Fisk
Only 'Success' in Iraq Is US Troops Leaving  by Medea Benjamin & Charles Davis
The Sun Never Sets on the US Military  by Lee Wrights
About That Iraq Withdrawal  by Glenn Greenwald
Libya: Costs Outweigh Benefits  by Doug Bandow
Conservatives and American Empire  by Tim Kelly

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Rice and Cheney 'Clashed Over Treatment of Terror Suspects', Memoir Claims
Obama Touts Foreign Policy Successes in Iraq, Libya
Rep. Landry: Does Obama Deserve Nobel After 'Amount of People He Has Killed'?
Separatist Scottish Leader Ponders Compromise
Centuries of Open Justice Threatened by Secret Courts
Northern Iraq Focus of New Bombings and Shootings
Iraq Still Seeking US Trainers: PM Maliki
Kucinich: 'We Will Simply Be Replacing One US Occupation With Another'
Kurd-Turkey Conflict Turns Iraq Town Into 'Prison'
Iranian Americans Call on US to Protect Exiled Countrymen in Iraq
Relief, Joy at Fort Bliss After Announcement of Iraq Withdrawal
No Need for Mehdi Army if US Forces Withdrawn: Sadrist
US Departure Will Leave Iraq on Its Own in a Sea of Conflict
Iraqi-Americans in Metro Detroit: It's Time for US to Pull Out
Rightist MKs: Netanyahu's Surrender to Hamas Will Bring Wave of Terror
Abbas to Pay Grants to Prisoners Released in Schalit Deal
17-Year-Old Israeli Seriously Wounded in Jerusalem Stabbing
Israeli Official: Cyprus Military Drills Not Meant to 'Send Message' to Turkey
Egypt Spokesman: Cairo Finalizing Prisoner Swap Deal for Release of Alleged Israeli Spy
Gaza Abductor Says Israeli Soldier Treated Well
Jordan: Israeli Security, 1967 Borders Key to Peace
American Who Killed for Iran in 1980 Resurfaces to Comment on Alleged Plot
In Veiled Warning to Iran, Clinton Says US Will Continue to Stand by Iraq
Iran Central Bank Dismisses US Sanctions Threat
Ahmadinejad: US Must Put an End to Middle East Colonialism
Iranian Envoy Meets Lebanese Army Commander
Egypt Extends Parliamentary Candidate Registration Again
Egypt Court Delays Hearing on Request to Drop Mubarak Panel
Yemen Ready to 'Deal Positively' With UN Resolution
Yemen Mosque Becomes ER for Protesters
Middle East
Activists: Syrian Troops Hunt Protesters, Kill 5
Mideast Power Brokers Call for 'Marshall Plan' After Unrest
Saudi Heir to Throne Crown Prince Sultan Bin Abdel-Aziz Dies, Stirring Up Line of Succession
Spain's Basque Region Holds Separatist Rally
In Europe, New Fears of German Might
Germany Arrests Two Russians for Spying Since Cold War
Russia Bans Entry to Unnamed US Officials in Response to US Blacklist Tied to Magnitsky Death
Hugo Chavez Cancer Claim Doctor Flees Venezuela
Anti-Chavez TV Channel Says It Will Challenge Fine
Colombia's Army Says Attack by Leftist Rebels Kills 10 Soldiers for 2nd Time This Week
Uruguay Finds Bones of Possible Dirty War Victim
Mexico Detains 15-Year-Old in Drug Murders
US Military
Smartphone Controls Minidrone From 3,000 Miles
Oxygen Losses Ground Stealth Fighters, Again
US Lawmakers Open to Changes in Military Benefits
Tomorrow's Missile Subs: Smaller, Cheaper, With Lots of Robot Pals
Weekend Reviews
Top Secret America the Rise of the New American Security State by Dana Priest and William Arkin
Confronting the Chaos: A Rogue Military Historian Returns to Afghanistan
Libya's Jibril Sees Elections Within Eight Months
Libya's New Leaders to Declare Liberation Sunday
Alive or Dead, the Gadhafis Divide Their Enemies
Libyans Urged to Unite After Death of Gadhafi
Many in Sub-Saharan Africa Mourn Gadhafi's Death
Benghazi: Fighters Stream Home to Fanfare, Bristling With Guns
Swiss Offer to Help Libya Disarm, Demine
Prosecutors Fly to Libya to Freeze Gadhafi's Swiss Assets
As Libya Takes Stock, Moammar Gadhafi's Hidden Riches Astound
'Stories' of the Death of Gadhafi
Battle Over £1m Colonel Gadhafi Bounty
German Intelligence Service Knew Gadhafi's Location
Gadhafi 'Killed With His Own Golden Gun' as Rebels Fought Over Ownership
Gadhafi Found in Drainpipe; Last Words: What Did I Do to You?
NATO and the SAS Helped Rebels Drive Hunted Leader Into Endgame in a Desert Drain
Tunisian Islamists to Do Well in First Arab Spring Vote
Tunisian President Says He'll Step Down After Vote
Campaigning Ends for Tunisia's First Free Elections Amid Enthusiastic Political Rallies
Tunisia Election Faces Financing Questions
Tunisia Politician Warns About Fraud
Kenya: Region Backs Operation Against Somali Militants
Kenya Expecting First Ground Battle With Militants
US Embassy Warns of Imminent Threat to Americans in Kenya
Official: al-Qaeda-Linked Somali Militants on the Run and Growing Weaker by the Day

Suspected Islamist Sect Kills Nigerian Journalist

In Nigeria, Corruption Roots in Local Governments
Mauritania Army Raid Killed al-Qaeda Group Leader
Uganda Opposition Leader Asks International Rights Groups to 'Rescue' Him From House Arrest
Algeria Ex-Minister Arrested in Geneva Over War Crimes
Evacuation Continues as Khyber Operation Looms
Pakistan Ready to Arrange Talks With Taliban, US Told
Karzai Urges Talks With Haqqani Network in Pakistan
US Warms to Idea of Pakistan Talks With Militants
Pakistani Tribesmen Reluctant to Return to North Waziristan
Some Ministers Have Embezzled Millions: Anti-Graft Chief
Kabul: Spy Agency Says Inquiry Shows It Did Not Abuse Preacher
Clinton Seeks Role for Afghanistan's Neighbors
US Seeks Alternative Supply-Route Via Uzbekistan
US Territory Offers to Lease Land to China
North Korea and US Agree New Search for US War Dead
Court Convicts 5 Tamils of Fundraising for Tigers
Tony Blair Adds Kazakhstan to His Growing List of Business Clients
Americans Still Dying
La Junta (CO) Medic Killed Flying in to Rescue Fellow Soldiers
Texas Soldier, Father of Two, Killed in Attack in Afghanistan
Enumclaw (WA) Army Sergeant Leaves Behind Wife, Four Children
Fallen Phoenix (AZ) GI Remembered for Humor
Father Remembers Marine Son Killed in Afghanistan (GA)
Navy Seabee From Gulfport (MS) Killed by Roadside Bomb
Widow Grieves for Palm Bay (FL) Soldier Killed by Afghan IED
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