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Updated December 6, 2011 - 11:26 PM EST
Iranian Troops 'On Alert' in Face of Growing Threats
Twin Attacks on Afghan Shi'ites Kill 60
  German FM: Support Afghan Govt. Through 2025

Pentagon Arms, Equips US Police Forces

  Pakistani Minister Demands US 'Action' Against Coup Memo Leaker

Ashura Violence Kills 36 Iraqis, Wounds 121

Assad Wants 'Conditions' on Monitors, 34 More Slain
Former Gen.: Israeli Attack on Gaza Needed
British, US Officials 'Concerned' by Russian Election
Six Killed as Boko Haram Attacks in Nigeria
Is Criticism of Iraq War 'Probable Cause?'
DEA Agents Launder Cartels' Drug Money
From Occupation to 'Occupy': The Israelification of American Domestic Security  by Max Blumenthal
Cut the Pentagon's Budget, Make the US Safer  by Jim Cason
The High Price of Nukes: Weapons We Don't Need at a Cost We Can't Afford  by William Hartung
I Oppose the Indefinite Detention of American Citizens  by Sen. Rand Paul
President Obama, We Must Not Allow a Tunnel Gap!  by John V. Walsh
We're Still Not All Georgians  by Jack Hunter

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Julian Assange Wins Right to Pursue Extradition Fight

Israel Stole Uranium From US, Report Will Show

Tariq Aziz to Be Executed, Official in Baghdad Says

Vietnam: 100,000 Killed, Hurt by Abandoned Weapons

Zimbabwe Troops Attack Bars That Refuse to Play Pro-Regime Jingles

Karzai: Criticized by the West, Hated by the Taliban

Bomb Blast Hits Minibus, Kills 5 Afghan Civilians

Karzai Pleads for Continued Cash at Afghanistan Summit in Bonn

Karzai Warns US Over Night Raids

Germans Persuade Taliban to Play Ball on Afghan Peace Process

Norway to Withdraw Most Troops From Afghanistan in 2013

Russia Forgives $11 Billion in Afghan Debt

Iran Opposes West Keeping Afghan Bases Post-2014


Iraqis Turn Abandoned US Prison Camps Into Hotels

Fallujah Kebab House Sign of Iraqi Renewal

Rare Pictures of Iraq Show Strange Beauty of Country Ravaged by War

Rush Ballot in Israel's Likud Linked to US Outlook

Leading Palestinian Intellectual: We Already Have a One-State Solution

Palestinian UN Membership Bid Continues

PA Rejects Direct Talks With Israel

Report: Israeli Settlers Kidnap Palestinian Shepherd in West Bank
United States

Congresswoman Accuses Blackwater Founder of 'Intimidation'

Focus on WikiLeaks Suspect's State of Mind

Military Weapons in Domestic Gangsters' Hands

Will the Military Force Out Troops With Criminal Convictions?

Missile Component Damaged in Accident


Police in London See 'Occupiers' as 'Terror' Risk


Downed Drone a Potential Windfall for Iran

Avtobaza: Iran's Weapon in Alleged RQ-170 Affair?

Iran Unlikely to Have Used Cyberattack to Bring Down US Drone, Experts Say

Argentina Flirts With Iran; West Watches Nervously

American Official Urges South Korea to Limit Iranian Imports

Top Secret British War Plans (from 1943) Taken From Tehran Embassy

Egypt Elections: Low Turnout for First Round Runoffs

Egypt Runoff Election Exposes Tensions Between Islamist Parties That Have Dominated Vote
'The Real Fight for Democracy in Egypt Has Yet to Begin'

Jokes Mask Egyptian Fear of Islamist Poll Gains

Middle East

Lebanon Files Complaint Against Israel Over Missile Firing

Russia Downgrades Ties With Qatar After Attack on Russian Diplomats

Libya Says Stops Hundreds of Italy-Bound Migrants


The Secret War: Africa Ops May Be Just Starting

Ivory Coast's Laurent Gbagbo Appears at ICC in Hague


China 'Ill-Prepared' for Unrest, Says Security Chief

China Eases Grip on Blind Chinese Activist: Sources

Pol Pot Deputy: Khmer Rouge 'Were Not Bad People'

National Guard Deployment on US-Mexico Border Mostly Seen as Negative
Nobel Laureate: Haitian Leader's Plan to Restore Disbanded Army an 'Error'

US, Cuban Church Leaders Seek 'Normalized Relations'

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Moderation in Following the Constitution Is No Virtue

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Sixteen Candles

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Was Elliott Abrams Hitler's Senior Advisor?

Charles V. Peņa
Doomsday Defense Cuts?

David R. Henderson
The Left's Antiwar Movement in Monterey: Down but Not Out

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