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Updated December 13, 2011 - 11:23 PM EST
Obama Asks Iran for Drone Back
  Iran Army Declines Comment on Hormuz Closure
  OIC Chief: No Evidence Iran Has Atomic Bomb Program
US Ambassador to Pakistan: Get Over It

US-Backed Afghan Militias to Grow, Despite Atrocities

  Afghan Govt. on Track to Close Security Contractors
Obama, Iraqi PM Announce 'New Relationship'
  Iraqi Critics Questions Size of US Embassy Staff in Baghdad
  US Mercenaries Aim to March Back into Iraq
UN: Syria Death Toll at 5,000
Gingrich, Huntsman 'Duel' in Hawkish Foreign Policy Debate
Mexican Troops Kill 11 Suspected Cartel Members in Gunfight

Three Killed in Belgium Attack, Suspect Kills Self

Gingrich on Palestine: Small Truths in a Big Lie  by Ira Chernus
Time to Apologize for the West's Shameful Support of Dictatorship in Egypt  by Eric Margolis
Military Detention: Not Only Legally Flawed, but Also Inefficient and Expensive  by Andrew Rosenthal
Levin and McCain Are Deaf to Madison's Warning  by Bruce Fein
Harsh Rhetoric About Iran Isn't Helping  by Chris Toensing
In Israel, the Life of a Palestinian Is Cheap  Haaretz

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UN Panel Told Muslim-West Relations Back at 9/11 Low

Hezbollah Claims to Release Names of CIA Officers in Lebanon

Gingrich's Electromagnetic Pulse Warning Has Skeptics

CA Family Who Lost 4 Sues Over Military Jet Crash

Democratic Senator Finds House Defense Bill Riddled With Earmarks


Gunmen Torch NATO Oil Tankers, Kill Driver in Pakistan


Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri Al-Maliki to Visit White House Monday

'Shock and Awe' Admiral Says Iraq War 'Right and Just'

Exxon's Deal With the Kurds Inflames Baghdad


Senior Israeli: Arabs Not Ready for Democracy

Israeli Army Investigates Palestinian Protester's Death

Jewish Hate Rally Against Africans in Tel Aviv Caught on Video as Haaretz Deletes Article About It

IAF Strikes Gaza Some More

Rocket Fired From Lebanon at Israel Falls Short

United States
At Army Base, Intimate and Isolated, a Soldier's Death Brings Intense Emotion

Pentagon's Michele Flournoy to Step Down


Many Indifferent as Noriega Returns to Panama Cell

Peru's Humala Tightens Grip in Cabinet Overhaul


'Iran to Reverse-Engineer, Mass Produce US Drone'

Iran Says It's Almost Done Decoding US Drone

Iran Seeks Legal Actions Against US Ex-Officials Over Threats of Military Strike

Iran Steel Factory Blast: Foreigners Among Seven Killed

US 'Virtual Embassy' Is Espionage Trap: Iran Spy Chief


Syria Votes Amid Violence, Activists Say Polls a Sham

Strike in Syria Targets Economy, Assad's Backers

Middle East

Egypt Liberal Calls for Shift in Tactics

UK Urges Bahrain to Embrace Reform After Protests

Kuwait Begins Trial of Dozens of Stateless Protesters

Tunisia Installs Former Dissident as President

EU Provides Extra Aid to Yemen, Warns of 'Humanitarian Crisis'

'Al-Qaeda Jail Break' in Yemeni City of Aden


Al-Shabab Publishes Slain Burundi Troops' IDs

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Was Elliott Abrams Hitler's Senior Advisor?

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Doomsday Defense Cuts?

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The Left's Antiwar Movement in Monterey: Down but Not Out

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