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Updated December 23, 2011 - 11:17 PM EST

Syria: Twin Suicide Bombs Shake Capital, Kill 44

Manning Hearing Ends; Defense: Where's the Harm?
Iraq Moves Toward New Sectarian Conflict

81 Iraqis Killed in Massive Attacks

Pakistan Army Seeks President's Ouster
  US Report: Attack on Pakistani Troops 'Justified'
Israel PM Slams Palestinian Efforts at Unity
US Judge Nixes Lawsuit for Tortured Gitmo Detainee
FM: Britain Considering Bombing Somalia
Saleh to Leave for Medical Treatment, Still Yemen Chief
Newt Focuses on 'Sharia' as Cold War-Style Threat
Would US Nonintervention Have Led to a 'Nazi Century'?  by John Glaser
Don't Stop at Iraq: Why the US Should Withdraw From the Entire Persian Gulf  by Toby C. Jones
Loom of the Jackboot: Obama Gives Military Extreme Powers  by Alexander Cockburn
Americans Should Fear New Detention Law  by Igor Birman
Make Congress Vote on War on Iran  by Patrick J. Buchanan
I Am Sorry for the Role I Played in Fallujah  by Ross Caputi

More Viewpoints

Defense Says Manning Victim of Military Overreach

Iran Navy to Hold War Games Near Crucial Sea Lanes

NY Judge: Iran, Taliban, Al-Qaeda Liable for 9/11

Experts: US Govt. Too Late to Censor Science

2011 'Year of the Tyrant,' 2012 Ominous for Syria, Iraq

Study: Female Vets More Critical of Iraq, Afghanistan Wars


US Deal With Taliban Breaks Down

10,000 American Troops Pulled Out of Afghanistan This Year

Outspoken Afghan Rights Official Ousted

NATO Soldier Killed in Afghanistan


Iran Says UN Nuclear Agency Could Visit in January

Iran Blocks UK Foreign Office Website


Palestinian Residents of Bethlehem Fear Israeli Expansion

Palestinian Officials: US Isolated Over Support of Israel Settlements

Israeli Arab Teachers Enter Jewish Classrooms


In S. Korea, a Shrinking Space for Speech

Buzz Over Who's Not in North Korea Picture(s)

Powers Behind N. Korea's New 'General'

China, Japan Leaders to Meet Amid North Korea Angst

Kazakhstan Asks UN to Help Investigate Deadly Clashes

United States
Problems Possible With Nearly 65,000 Arlington Graves, Report Says

New Database Tracks Marine Head Injuries

Residents Oppose Planned San Diego Vet Center

Baghdad Bloodbath Threatens Sectarian Chaos in Iraq: Will Iran Stoke or Douse the Fires?

Doc Wounded in Iraq Speaks Out About Combat Trauma

Iraq's Turkmen Call for Kirkuk Autonomy

Timeline of Deadliest Attacks in Iraq in Last Year

Exxon Spars With Iraq Over Lack of Payment

Middle East

Arab League Monitors Arrive in Syria

Libya's Nuclear Materials Remain Intact, UN Report Say

How to Control Libya Missiles? Buy Them Up

Convicted Lockerbie Bomber Protests Innocence in 'Last' Interview

Egyptian Military Adviser Calls Attack on Woman Justified

Military-Appointed Prime Minister Calls for Calm in Egypt

Egypt Islamists Want to Stick to Army Vote

Turkey Retaliates Over French 'Genocide' Bill


South Sudanese 'Press-Ganged' by Rebels in Khartoum

DR Congo Police 'Killed 24 Civilians' After Elections

Zimbabwe Rights Groups Forecast Upheavals in 2012


At Presidency's 11th Hour, Medvedev Proposes Systemic Change

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The Left's Antiwar Movement in Monterey: Down but Not Out

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