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Updated December 25, 2011 - 11:29 PM EST

Suicide Bomb Kills at Least 20 in Afghanistan

Nigeria Church Bombings Kill 27


Nigeria's Boko Haram Battles Army, 72 Dead

CIA Suspends Drone Missile Strikes in Pakistan
  US: 'Lack of Trust' in Pakistanis Fueled Helo Disaster
100,000 Surge in Moscow to Challenge Kremlin
  Gorbachev Urges Putin to Step Down After Protests
Anti-US Iraqi Shi'ite Cleric Floats 'Peace Code'
  11 Iraqis Killed as Maliki Promises to Stop Autonomy Bids
Assange May Face Espionage Charge in US
  Ellsberg: US Wants Deal for Manning to Implicate Assange
America to Speed Up European Drawdown
13 Killed Yemeni Govt Forces Attack Protesters
Islamists Consolidate Gains in 2nd Round of Egypt Elections
The Administration Is Swinging Wildly on Iran  by Justin Logan
Bradley Manning and the Fog of War  by Amy Goodman
The Media Consensus on Israel Is Collapsing  by Jordan Michael Smith
Soldiers Against War  by John V. Denson
Ron Paul, the Soldiers' Choice  by Timothy Egan
Secret Wars and the Rule of Law  by Tim Kelly

More Viewpoints

How the Feds Fueled the Militarization of Police
Not Just N. Korea, Political Dynasties Are All Over
Defense Cuts Hinge on '12 Election
Arlington: Mistakes May Affect 64,000 Graves
Pew Study: Female Vets More Critical Than Men of Iraq, Afghanistan Wars
Allegations Are Traded After Bombings in Syria
Arab League to Dispatch 50 Observers to Syria Monday
Funerals Held for Syrian Bombing Victims, as Opposition Grows Fearful of Massive Assault
Syrian City 'Under Siege' by Army

Syria Bombs: Mourners Pledge Support for Assad

UN Condemns Damascus Bombs, Expresses Grave Concern
Russia Backs Policy of Isolating Lebanon From Syria Crisis
Iran Begins 10-Day Naval Drill in International Waters Near Strategic Oil Route
Iran Starts Registering Candidates for March Parliamentary Elections; Reformists Stay Out
Daughter of Iran's Former President Rafsanjani Stands Trial for Criticizing Ruling System
11 Iraqis Killed as Maliki Promises to Stop Autonomy Bids
Iraq Arrests Four Security Officials Following Baghdad Bombings
Iraqi Prime Minister Promises Security After Deadly Attacks
Barzani Warns Against 'Most Dangerous Crisis' Facing Iraq Since 2003
Hamas: if We Join PLO, It's to Keep It True to Its Mission
Gaza Christians Long for Days Before Hamas Cancelled Christmas
Bethlehem's Shepherds a Dying Breed
Thousands Return to Egypt's Tahrir Square After Days of Street Battles
Bruised but Defiant: Mona Eltahawy on Her Assault by Egyptian Security Forces
Yemeni Troops Defy Deadline to Withdraw From Sanaa
Yemeni PM Calls for Formation of Global Fund to Prop Up Economy
US-Hezbollah War of Words Heats Up
Hamadeh: No Elections While Hezbollah Still Armed
Middle East
Bahrain to Drop Charges Against 343 Activists
Turkey Releases AFP Photographer, Arrests 31 People Accused of Kurdish Rebel Links
Weekend Reviews
Carol Ann Duffy's Moving Tale of World War Christmas Truce
Vietnam Ambush: A Cautionary Tale
Unbearable Lightness of Thomas Friedman
Zahra's Paradise
North Korea
Beyond the Propaganda, North Koreans Quietly Starving
North Korean Heir Called 'Supreme Leader'
North Korean Heir's Uncle Plays Key Role
North Korea Is a Tough Target for US Intelligence Agencies
NATO Helicopter Makes Forced Landing in Afghanistan After Taking Ground Fire
Afghanistan Injury Kills British Soldier
Six Killed in Pakistan Suicide Car Bombing
The Perils of Journalism in Pakistan: Living in Fear of Intelligence Agents
Kazakh Leader to Sack Potential Sucessor Over Riots
Violent Unrest Clouds Kazakhstan's Political Future
Ruling Party Official Shot Dead in Indian Kashmir: Police
Aung San Suu Kyi Registers Political Party
US Says It Finds 5,000 Missiles in Post-Gadhafi Libya
Libya Says Oil Industry Recovers
Libyan 'Heir to the Throne' Returns Home
Libya Independence: King Idris Anniversary Celebrated
Sudan Army Blames Darfur Rebel Group for Attack
Tunisia Assembly Approves New Government
Saudi Arabia Ends an Almost Decade-Old Aid Program to Bosnia
Bio-Weapon Alarm as Dutch Lab Creates Highly Contagious Killer Flu
US Regrets Cuba's Decision Not to Release Alan Gross
Colombian Crime Boss Turns Himself in - Along With 283 Members of His Militia
Falklands Sovereignty Is 'Non-Negotiable', Says PM
The War at Home
CIA Report: No Issue With Spy Agency's Partnership With NY Police
Ex-AIPAC Flack Loses Gig Over 'Anti-Semites' Remark
US Reports Progress on Bioweapons Control
Americans Still Dying
Oxnard (CA) Sergeant Killed in Afghan IED Attack
Soldier From Cedar Key (FL) Killed in Afghanistan
Family, Friends Remember US Army Specialist From Longview (WA)
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