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Updated December 29, 2011 - 11:28 PM EST
Obama Secretly Preparing for Syria Intervention
  Syria Releases 755 Detainees

Turkey Mistakenly Kills 35 Civilians in N. Iraq

Egypt Raids Offices of US-Backed, Other NGOs

Israel, US Discuss Excuses for Attacking Iran


US Warns Iran Not to Disrupt Oil Route

At a Glance, the Failure in Afghanistan
  After Criticism of Civilian Deaths, US Defunds Afghan 'Media Center'
Death Squads Target Pakistani Drone 'Informants'
Israel Rejects Palestinian Talks Offer
Allawi: Maliki Turning Iraq Into 'Sectarian Autocracy'
  Foreign Business in Iraq Quadrupled in 2011
Pentagon Propaganda Programmers Pardoned; Pro-War News at Eleven  by Jeff Huber
Trivializing War: Killing at a Distance With Drones  by César Chelala
America's Wrong Turn on Indefinite Detention of Terror Suspects  by Alia Malek
Would Ron Paul Have Stopped the Holocaust?  by Daniel McCarthy
The Bahrain Uprising in Numbers  by Rannie Amiri
2011: The Year in Civil Liberties  by John W. Whitehead

More Viewpoints

Mullah Omar Taken Off FBI's Most Wanted

Muslims Upset by NYPD to Boycott Mayor's Breakfast

Ron Paul Returns to Iowa, Questions US Military Presence Around the World

Military Still Struggling to Treat Troops With Brain Injuries

AP Sources: US to Sell F-15s to Saudi Arabia

Kirkuk's Red Crescent Director Injured in Blast
MeK Agrees to Move, Ending Standoff With Iraq Government

Weapons Sales to Iraq Move Ahead Despite US Worries

Nouri al-Maliki: A Shia Saddam?


Mom of Iran Detainee Questions Alleged Confession

Iran Unlikely to Block Oil Shipments Through Strait of Hormuz, Analysts Say
United States

Pentagon Trimming Ranks of Generals, Admirals

US Presidential Hopefuls Attack Ron Paul for Objection to Iran Nuclear Strike

Argentina Adopts Wide Definition of Terrorism

One of Most-Wanted US Traffickers Arrested at Mexico City's Airport


Russia Slams US for Its Human Rights Record

Left and Right Unite in Russia's Protests

Bosnia Government Formed After 14 Months


Kim Jong-Il State Funeral Held in North Korea

Australia Looking for a Few Good (US) Veterans


Syria Mission a Diplomatic Coup for Sudan

France Criticizes Arab League Observer Mission in Syria

Assad Accused of 'Hiding Tanks' to Appease Observers

Syrian Defectors Kill Four Soldiers, Says Opposition

Syrian Troops Kill Protesters Despite Monitors


Egypt's Mubarak Back in Court as Trial Resumes

Report: Egypt's Ex-Military General to Be Tried for Hitler Remarks

Military to Lend $1 Billion to Bolster Egypt's Currency

Middle East

'No Proof' Al-Qaeda Operating on Lebanon-Syria Border

Bahrain's Revolutionary Coffee Shop

Yemenis, on Strike, Demand That Their Managers Be Fired

Libya's New Government Offering Jobs to Former Rebels as First Step to Disarmament
Saudi Women to Run, Vote Without Male Approval... in 2015

Congress Frees $40 Million in Aid to Palestinians

Israel Okays 130 Homes in East Jerusalem

Palestinians Stake Claim at Hebron Holy Site

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