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Updated January 2, 2012 - 11:25 PM EST

Four Firebombs Target Muslims in Queens

Iraqi Sunnis Flee Mixed Neighborhoods
  Maliki Political Target Survives Roadside Bombing
Arab League Urged to Withdraw Monitors From Syria
Iran: Scientists Made Fuel Rod for Research Reactor
  Santorum: I'll Bomb Iran
Egypt Junta to Speed End of Parliament Elections
Ethiopia Captures Key Somali Town
Unaccountable Killing Machines: The True Cost of US Drones  by Joshua Foust
'Bugsplat': The Civilian Toll of War  by Robert C. Koehler
In West Bank, Israel's Rule Is That of the Jungle  Haaretz
Formalizing Tyranny  by Tim Kelly
Shukran, Israel  by Uri Avnery
Irresponsible Foreign Policy: The Republican Establishment, Not Ron Paul  by Doug Bandow

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French Defense Minister Backs Taliban Talks

Fighter Jets Scrambled in Calif. to Intercept Plane That Lost Contact With Traffic Controllers

Is Huntsville Becoming a 'Pentagon of the South'?

Profane White House Emails to Media Critics Spawn Formal Complaints

Defender of Orphans Contends With Afghan Corruption

Afghan Family Accused of Torturing Daughter-In-Law

Bomb Kills 1 Anti-Taliban Militiaman in Pakistan

Pakistan, India Exchange Nuclear, Prisoners Data


Iraq Shi'ite Militia Offshoot Backed by Iran: Sadr

Maliki Marks End of Agreement With US Via Upbeat Messages

Feeling Marginalized, Some Iraq Sunnis Eye Autonomy

Iraqi Civilian Deaths in December Lowest Level in 2011


Iran 'Test-Fires Medium-Range Missile' in Gulf

Iran Says Produces First Nuclear Fuel Rod for Tehran Research Reactor

Echoes of Biafra as Ethnic Angst Boils in Nigeria

'Govt' Forces Seize Key Town in Central Somalia, Residents Flee

Bashir Urges Darfur Rebels Seek Peace After Leader Killed

Report: Fighters Attack South Sudan Town Despite Presence of UN Peacekeepers

North Korea Calls for Human Shields to Protect New Leader

China's Hu Lauds Military Promotion for Young Kim

North Korea Promises Prosperity, Demands Loyalty to New Leader in Editorial

Brother Says Missing China Rights Lawyer Held in Remote Prison

Japan Developing Cyber Weapon: Report


Mexico Says Arrests Weapons Chief for Drug Cartel

Egyptian Officials Defend Storming of Civil Society Groups

Egypt's Army Hastens End of Parliamentary Election

Divisions Emerge Between Islamists in Egypt


Syrian Opposition Factions Broker Shaky Agreement

Syrians Demonstrate for 'Year of Freedom' Amid Opposition Split

Arab League Urged to Withdraw Syria Monitors Over Violence

Syrian Opposition Group: More Than 5,800 Died in 2011

Hezbollah Reiterates Support for Syria


Palestinians and Israelis Will Talk This Week

Israel Plans Jordan Border Fence to Stop Migrants

Israel, Palestinian Envoys to Hold Talks in Jordan on Tuesday

Holocaust Survivors Outraged at Ultra-Orthodox Jewish Use of Nazi Imagery at Jerusalem Protest

Gaza's Hamas Leader Meets With Turkey PM Erdogan


Militants Create Haven in Southern Yemen

Pro-Saleh Troops Fire Shells on Yemeni Capital

Yemenis Rally, Demand President Face Trial

Middle East

Libyan Militia Captures Gadhafi Loyalists Over 'Bomb Plot'

Saudi Arabia, Libya Agree to Exchange Ambassadors

Tunisia Says 4 Guards Kidnapped at Libya Border

Moderate Islamist Party Pulls Out of Algerian Government Coalition Ahead of April Election
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