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Updated January 10, 2012 - 11:21 PM EST

US Likely to Resume Drone Strikes in Pakistan

  35 Die as Blast Hits Pakistan Bus Terminal
  Pakistani PM: Army Responses to 'Memogate' Illegal
  Musharraf to Return to Pakistan, Be Arrested?
Turkish PM Presses for Intervention in Syria
  Syria's Assad Threatens 'Iron Hand' Against Uprising
  Report: 500 Syrian Army Defectors in Northern Lebanon
Afghan Govt Wants Total Cease-Fire Before Talks
Iran's 'CIA Agent' Convicted, Sentenced to Death

Iraq: Sectarian Attacks Leave 28 Dead

UN: No Evidence of South Sudan Massacre
Yemen Govt. Approves Amnesty Deal for Saleh
US Laundered Cash, Shipped Drugs for Cartels
Despite Claims of Reform, Bahrain Squashes Dissent
Libya Hosts Genocidal Sudanese President for Visit
Israeli Cabinet Pushes Bill to Ban Using 'Nazi' in Protests
The Evil of Indefinite Detention and Those Wanting to De-Prioritize It  by Glenn Greenwald
Obama's New Military Strategy Doesn't Add Up  by Miriam Pemberton
Obama's Real Israel Problem – and It Isn't Bibi  by Phyllis Bennis
My Guantanamo Nightmare  by Lakhdar Boumediene
Empire Still: Obama's Misguided Pentagon Strategy  by Matthew Rothschild
US Economic War Against Iran Will Backfire  by Pepe Escobar

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Opening Statements Set in Iraq War Crime Trial

Mitt Romney, 19, Demonstrated in Favor of Vietnam War Draft

More FBI Hijinks: Kosovo Muslim Man Charged in Attempted FL Car Bombing

Ahmadinejad, Chavez Mock US, Joke About Nukes Being Under Grassy Knoll


Afghan 'Soldier' Kills NATO Serviceman in Zabul

Afghan Forces Under Threat in Helmand

Afghan Government: Cease-Fire Before Taliban Talks

Electricity Only Reaches One in Three Afghans

Official: Beheaded Bodies of 10 Pakistani Soldiers Found

Pakistanis Blow Up NATO Oil Tanker


Iraq's PM Maliki: Democrat or Autocrat?

Al-Qaeda-Linked Group Asserts Responsibility for 37 Baghdad Attacks

US Air Force Now Needs Permission to Fly in Iraqi Airspace

Drama Lighting Up Iraqi Lives


Beijing Rejects Sanctions on Iranian Oil

Claims: China Plans Military Base in Pakistan

Tibet Monk Dies in China After Self-Immolating

China Nudges North and South Korea to Reach Out

Myanmar Opposition Leader Aung San Suu Kyi Confirms She Will Run for Parliament
United States

The Enduring Scandal at Guantánamo

Lawsuit Seeks Release of Gitmo Detainee Video

Ohio Charity Accused by US of Hamas Ties Disbands

Plea Talks Afoot in NYC Pipe-Bomb Terror Case

About 100 Soldiers Restricted to Washington Base for Theft Probe

Feds: Chicago Homeland Security Project a Disaster

Middle East

Amnesty: Repression to Continue in Face of 'Resilient' Arab Spring

Mubarak-Era Figures Recycle Careers in Rural Egypt

Egyptian Islamist Party Backs Down From Demand to Form Government

Arab Monitors 'Buy Time' for Assad: Syria Opposition

Tunisia's Islamist Party Slams Anti-Semitic Chants Disquieting Local Jews

UN Chief Not Welcome in Lebanon: Hezbollah

Big Trouble in Istanbul's Little Kurdistan

Clashes Between PKK and Turkish Forces Reported

Hamas Leader Warns PA Against Pursuing Peace With Israel Instead of Palestinian Unity

Israel to Increase Defense Budget by $700m

Israeli MP Rapped for Threatening to Beat Up Arab MP Over Gaza Flotilla

Nigeria Fuel Strike Brings Country to a Halt

Police: Sect Kills Nigeria Secret Police Officer

Attacks Are an Attempt to Break Up Nigeria: Archbishop

Former US Soldier Craig Baxam 'Helped Al-Shabab'

Guinea Bissau President Dies in France


Chechnya Rebel Clash With Russian Troops 'Kills Seven'

Bosnia Feud Threatens End to Shared Balkan Heritage

Moscow Rally Shows Leftist Strategy Against Putin


Mexico Bodies May Be Drug Gang Victims: Police

Housing Market Blooms in Cuban Provinces

US Inspectors Okay Oil Rig Bound for Cuban Waters

Chile Invokes Pinochet-Era Terror Law as Blazes Turn Deadly

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