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Updated January 16, 2012 - 10:44 PM EST
Iran Threatens Israel, US Over Scientist Killing
  Israel, US Postpone Massive Drill 'To Avoid Escalation With Iran'
  Britain Won't Rule Out Attacking Iran
  Netanyahu Deputy 'Disappointed' With Obama on Iran
Qatari Emir Pushes for Attack on Syria
  26 Reported Killed in Syria as Assad Declares Amnesty
US Reports Killing Hakimullah Mehsud for 8th Time
  18 Shi'ites Killed, 50 Wounded in Pakistan Procession Blast
  Pakistan Court Battle Looms: Advisers Push for Early Elections
Perry: Urinating on Dead Afghans Not a Crime
  US Army Report Disputes Claims of Afghan Troops Helping
Al-Qaeda Captures Yemeni Town of Radda
Bush Torture and Rendition Cases Shift to Europe
23 Killed in Attacks on Iraqi Police Forces
Down Goes ElBaradei: Egypt's Presidential Plot Thickens
Beyond Vietnam: A Time to Break Silence  by Martin Luther King Jr.
Is Neoconservatism Now Outside Republican Mainstream?  by Leon Hadar
Guantanamo at 10: The Prisoner and the Prosecutor  by Amy Goodman
Drone Disasters  by Nick Turse & Tom Engelhardt
The 'Invented People' Stand Little Chance  by Robert Fisk
For American Candidates, China Is an Easy Target  by Ted Galen Carpenter

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Kenyan Jets Bomb Somali Al-Shabaab Base, Killing 14
US Troops Need Better Training on Laws of War, Experts Say
AP Opens Full News Bureau in North Korea
TSA Air Marshal Arrested in Mugging of Boston Occupier
Scientists: UN Soldiers Brought Deadly Superbug to Americas
Iran Warns of Consequences if Arabs Back Oil Sanctions
US Military Chief to Israel as Iran Tension Grows
Ahmadinejad Aide Convicted Over Slur on Iran Leader
UK: Europe Will Adopt Sanctions on Iranian Oil
Santorum: US Wrong to Condemn Iran Scientist Death
Monitors Cheered in Besieged Syria Town
No Plan to Send Arab Troops to Syria: League Source
UN's Ban Tells Assad 'Repression Is Dead End'
Pakistan PM: I Answer to No One
Govt. Itself a Problem for Country: Imran
Hekmatyar Says Ready for 'Meaningful Talks'
Afghan War Reflects Changes in Air War
Soldier Faces Hearing at Afghan Base Over Suicide
Clinton Says US Will Reward More Myanmar Reforms
Taiwan Election Seen Unlikely to Trigger Efforts to Reunify With China
Kazakhstan Voters Go to the Polls
Kosovo Police Clash With Protesters at Serbia Border
Spain: 3 ETA Suspects Arrested in France
Crash and Burn Time for Spain's Crusading Judge?
Mexico 2012 Vote Vulnerable to Narco Threat
The Mexico Drug War: Bodies for Billions
Venezuela: Consulate Officials in US Threatened
23 Killed in Attacks on Iraqi Police Forces
Former Iraqi PM: 'Iraq Is Neither Stable nor Democratic'
Baghdad Gets Tough on US Contractors
Iraq Court: Sunni VP Must Stand Trial in Baghdad
Nineveh Police Commander Escaped Assassination Attempt
Iraqi Blocs' Meeting Called for National Unity, Nothing Solved: Jaffari
Bahrain King Promises to Expand Parliament Powers
Bahrain Shia Leader Snubs Vague Reforms
UN Chief Urges End to Israeli Occupation
Palestinian Leader Says Israel Has Stripped Him of VIP Status, Israel Cites Technical Glitch
Middle East
Norway Says 34-Year-Old Norwegian UN Worker Kidnapped in Yemen
UN Chief Urges End to Israeli Occupation
Lebanon Combatants to Receive War Decoration
Slow Start for Libya Drive to Disband Militias

Top Egyptian General to Visit Libyan Leaders

Sudan Has Started 'Confiscating' Southern Oil
Sudan: Air Forces Reportedly Kill Civilians in South Kordofan

Kenyan Islamic Group Announces Alliance With Al-Shabab in Climate of Nairobi Terror Warnings

Somali Famine 'Will Kill Tens of Thousands'
Fear of Civil War Grips Nigeria: Analyst
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