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Updated January 23, 2012 - 11:21 PM EST

Gadhafi Loyalists 'Retake' Town of Bani Walid

  NTC in Crisis as Protests Break Out in Benghazi

Sen. Rand Paul Detained by TSA

Human Rights Watch: Iraq Becoming 'Police State'
  With US Troops Barely Gone, Iraq's Government Is Coming Apart
US Confirms Meeting With Haqqani Network
  Officials: French Troops Killed Over US Marines Urine Video
Egypt's New Parliament Holds 1st Session Monday
  Understanding Egypt: The Difference Between 'Islamist' Factions
Pakistan Secretly Helping US Drone Campaign
Arab League Asks Assad to Transfer Power to Deputy
US Aircraft Carrier Sails Through Strait of Hormuz
Officials: US Kills British Militant in Somalia Drone Strike
Creeping Authoritarianism on Capitol Hill  by John Knefel
All That Is Necessary for Evil to Triumph  by Marc Guttman
Shedding Light on North Carolina's 'Rendition' Connection  by Deborah Weissman and Robin Kirk
CAP, 'Israel-Firsters,' and Iran  by Daniel Luban
The Myth of Defense Cuts  by Lee Wrights
Israel Needs Blockbusters  by Uri Avnery

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Consumer Group: Hollywood Threatening Politicians on SOPA
DHS Funding Drones for Domestic Surveillance
Major European Pullout Could Start in October
Weapons Testers Fault Key Pentagon Systems
Kano Attack: Nigeria Bombing Toll 'Sure to Rise'
Bahrain Spirals Into Escalating Violence
ISAF Pullout From Afghanistan Likely to Be Put Off: German MoD
Former Taliban Officials Find New Role
Six Marines Killed in Afghanistan Crash Identified
Pakistan High Court Widens Role and Stirs Fears
Pakistan PM: Coup Memo 'No Danger'
In bin Laden Town, Father Mourns Another Militant
Military: Filipino Rebels Kill 100 Troops in 2011
Maldives Asks UN Help to Resolve 'Judicial Crisis'
Film Gives Myanmar's Political Prisoners a Voice
With Parliament Opening, Egypt's Brotherhood Strikes a Cautious Tone Over Islamic Agenda
Signs of Accord Between Egyptian Military and Muslim Brotherhood on New Charter
Salafists to Take a Quarter of Egypt's Lower House
Mubarak Still Egypt President, Says Defense Lawyer
Heavy Fighting in Somali Capital Kills 9
Al-Shabab Abducts 200 Teenagers in Southern Somalia Town
South Sudan to Halt Oil Production in Row With Khartoum
Sudan to Give UN Only Limited Access in Border States
Croats Say Yes to EU Membership
13 Killed, 8 at Funeral, in Violent Mexico State
Saudi Arabia Calls for Military Intervention in Syria
Arab League Asks Syria's Assad to Delegate Power to Deputy
Arab League Extends Syria Mission a Month

Saudis Pull Out of Arab League Mission

In Cradle of Syrian Revolt, Army Is Now in Charge
2 US Senators Seek Sanctions on Syria
Human Rights Watch Accuses Israel of Violating Rights
Likud Activists: Boycott Netanyahu
Palestinians Urge Israel to Free Jailed Lawmakers
10 Percent of Israeli Academics Labeled 'Anti-Zionist' by Campus Watchdogs
Jerusalem Mufti Faces Harsh Israeli Criticism for Incitement Against Jews
HRW Warns of Iraqi Police State; 10 Killed in Attacks
Iraq Intensifying Crackdown on Free Speech, Protests
750 MeK Members in Iraq Ready to Return to Iran
Iraq Bans Visits to Saddam Hussein's Grave
Yemen's Saleh Leaves for US, Opponents Protest
Report: Seven Militants, One Soldier Killed in Yemen Clashes
Middle East
Iran's Gulf Smugglers Feel Blowback From Tensions
Human Rights Watch Urges the West to Back Peaceful Protests and End the 'Arab Exception'
Kurds in Paris Protest the Suspension of TV Channel Found Guilty of PKK Ties
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