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Updated January 26, 2012 - 11:25 PM EST
Afghan Army Preps for Its Own Night Raids

US Probe of Border Attack Hardened Pakistani Suspicions 

Clashes, Torture Rise in 'Disillusioned' Libya
  Libya's NTC Recognizes 'Tribal Council' as Government of Bani Walid

Abbas Confirms: Israel Peace Talks Over

  'Anonymous Palestine' Attacks Israeli Websites
Report: 62 Killed as AL Pushes Syria Plan at UN
Nine Killed in US Commando Raid on Somalia
US Pushes to Expel Syria From Rights Panel
$513 Billion DoD Budget Won't Budge
31 Iraqis Killed in New Attacks
Saudi Official Calls for Nuclear Weapons-Free Zone in Mideast
No Muss, No Fuss, No More Habeas Corpus  by Dave Trotter
US, Israel Agree: Iran Not Building Nukes  by Ray McGovern
We've Been Here Before – and It Suits Israel That We Never Forget 'Nuclear Iran'  by Robert Fisk
Is a Nuclear Iran Really to Be Feared?  by William Pfaff
Give Okinawa Back to the Okinawans  by Doug Bandow
The Flawed Logic of Striking Iran  by Alexandre Debs and Nuno P. Monteiro

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After OWS, US Drops to 47 in Press Freedom Rankings

Texas Cancels Its Drone Program for Maintenance Issues

Mitt and Newt Play Admiral, Get Lost at Sea

Newt Pledges Moon Base by Second Term

Report: Jonathan 'Jack' Idema Dies in Mexico


UN's New Afghan Envoy Heartened by Talk of Peace


General Motors Takes Sales Crown... in Iraq?

Convicted Marine 'Apologizes' to Iraqi Civilians

Iraqi Politics

Palestinian Leader Barghouti Demands 1967 Borders

Palestinians: Israeli Arrests of MPs 'Sabotage' Talks

Palestinian Electoral Body Starts Work in Gaza

Lebanese Ex-General Gets 2 Years as Spy for Israel

Israeli Police: Extremist Jews Attack Woman


IMF: Halt in Iran Oil Could Push Crude Up 30 Percent

Iran's Ahmadinejad Ups Rates to Stem Money Crisis

Even Without Hormuz Blockade, Iran Has Options

Iran Summons Danish Ambassador Over EU Oil Embargo

Iranian Lawmakers to Take Up Bill Banning Oil Sales to Europe in Retaliation for Embargo

Iran Steps Up Arrests of Journalists and Bloggers

Philippines May Allow Greater US Military Presence in Reaction to China's Rise

Military Coup Reported in Papua New Guinea

Kyrgyzstan Prison Protest: Inmates Sew Lips Together

Clashes Between Tibetans, Gov't Spread in China

South Korea Staging Live-Fire Drills From Front-Line Island Shelled by North Korea

Red Crescent Official Shot Dead in Syria

Light Arms Smuggling From Iraq to Syria Is Flourishing

Camp for Syrian Refugees Opened in Iraq

Kerry: Syria 'Pretty Close' to Civil War

Russia to Keep Blocking UN Sanctions on Syria

Family: Syria Releases American Student

Middle East

Bahrain Police Clash With Shi'ite Protesters

Clashes in South Yemen Kill 6 Al-Qaeda

Yemen's Secessionists Emboldened by Turmoil

Workers Unearth Suspected Mass Grave in Southeast Turkey

Did Egypt Protesters Die in Vain?

Rifts on Show a Year After Egypt's Uprising


25 Dead After Congo Warlord Returns to Southeast


Bosnian Police Raid Conservative Muslim Village


5 Police Shot Dead in Town Outside Mexico City

Women Journalists Terrorized, Peasant Spokesman Gunned Down in Honduras

Colombian Rebels to Free 6 Hostages, Urging Swaps

United States

Pentagon to Cut Air Force Drone Program

Sundance Documentary Examines Rape in US Military

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What Is War Good For?

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Was Elliott Abrams Hitler's Senior Advisor?

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