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Updated February 4, 2012 - 11:18 PM EST
Feds: Interest in Privacy a Terrorism 'Indicator'
US Frets Israeli Attack on Iran
  Western Diplomats Slam Iran Over Latest UN Visit
  Israel Warns US Jews: Iran Could Strike Here
  Lawmakers, 'Experts' Spin Tales of Iranian Terror in Latin America
Syria Resolution Vetoed as 'Massacre' Reported
  Syria's Civil War Could Be a Long One
Sticker Shock: NATO May Shrink Afghan Military
  Officials Reveal Mullah Omar's 'Dear Obama' Letter
  Early End to US Afghan Combat Role Draws Cheers, Jeers, Confusion
Army Orders Court-Martial of Bradley Manning
  Anonymous Says It Will Leak Giant Cache of Iraq War E-Mails
US Spy Drone Crashes in Somali Refugee Camp
Shoot-Out at South Sudan Peace Talks; 37 Killed
Kuwait's Islamists Stomp Ruling Party in Parliamentary Vote
Leon Panetta's Explicitly Authoritarian Decree  by Glenn Greenwald
Obama's Drift Toward War With Iran  by David Bromwich
5 Wars That America Must End for Peace and Freedom to Prevail  by Eric Blair
Our Slow-Motion Exit From Afghanistan  by Stephen M. Walt
Embracing Threatlessness  by John Mueller
US Plans for Perpetual War  by Renee Parsons

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Group Urges End to Tactical Nukes in Europe
'Anonymous' Hackers Intercept Conversation Between FBI, Scotland Yard
Anonymous Hacks Lawyers for Marine Accused of Iraq Massacre
Pentagon Official Refuses to Extend Deadline for Sept. 11 Trial at Guantanamo
Congress Protests Obama on Bahrain Arms Sale
Afghan Soldier Forged Papers, Deserted Army Before Killing French Troops
Taliban Eat Into Afghanistan's Core
Justice Dept About to Close Probes of 2 Detainees
Pakistani Taliban Kill 7 Soldiers, Abduct 4
Four Killed in Peshawar Explosion
Philippines Unsure if Top Rebel Leader Dead
No Ransom Demand Yet for 2 Europeans
Nepal Maoists Start Leaving Camps to Enter Civilian Life
In Myanmar, Karen Rebels Deny Signing a Cease-Fire
China Gets Restive Taste of Post-Dalai Lama Era
Life Term for Cambodia Khmer Rouge Jailer Duch
Libyan Diplomat Was Tortured, Died in Detention, Rights Group Says
Libya Enjoys Political Flowering Ahead of Elections
Sudan's Bashir Says Tensions With South Could Lead to War
Sudan Bombs US-Funded Bible School, US Condemns
UN Says Cattle Raiding Behind South Sudan Massacre
Famine Conditions in Somalia Have Ended, UN Says
Uganda: The Shrinking Space for Freedom of Speech
Spain Says US to Help in Nuclear Bomb Clean-Up
Litvinenko's Father Apologizes for Accusing Russia
Weekend Reviews
Christian Jihad
Afghan Boomerang
The Palestine Nakba: Decolonizing History
Beyond Tribal Loyalties – Personal Stories of Jewish Peace Activists
UN Council to Vote on Syria Resolution Saturday
Under Syria Plan, Assad Loyalist Would Likely Lead Transition
Russia Opposes Libya Scenario in Syria
Syrian Security Forces Tortured Children, Rights Group Says
Relentless Toll of Wounded in Syria Uprising Floods Hospitals, Secret Clinics, Across Border
In Lebanon, a Refuge for Syria's Wounded
Officials Discuss Israel-Iran Showdown
Iran's Leader: War Would Be Detrimental to US
Ayatollah Ali Khamenei Threatens Retaliation Against Attack
Iran Accused of Intimidating BBC Persian Staff
Iraq's Political Parties Look for Compromises
20 Wanted Arrested in Basra
As Clashes Continue, Egypt Soccer Riot Becomes Metaphor for Government Failure
US Tourists Seized in Egypt's Sinai Peninsula Freed
Egyptian Activist Wael Ghonim's Quest for Peace
Middle East
Palestinian Aids Israeli Soldier Left Behind in Raid
Jordan Detains Former Lawmaker Over Incitement Against Monarchy
Official: Mexican Army Sends More Troops to West
Mexico's Former Ruling Party Accuses Government of Leaking Accusation of Drug-Cartel Links
2 Chileans Held in Peru: Innocents or Spies?
The War at Home
NYPD Document: Check Shi'ite Mosques for 'Iranian Terrorists'
More Cities Consider Parades for Iraq War Vets
Lawmakers Press for Answers on Hazing in Military
Combat Troop Ailments Drive Medical Backlog
Uzbek Refugee Denies Helping Terror Group
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