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Updated February 5, 2012 - 11:28 PM EST
Syrian Reports: Dozens Die as Homs Bombarded
  Syria Resolution Vetoed as 'Massacre' Reported
CIA Targeting Rescuers and Funerals in Pakistan
Israeli Attack Leak Undercuts Warning to Netanyahu
  US Frets Israeli Attack on Iran
  Santorum: Iran Would Nuke America
  Antiwar Activists Across the Country Protest War Against Iran
Afghan Civilian Deaths Up for Fifth Straight Year
  US Plans a Shift to Elite Forces in Afghanistan
  US Military Drops 'Kill Team' Charges Against Soldier
120,000 Anti-Putin Protesters March in Moscow
India Tells Britain: We Don't Want Your Aid
Europe Reassured of US Hegemony, Military Welfare
Businessman Busted After He Texts He's Going to 'Blow Away' Competition
Leon Panetta's Explicitly Authoritarian Decree  by Glenn Greenwald
Obama's Drift Toward War With Iran  by David Bromwich
5 Wars That America Must End for Peace and Freedom to Prevail  by Eric Blair
Our Slow-Motion Exit From Afghanistan  by Stephen M. Walt
Embracing Threatlessness  by John Mueller
US Plans for Perpetual War  by Renee Parsons

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Air Force, Firms Seek Drone Flights in Civil Air Space
TSA Trains Super Bowl Vendors to Spot Threats
Resurgent Party Clouds Future of Mexico's Drug War
Israeli Officials Abroad on Alert Due to 'Terror Threat'
Israel Warns US Jews: Iran Could Strike Here
Army Hunts New Targets: Manatees, Sea Turtles
Russia: Still 2 Big Problems With Syria Resolution
Turkey Could Offer Assad Sanctuary if He Decides to Leave Syria
Text of Vetoed UN Security Council Resolution on Syria
Obama: UN Must Take Stand Against Assad's 'Relentless Brutality'
Video: 'Gunfire and Explosions' in Homs, Syria
British Riot Police Use Batons to Hold Back Anti-Syria Protesters Who Earlier Stormed Embassy
Protesters Storm 5 of Syria's Embassies
Ottawa: Police Investigate Vandalism of Syrian Embassy
Tunisia Expels Syrian Ambassador Over 'Bloody Massacre'
Iran Says Oil Ban Will Not Halt Nuclear Work
German FM: No Military Action Against Iran
Iranian Warships Dock at Saudi Port
Iran Begins New Military Exercises in South
Karachi: Two Policemen Shot Dead in Targeted Attack
Four Killed in Sher Shah Firing
Identity of al-Qaeda Militant Killed in Kurram Revealed
Congressmen Seeks US Citizenship for bin Laden Informant
NATO Allies Worry About Afghan Exit
Taliban Deny Their Leader Sent Letter to Obama
Afghan Villagers Told: Volunteer ... or Else
US Army: Brigadier General Has Died in Afghanistan
Two 'Terrorists' Killed in Kashmir
Kashmir Solidarity Day to Be Observed in Befitting Manner
China Cuts Off Internet in Area of Tibetan Unrest
Report Says 3 Set Themselves on Fire in China
Merkel Unhappy China Blocked Lawyer From Meeting
Australian Passengers Face Body Scans Before Flights
Trial of Judge Baltasar Garzón Splits a Spain Still Suffering Civil War Wounds
Weekend Reviews
Christian Jihad
Afghan Boomerang
The Palestine Nakba: Decolonizing History
Beyond Tribal Loyalties – Personal Stories of Jewish Peace Activists
Egyptian Football Protests: Death Toll Reaches 11
Egyptian Police Incited Massacre at Stadium, Say Angry Footballers
Was Football Riot Orchestrated to Inflame Egypt?
Egypt Clashes Ease but Protesters Determined to Fight On
Clinton Tells Egyptian Foreign Minister That US Aid Threatened by NGO Dispute
Calif. Women Kidnapped in Egypt Say Captors Were Polite, Served Tea and Snacks
Blast Hits Gas Pipeline Between Egypt, Jordan, Israel
Militants Attack Yemen Army Base in South
Two Killed in Yemen Violence Over Presidential Polls
Middle East
Iraqi Town Asks for Help in Removing Landmines
Jersalem and Berlin Sign Contract for Sixth Submarine
Bahrainis Hold Independent Dialogue Over Political Crisis
New UN Special Coordinator Arrives in Lebanon
Sudan Denies Targeting Civilians in Southern Province, After US-Built School Reported Bombed
Sudan Rebels 'Seeking Way' to Hand Over Abducted Chinese
30 Years Later, Argentines Still Want 'Their' Islands Back From Britain, but Won't Risk War
Nuclear Sub on Falklands Patrol... as the Flames of Fury Continue in Argentina
Argentines Seek Peaceful Resolution in Falklands
5 Norteno Band Members, 4 Others Killed in Mexico Dance Hall Shooting
Police Bust Arizona-Mexico Drug Ring, Arrest 12
'Sinaloa Cartel Enforcer' Marrufo Arrested in Mexico
Cuban Protesters Say Police Manhandled Them
Chavez Celebrates Anniversary of 1992 Coup Attempt Saying 'Chavistas; Now Dominate Military
Americans Still Dying
Seattle (WA) Marine Killed by Afghan IED Just Weeks Before Returning Home
Memorial Held for Interlachen (FL) Marine Killed in Helicopter Crash
Wilder (ID) Marine Killed in Afghanistan Found Joy in Helping Others
Willis (TX) Honors Marine Who Died in Helicopter Crash
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