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Updated February 6, 2012 - 11:23 PM EST
Obama Vows 'Lockstep' Support for Israel
  Israel-Iran War Would Quickly Spread
  Anti-Iran Sanctions Punishing Iranian Civilians
  Experts: Israel's 'Secret' Anti-Iran Weapons Overblown
US Closes Syria Embassy, Pulls All Staff
  Reports: Dozens Die as Syria Forces Bombard Homs
Colonel Challenges Pentagon's Afghan Reports
  'Misunderstanding': US Soldier Kills Afghan Ally in Base Shooting
CIA Targeting Rescuers and Funerals in Pakistan
Egypt Charges NGO Workers, Including 19 Americans
Truth, Lies, and Afghanistan  by Lt. Col. Daniel L. Davis
The Return of Cheney's 1% Doctrine  by Robert Parry
An Attack on Iran Must Be Stopped  by Andrew Murray
AIPAC Obtained Missile Secrets  by Grant Smith
Offshore Everywhere  by Tom Engelhardt
Bombing Iran Is Not the Answer  by Amitabh Pal

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the World

by John Stossel
US Marine Expeditionary Unit Possible in Australia
US, Japan Agree to Partial Marine Transfer From Okinawa: Media
Gadhafi's Arms Reinvigorate Insurgent Army in Mali
Cairo's Undercover Strongman
In Israel, Talk of War Transcends Idle Chatter
Kuwait PM Resigns After Opposition Election Surge
Hillary Clinton Calls UN Veto 'Travesty'
Syrian Deserters Destroy Army Post: Rights Group
In Birthplace of Syria's Uprising, a Fragile Military Control
China Defends Syria Veto, Doubts West's Intentions
Chief Army Defector Promises Fight to Free Syria
Opposition Group Calls for Strike as Syrian Violence Grows
Hague Attacks China and Russia Over UN Syria Veto
Iraq Central Bank Moves to Identify Dollar Buyers From Syria and Iran
Final Member of Damascus-Based Hamas Politburo Leaves Syria
Protesters Clash With Police in Cairo as Anger Mounts
Walls Prove No Barrier to Clashes on Streets of Cairo
Egypt RM: Can't Influence Democracy Groups Probe
Abbas 'Proposed as PM' in Interim Unity Government
Palestinians: Home Sprayed With 'Death to Arabs'
HRW Calls for Palestinian Residency Rights
Israeli Premier to Visit US to Address AIPAC
The Finest Photographs of Early 20th Century Palestine, Shuttered in Controversy
Yemen Shi'ite Rebels Call to Form a Caretaker Govt., Announcing Boycotting Presidential Election
NYC Protest Gets Heated When Yemen Leader Is Seen
Falklands Moves 'Entirely Routine,' Says William Hague
Opposition Angered as Chavez Celebrates Coup
Feinstein Offers Peek at US-Israeli Talks on Iran
Iran Vows to Attack Any Country Used to Strike Its Soil
Iran Raid Likely to Drag in US and Hurt Global Economy
Diplomat: Israeli Attack on Iran Will Prompt Pakistani Response
German FM: Europe Determined to Prevent Nuclear-Armed Iran; Warns Against Military Action
Arab, Turkish Officials Urge Dialogue With Iran
Sri Lanka May Drop Dollar to Meet Iran Oil Sanctions
Iran to Start Early Production at Joint Oilfield With Iraq
Turkey: Attack on Iran 'Would Be Disaster,' Must Talk
Record Cargo Delivered to Afghanistan in 2011
Taliban Responsible for 77% of Civilian Casualties in Afghanistan, UN Says
Filipino Villagers Helped Kill Terror Leader
UN Envoy Says Myanmar May Allow Election Observers
First Trial of Gadhafi Loyalists Held
Saif Gadhafi Could Be Tried Within Weeks, Official Says
Nigeria Oil Line on Fire; Militants Claim Attack
JTF Expresses Concern Over Threat by MEND to Attack Agip
Morocco King Pardons Jailed Islamist Leaders
Morocco Arrests 3 Accused of Plotting Attacks
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