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Updated February 10, 2012 - 11:22 PM EST
Israel Works With MEK to Kill Iranian Scientists
  Harsher IAEA Report on Iran Expected Next Month
Syria: Reports of Deaths, Calls for Intervention Grow
  Blasts Hit Security HQs in Syrian City Aleppo, Kill 28, Wound 235
US Restarts Drone War in Pakistan
  NATO War Supplies Continue Route Through Pakistani Airspace
8 Afghan Children Killed in NATO Airstrike
US Still Can't Find Missing Libyan Missiles
Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood: Let Us Form Govt
Amputations Soared Among US Troops in 2011
US Seeks More Military Access in Philippines
US Urges 'Restraint' in Bahrain After Sending Arms
Homegrown US 'Terror Plots' Drop, But Nation Still 'On Edge'
Plans Show the Difficulties of an Iran Strike  by Walter Pincus
Silent State: The Campaign Against Whistleblowers  by Peter Van Buren & Tom Engelhardt
If You Have to Ask Why, the Answer is Usually 'Money'  by Thomas Knapp
Repulsive Progressive Hypocrisy  by Glenn Greenwald
Détente With Iran  by Michael S. Rozeff
Afghanistan and the Guantánamo Roach Motel  by Paul R. Pillar

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GOP Report Questions Gitmo Detainee Releases
State Department Warns of Travel to Mexico
Sen. Wyden Seeks Opinion Used in Al-Awlaki Killing
Ten Years Later, CIA 'Rendition' Program Still Divides NC Town
FBI Releases File on Apple's Steve Jobs
UK Defense Spending Cuts Risk Military Skills, Warns Whitehall Watchdog
Karzai Condemns NATO Airstrike That Killed Eight Afghan Children
Afghan President Postpones Handover of US Prison
Afghanistan's Winter War
Prince Harry in Afghanistan: Use Royal Role to Help People Not Kill Say Taliban
Pakistan FM: Drone Attacks Breed Militancy
Pakistan Supreme Court to PM: Follow Law and Contempt Charges Would Be Dropped
China Confirms Its Official Stayed One Day at US Consulate
China Notes Rifts With US on Global Issues Ahead of Xi Jinping Visit
China Sacks Four Officials in Tibet Over 'Stability'
Another Tibetan Sets Himself on Fire in China
Maldives Ex-President Says 'Will Be in Jail Tomorrow'
Terror Trial of Accused Bali Bomber Starts Monday
Sen. Paul Introduces Amendment to Halt Aid to Egypt
Tribesman Kidnap 18 Egyptian Border Guards
Islamists in Egypt Halt Filming of TV Series
Somalia's Al-Shabab Joins al-Qaeda, Leader Says
Police Shooting Starts Panic in Southern Nigeria
Gorbachev: Putin Has 'Exhausted' His Potential
UK: Nine Jailed Over Terror Bomb Plot
Spain's Judge Baltasar Garzon Convicted for Wiretapping
US Military
US Marines Snipers Go Unpunished After Posing With Flag Bearing Nazi Symbol in Afghanistan
Sources: Pentagon Rules Shift on Women in Combat
New Plan to Cut the Fat of the Military
Marine Sergeant Not Guilty in Hazing Case
India Explores Economic Opportunities in Iran, Denting Western Sanctions Plan
Israeli FM: All Options on Table in Iran
Sarkozy Advises Against Military Strike on Iran
Iran's UN Envoy: I Don't Think Israel Will Attack
Iran Begins Blocking Access to Gmail, Other Sites
Iran Increasingly Controls Its Internet
Israeli Fans: Postpone Attack on Iran Until After Madonna Concert
Iran Turns to Barter for Food as Sanctions Cripple Imports
Iran Turns to India for Wheat as Palm Oil Dries Up
Report: Iran Adds 2 Submarines to Naval Fleet
Syria Risks Civil War, Sanctions Pointless: Turkey
China: Syria Veto Won't Hurt Cooperation With US
Libya Decides to Expel Syrian Diplomats
4 Diplomats From Syria Are Expelled by Germany
Assad Cousin Wins Case to Unfreeze Swiss Millions
Israel Hopes World Rejects Palestinian Govt
Lieberman: Abbas Poses Obstacle to Peace
Israel to Mull Tax Exemptions on Donations to 'Zionist Settlement'
Palestinian on Hunger Strike 'in Critical Condition'
Support Grows for Palestinian Hunger Striker
IDF Submarine Fleet Bans Dual Citizenship
Iraq's Sadr Calls for Unity at Mass Rally
HRW Urges Iraq to Stop Executions, 2 Men Later Hanged
Iraq Calls on Dutch Ambassador to Ease Up Anti-Iraq Immigration Measures
Middle East
Yemen Army Kills Two at Anti-Election Protest
Demonstrations Whisper of an Arab Spring in Jordan
Turkish Soldier and Four PKK Rebels Killed in Turkey Clash
Jailed Bahraini Activist Renews Hunger Strike
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