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Updated February 13, 2012 - 11:26 PM EST
Arab League Pushes for UN Invasion of Syria
  Russia Changes Tack on Syrian Intervention
  Al-Qaeda Chief Urges World to Back Syria Rebels
Netanyahu Insists Abbas Has 'Embraced Iran'
  Bombs Target Israeli Embassy Cars in India, Georgia
  Hamas-Fatah Deal Hinges on Gaza Vagaries
NATO Says Afghan Children Dead After Air Strike
  US Army Colonel's Report Rips Afghan War Success Story
US Navy: Iran Boats Could Be Used for Suicide Bombings
Top Egypt MP: US Aid Cut Would Negate 1979 Peace Deal
Pakistani Taliban Warn Against Attacking Military
Separatists Attack Pro-Reform Activists in Southern Yemen
Bahrain King Slams Assad for Not Listening to Protesters
All Evidence Points to Sectarian Civil War in Syria, but No One Wants to Admit It  by Patrick Cockburn
Prisons, Drones, and Black Ops in Afghanistan  by Nick Turse & Tom Engelhardt
42 Reasons to Dismiss Susan Rice's Rage  by Rami G. Khouri
Small Government and Big Military Are Incompatible  by Dominick Armentano
Will AIPAC and Bibi Get Their War?  by M.J. Rosenberg
A Martian View of the Iran Debate  by Stephen M. Walt

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Admiral Seeks Freer Hand in Deployment of Elite Forces
For Iraqis, Aid to Rebels in Syria Repays a Debt
3 Executed by Militants for Helping US in Yemen
Egypt's Army Ruler Urges Good US Ties After NGO Raids
Marine's Suicide Is Only Start of Family's Struggle
Rockets Hit Homs Opposition as Arab Ministers Meet
Arab League Observer Mission Head Quits
Lieberman: US Should Arm Syrian Rebels
Germany: Israeli Military Strike on Iran Unlikely to Succeed
Chinese Envoy Visits Tehran for Nuclear Talks
Iran Summons Azeri Envoy Over Mossad Allegations
Police: Tourists Blocked From Jerusalem Holy Sites After Leaflets Call for Disturbances
'Mossad Continues to Use UK Passports'
Survey: Israel's Libel Bill Hurts Free Speech, but Many Back It Anyway
Hundreds in Israeli Jails Join Hunger Strike
Turkish Warplanes Strike Suspected PKK Targets in Iraq
Iraq Inaugurates Oil Export Terminal in Gulf
Iraqi Stray Dogs Win American Hearts, Find Homes in Maryland
Thousands of Kurds in Geneva to Protest Ocalan Imprisonment


Gunmen Kill Provincial Judge, Child in Afghanistan
Long Neglected, Camps in Kabul Get a Deluge of Aid
Afghan Helicopter Crash Kills 4 Tajik Contractors
Afghans Fret Flight of Hard Cash a Sign of Things to Come
Pakistan PM: Swiss Charges Against Zardari 'Politically Motivated'
PPP Has 5 Options if PM Is Convicted
China's President-In-Waiting Heads to Washington for a Visit Crucial to Both Nations
Wash. Post Interview of China's Vice President
Vietnam Battles 'Gold Fever' as Price Soars
Somalia: Al Shabaab Insurgents Attack Coalition Forces
Gadhafi Son Under House Arrest in Niger, Libya Says
Clashes in Bahrain, King Mocks Opponents' Bad Manners
Bahrain Puts Security Forces on High Alert Before Uprising Anniversary
Bahrain Arrests Female Activist, Deports US Citizens Amid Clashes
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Is Iran a Threat?

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Was Elliott Abrams Hitler's Senior Advisor?

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