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Updated March 12, 2012 - 11:07 PM EDT
Afghans Angered by US Massacre of Civilians
  Witnesses Give Details of US Massacre in Kandahar
  Sen. Graham: Massacre Doesn't Mean Afghan Strategy Flawed
  NATO Airstrike Kills Three Afghan Civilians
  Poll: Overwhelming US Opposition to Afghan War
Israeli Airstrikes Kill 18 in Gaza Strip
  Abbas Condemns Israeli Escalation, Appeals for Calm
Egypt Parliament Mulls Blocking US Aid
Libyan Interior Ministry Threatens Rival Militias
Former Mossad Chief Reiterates Opposition to Attacking Iran
Annan Struggles to Convince Syrian Regime, Rebels to Talk
Yemen Confirms US Airstrikes in Abyan Province
The Problem With Invisible Children's 'Kony 2012'  by Michael Deibert
The Dirty War on WikiLeaks Is Now Trial by Media in Sweden  by John Pilger
Uncle Sam's Greatest Hits: Coming Soon to a Neighborhood Near You  by Michael Tennant
The Horror and the Hashtag  by Doug Saunders
If Killing Is Wrong, Then War Is Too  by Lee Wrights
The Attorney General Fails to Make His Case  The Baltimore Sun

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The 0% Doctrine
by Tom Engelhardt
Looming Defense Cuts Prompt GOP Shift
Iraq Militias Stone 14 Youths to Death for 'Emo' Style
Home Invasions Strike Fear North of Baghdad; 16 Killed Across Iraq
Mali Tuaregs Say They Control Major Military Base
WikiLeaks: Stratfor Emails Say Chavez Betrayed FARC to Appease Generals
US Expert: 'Green Light' for Israeli Attack on Iran Depends on 'Whether US Can Get Job Done'
Israel Calls on UN to Condemn Rocket Attacks
Jewish Settlers Agree to Evacuate West Bank Outpost
Gaza Group: Egypt Warned Us Before Al-Qaisi Killing
Syrian Talks Fail, but Annan Is 'Optimistic'
German FM Urges Political Solution to End Syria Violence
Israel Mulls Charity Concert for Syrian Insurgents
Egypt Court Clears Army Doctor in 'Virginity Tests' Case
US Envoy to Egypt Arrives in Germany
Middle East
Freed Al Jazeera Journalist Back to Doha
Ethnic Attacks on Public Transport Rock Macedonia
18th Journalist Killed in Honduras in Past Two Years
Army Sergeant Accused of Slaying 16 in Afghan Villages
Obama: Massacre 'Does Not Represent' US
In Assessing the Damage, Fears of an Emboldened Taliban
Afghanistan Shooting: Gingrich Says Afghan Mission May Not Be 'Doable'
Security Fears Lead Groups to Rethink Work in Afghanistan
Office of Afghan Women's Rights Activist Attacked
Double Sacrifice: Arkansas Family Copes With Grief After 2 Sons Killed in Afghanistan Conflict
Taliban Suicide Bomber Kills 15 in Pakistan
39 'Terrorists' Killed in Khyber Agency
Car Bomb Explodes Near Nigeria Church; 10 Killed
Kenya Blames Al-Shabab for Deadly Nairobi Grenade Attack
Opponents Want Chad Dictator Tried in Belgium
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Who Are the 'Terrorists'?

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Reality Rift

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The MEK's Useful Idiots

Ivan Eland
America Is a Great Country, but Its Attitude Overseas Needs Work

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Tell the Truth Already!

Charles V. Peņa
WMDs Redux

David R. Henderson
Is Iran a Threat?

Ran HaCohen
Was Elliott Abrams Hitler's Senior Advisor?

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