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Updated April 1, 2012 - 11:20 PM EDT
Man Whose WMD Lies Led to Iraq War Confesses
Support for Afghan War Hits New Low
Libya 'Ceasefire' After Tribal Clashes Kill 150
Clinton: Time Running Out for Iran Diplomacy
  Azerbaijan: Israel Won't Use Our Bases for Iran Strike
All Sides Agree to UN Plan for Syria, But None Act
  Syria Says Revolt Over, Army to Pull Out Gradually
Militants Attack Checkpoint in Yemen, 41 Dead
Bombs Kill 14, Wound 340 in Southern Thailand
Pentagon Seeks New Authority for Counterterrorism Fight
Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood Leader To Run for President
Mali Army Retreats From Bases as Rebels Gain Ground
Noninterventionism: Cornerstone of a Free Society  by Anthony Gregory
Why Rand Paul Associated Sanctions With War  by Brian Doherty
Military Intervention in Syria is a Bad Idea  by Stephen Zunes
What if Israel Bombs Iran?  by Gary Sick
A Tale of Two Murders  by Adam Bates
Whatever Happened to Arms Control?  by Stephen M. Walt

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Bosnian Minorities Push for Right to Be President
Poles Talk About CIA Prison, Breaking Silence
Paul Ryan Accuses Generals of Budget Dishonesty
Iraqi-American Woman Slain in US Is Buried in Iraq
Hate Crime? Iraqi Woman's Death in California Has Muslims Wondering
Assessing Iran, but Thinking About Iraq
Dissent Among 'Friends of Syria' Dims Hopes for Talks
Iraq May Skip 'Friends of Syria' Meet: Spokesman
Syria Agrees to Visit to Weigh Observer Mission
Turkish FM: Syria Rebels 'Have a Right to Weapons From Abroad'
Preserving Syria's Sovereignty Is Main Principle in Dealing With Annan's Mission: Official
Syria National Council: Humanitarian Help Plea for Syria
Nasrallah: Assad Will Survive Attempts to Bring Regime Down
In Libya, Despot Is Gone but Chaos Reigns
In Post-Gadhafi Libya, Islamists Are Rising in Influence
Israeli Official Calls Palestinian Land Protest 'Diplomatic Terror'
IDF to Offer Emergency Seminars in English to Residents of Southern Israel
Gunmen Killed Bahrain Protester, Says Opposition
Amnesty Urges Bahrain to Free Activist on Hunger Strike
Jordanian Police Arrest 12 Activists for Insulting the King, Blocking Traffic
Rebel Assault on Strategic Mali Garrison Town of Gao
Mali Rebels Gain Ground in North
Sudan and South Sudan Accuse Each Other of Border Attacks
North Sudan Officials Head for Crisis Talks With South

Malawi to Decide if Sudan's Bashir Can Attend Summit

Rebel Assault on Strategic Mali Garrison Town of Gao
Residents Flee Mogadishu Islamist Rebel Bastion
Kenya Blasts Kill One and Leave More Than 20 Wounded
France 'To Allow First Genocide Extradition to Rwanda'
French Counterespionage Official: Detained Islamist Radicals Posed a Real Threat
Serbian Police Detain 2 Kosovo Policemen Near Border; Kosovo Says They Were Kidnapped
Soviet Ex-KGB Chief Leonid Shebarshin Kills Himself
European Anti-Islamic Rally in Denmark Flops
Weekend Reviews
Netanyahu's Machine
Liberating The Hunger Games
The Hunger Games Movie: First in an Exciting Trilogy
Generals, Rebels, Plots: Just Another Afghan Day
Afghanistan Presses for Answers on Long-Term US Military Bases
PTSD Defense Won't Save Accused Shooter in Afghan Massacre
Pakistan Foils Plot to Attack Parliament: Minister
14 Terrorists Killed in Orakzai
Parliamentary Panel: No Foreign Footprints Allowed on Pakistani Soil
Karachi Being Targeted to Destabilize Pakistan: Malik
China Arrests Over Coup Rumours
Amid Rumors of Unrest, China Cracks Down on the Internet
Bo Xilai's Fall Raises Questions About Chinese Politics
Group: 2 More Tibetan Monks Self-Immolate in China
North Korea
North Korea Says US Breaking Nuclear Deal Over Rocket
Rights Advocates Cautious as Myanmar Votes
Myanmar's Suu Kyi: From Prisoner to Would-Be Lawmaker
Argentina Threatens to Sue Banks Helping Falklands Oil Explorers as Trade War With Britain Escalates
30 Years After Falklands War, Visible Scars Remain
Ex-Argentina President to Stand Trial for Obstructing Investigation Into Jewish Center Attack
Militant Who Targeted Australian Nuke Plant Held in France
3 Central American Leaders Reject Legalization of Drugs
Second Colombian Journalist Killed in Less Than a Month
US Military
Link Between PTSD and Violent Behavior Is Weak
Navy: We're 4 Years Away From Laser Guns on Ships
Army Wants Flapping Wings to Fly Drones of the Future
Americans Still Dying
Getzville (NY) Sergeant Killed by Rogue Afghan Soldier
New Jersey Marine Killed Two Weeks Before Returning Home
Father of Three Children, Providence (RI) Guardsman Died Saving Afghan Girl
Jerome (ID) Soldier Never Got the Chance to Meet His Three-Month-Old Twin Daughters
Vinton (LA) Soldier Leaves Behind Wife, Three Children
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Is Iran a Threat?

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Was Elliott Abrams Hitler's Senior Advisor?

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