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Updated April 20, 2012 - 11:07 PM EDT
US Pushing 'Libya Model' for Upcoming Syria War
  At Least 21 Dead in Syria Bomb Blast
  UN, Syria Agree to Expand Monitor Mission
Karzai Demands 'Accelerated' US Withdrawal
  NATO Officials Fight Back Against Reducing Size of Afghan Military
  NATO: Russia, China Should Help Pay for Afghanistan After 2014
Iraq Carnage: 69 Killed, 176 Wounded
India Nuke Test Welcomed, Unlike N. Korea, Iran
Panetta: China Helping North Korea With Missiles
Iran Nuclear Diplomacy 'Choreographed'?
Obama Curtails Congressional Authority on Arms Sales
Yemen: 19 Killed in New Zinjibar Offensive
Inconvenient Truth the Pentagon Would Prefer We Didn't See  by Ross Caputi
The Militarization of the Syrian Uprising  by Samer Araabi
How Obama Became a Civil Libertarian's Nightmare  by Steven Rosenfeld
America's Drone Sickness  by Glenn Greenwald
Obama vs. Romney: Unknowable Foreign-Policy Differences  by Conor Friedersdorf
The Torture Trials at Guantánamo  by Andy Worthington

More Viewpoints

Amid Protests, Journalists Kept Out of Bahrain
Elie Wiesel: Don't Equate Iran With Holocaust
Pair of Gitmo Detainees Freed, First in 15 Months
Cindy Sheehan Vows to Continue Tax Boycott
A Military and Intelligence Clash Over Spy Satellites
Mexico Loses 56,000 Troops to Desertion in Six Years
Bashir Says Sudan to Teach South Final Lesson by Force
South Sudan Not at War With Sudan: Minister
UN Says South Sudan Seized Heglig Oil Field Illegally
As Sudanese Clashes Escalate, So Do Bellicose Exchanges
US Envoy: South Sudan's Capture of Heglig Went 'Beyond Self-Defense'
Mali's Ousted Leader in Senegal's Embassy
Mali's Military Frees Arrested Officials
Mali: Timbuktu Refugee Influx to Mauritania, Says MSF
Turmoil in Egypt Race Puts Spotlight on Panel's Motives
Egypt Elections: Banned Candidate Warns Democracy 'in Danger'
Egypt's Salafists on Edge of Political Exile as Their Candidates Are Disqualified
The Economic Vision of Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood Millionaires
Barak: Iran Bought 5 Weeks With P5+1 Talks
Khamenei Issues Fatwa Against Nukes, Urges Other Nations to Follow Example
Video: Iran President Ahmadinejad's Car Leapt on by Woman
Head of UN Observers Denies Coming Under Fire in Damascus' Suburb
Clinton Calls for Tougher UN Resolution Authorizing Arms Embargo of Syria Amid Violence
Syria, Turkey and the Camp Cover-Up
UN Chief Says Situation in Syria Is 'Highly Precarious'
Hamas: Mufti's Visit to Al-Aqsa Legitimizes Israeli Control of 'Palestine'
Barghouti Gave Orders to Terror Groups With Arafat's Silent Approval, Israeli Documents to Reveal
In Gaza, Hamas Rule Has Not Turned Out as Many Expected
Israeli Chief of Staff, Closing Holocaust Day, Says Army 'Can Banish Any Threat'
Iraq Insurgency Asserts Presence With Wave of Attacks
Iraq 'Could Break Up', Warns Vice-President Hashemi
Kurdistan's Barzani to Meet With Iraq's Hashemi While in Turkey
Bahrain Grand Prix: Force India Car Flees Petrol Bomb Protest
Signs of an Asian Arms Buildup in India's Missile Test
China Mocks India's 'Missile Delusion' After Rocket Launch
Bo Xilai Still Admired Locally in China
After Bo's Fall, Chongqing Victims Seek Justice
Hague Pressured Over Death of Neil Heywood in China
US Helicopter Crashes in Afghanistan
Haqqani Network Behind Kabul Attack: US
Taliban Vows Revenge Over US Soldier Photos
NATO to Offer Jobs to Afghan Soldiers After 2015
Afghanistan Needs Firm Security Funding Pledges, US Says
Captured Suspect Reveals Kabul Attack Details
US Presses Pakistan to Go After Haqqani Network
Seven 'Terrorists' Killed in Kurram Agency Clashes
South Korea Says It Is Deploying a New Missile
Soldier Missing in Action From Korean War Identified
EU 'To Suspend Most Myanmar Sanctions'
Myanmar Oath Standoff Puts Suu Kyi's MP Debut in Doubt
Deposed Maldives President Says Coup Has Fueled Radical Islam
Tajikistan Court Imprisons 'Islamic Militants'
Guinea-Bissau: World Community Condemns Transition
Boko Haram Kill 7 Civilians in North Nigeria
Genocide Suspect Uwinkindi Sent for Trial in Rwanda
Breivik Wanted to Behead Former Norway Prime Minister
Breivik 'Hoped Attacks Would Kill Hundreds'
EU Parliament Backs Deal to Give Air Passenger Data to US
Britain Mired in Row Over Muslim Cleric's Deportation
Russia Election: Arrests at 'Pussy Riot' Hearing
US Secret Service
Inquiry on Agents' Conduct in Colombia Widens
White House Defends Secret Service Chief Anew
Secret Service: Ted Nugent No Threat
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