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Updated April 24, 2012 - 11:29 PM EDT
Obama Unveils New Sanctions on Syria and Iran

Pentagon Announces Another New Military Spy Unit

  US Troops Have Fired From Inside Afghanistan at Pakistan 4 Times
Palestinian Ex-PM: Israel Forcing One-State Solution
  Israeli Officials Tried to Kill US TV Report on Treatment of Christians
China 'Too Assertive,' as US Expands Military in Asia
Kurdistan President: Maliki Must Not Obtain F-16s
  Kurds and Turks Uneasy About Maliki; 12 Iraqis Killed in Attacks

No Funding Guarantees in 2024 Afghan Deal

US Embassy in Kenya Warns of Terror Attack

Romney and Russia: Complicating US Relationships  by Doug Bandow
German 'Hypocrisy' Over Greek Military Spending Has Critics Up in Arms  by Helena Smith
Romney's Vague and Frustrating Views on Afghanistan  Bloomberg News
Wiping Out  by Paul R. Pillar
CISPA Is the New SOPA  by Rep. Ron Paul
The Shame of Nations: A New Record Is Set for Spending on War  by Lawrence Wittner

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33 Arrested Outside Drone Base in New York State

German Military Rethinks Exporting Democracy

Mother of Tortured US Citizen Appeals Case to Supreme Court

Mom Dedicates Life to Caring for Triple-Amputee Soldier Son

Egypt Denies 8 US Nonprofit Groups License to Operate
Afghan Interpreters Claim They Will Be Killed When NZ Withdraws
US Soldier's Gift to Afghan Workers at Her Base Underscores Divide

Iran Unplugs Oil Ministry and Terminal From Internet

Half of Iran Tanker Fleet Storing Oil at Sea


Israel to Start Work on Lebanon Border Wall

Palestinian Hunger Strikes Draw Attention to Israeli Detention Practice

Israel Shrugs Off Impact of Egypt Nixing Gas Deal

Israeli President: Netanyahu Missed Chances for Peace

Hamas to Publicly Execute 'Collaborators'

Controversy Over Burmese Constitution Flares as EU Lifts Sanctions
N. Korean Military Issues Sharp Threat to South

Syrian Forces Kill 20 in Hama City: Activists

Cheering Protesters Greet UN Observers in Syria

Rare Inside View of Syria's Rebels Finds a Force Vowing to Fight On

UN Says Syria Violence Continues Despite Pledges to End It

Middle East-North Africa

We Weren't Going Anyway, Says Israel After Turkey Blocks It From NATO Summit

Egypt Offers to Sell Gas to Israel at New Price
60 African and Iraqi Refugees Stranded Between Libya and Tunisia Sent to US

Bahraini Protester Died of Birdshot Wounds

Yemen Ex-Prez Saleh Condemns Arab Spring

UN Set to Renew Western Sahara Force Despite Criticism

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