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Updated May 14, 2012 - 11:06 PM EDT
Panetta to Announce More Military Aid to Israel
  Reports: Israeli Officials Agree on Deal to End Hunger Strikes
  Israeli High Court Slams Govt. 'Zigzagging' on Settlements
  Netanyahu Ordered Hebron Evacuation in Fear of Ending Up at Hague
20 Killed as Iraq Bombers Stage Several Attacks
  US Denies Plans to Scrap Massive Iraqi Police Training Program
Top Afghan Peace Negotiator Shot Dead
Saudi Arabia, Bahrain Set To Announce 'Union'
42 Killed in Army Offensive in Southern Yemen
AP Finds Someone To Draw 'Evidence' Against Iran
TSA: Tenth Anniversary of a National Nightmare  by James Bovard
Long Live 'Our' Gulf Bastards  by Pepe Escobar
Yoo, Latif, and the Rise of Secret Justice  by Scott Horton
Predator Nation  by Tom Engelhardt
Honoring a 'Terror War' Architect  by Ray McGovern
Israel's Huge Reward  by Nina Burleigh

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Mexico: Monterrey Police Find 49 Dismembered Bodies
House Lawmakers Face Renewed Fight Over Detainee Provisions
Defense Spending Plan Puts McKeon, Panetta at Odds
US Seeks Global Special Ops Network
Uganda Official: Top Joseph Kony Commander Captured
Algerian Islamist Threatens Revolt Over Vote Results
Netanyahu Says No to West Bank Annexation
PLO: Netanyahu Letter on Peace a Non-Starter
Cut Gaza Power Supply to Boost Israel Grid: Minister
Culture War Looms as Israel Pledges to End Ultra-Orthodox Military Exemptions
EU Palestinian Aid Projects Destroyed by Israel: NGOs
Palestinian Prisoners' Portraits Underscore Absence
Minister Tells Israeli University to Rethink Ceremony Marking Palestinian Nakba
Arab-Israeli Drivers Denied Access to Kirya Canteen
Afghan Police Kill Two UK Servicemen in Helmand Province
Afghans to Take More Control From NATO
More Than 100 Hurt in Bangladesh Clashes
Bomb Injures Two Security Officers in Waziristan
Boko Haram 'Militant Leader' Captured in North Nigeria
7 Police Officers Killed in Northeast Nigeria, Region Hard-Hit by Radical Sect
Three Dead After Gunmen Open Fire on Card Players in Nigeria
New Zealand Photojournalist Freed From Zimbabwe Jail
Sectarian Clashes Rock Lebanese City, 3 Killed
Alawite-Sunni Fighting Erupts in Lebanese Port City
Soldier Killed in Lebanon Clashes
Lebanese Army to 'Inflexibly' Deal With Tripoli Clashes
Iran Wins Release of Turkish Journalists Captured in Syria, Says Turkey FM

A Deadly Raid on Syrian Village

Syrian Rebels Swap Officer for Comrades' Bodies

Syria's Muslim Brotherhood Is Gaining Influence Over Anti-Assad Revolt
Profile: Syria's Al-Nusra Front
20 Killed as Bombers Stage Several Attacks
Period of Relative Calm Is Brought to End by Fatal Bomb Blasts
Al-Iraqiya Denies Reports on Allawi's Promise to Barzani to Annex Kirkuk
NATO Urged to Investigate Civilian Deaths in Libya
Canada's Libya Mission Costs Soar in New Report
Middle East
Iran Says Pressures May Damage Nuclear Talks
Leading Egypt Candidate Calls 'Racist' Israel a Threat
President Marzouki: Tunisia at the Crossroads
London 2012: 'No Specific' Terror Threat, Says Minister
Mladic to Face Trial for Atrocities in Bosnia
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