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Updated May 17, 2012 - 11:17 PM EDT
US Envoy to Israel: US Ready to Strike Iran
  House Bill Shifting Red Line for War on Iran Passes Overwhelmingly
  GOP Blocks Iran Sanctions Bill, Insisting on Including Threat of War
Court Defies Obama: No NDAA Detention
Pakistan Reopens NATO Supply Routes for $1M/Day
  Survivors Detail Kandahar Massacre
Dueling Arms Shipments: Is Syria a Proxy War?
  US Funds Arms in Syria as Rebels Spurn Peace Deal
Yemeni Military: 29 Killed in Southern Airstrikes
  Obama Order Targets Challengers of Yemen Govt.
US DEA Agents Kill Six Civilians in Honduras
Mladic Genocide Trial Suspended Indefinitely
US to Send Large Combat Brigade Throughout Africa
If There Were Global Justice, NATO Would Be in the Dock Over Libya  by Seumas Milne
The Surveillance State: Knowing Every Bit About You  by Charles Scaliger
NDAA Detention Provisions Go Too Far  by Michael Maharrey & Shahid Buttar
Is There a Drone in Your Backyard?  by Andrew P. Napolitano
America the Serial Killer  by John Feffer
NATO's Hard Sell at the Summit  by Michael Lynn

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US Shadow War in Horn of Africa Revealed by Blogger

Iraq, Afghanistan Vets to Hand Back Medals at NATO Summit

Marine Corps Pursues 'Kamikaze' Drone

Top Army General Objects to GOP Plan to Slow Troop Reductions

Guantanamo Defense Lawyers Want Ex-CIA Official to Testify

Experts Report Massive Cost Increase for Modernizing Nukes


As Trained Afghans Turn Enemy, a US-Led Imperative Is in Peril

Afghanistan to Pump Oil in Five Months: Official

Army Surgeon Offers Hope to Afghan Amputees

100 Canadian Soldiers to Leave Afghanistan

Czech Govt. Approves Troop Reduction in Afghanistan

Germany to Give Long-Term Military Aid to Afghanistan

Hollande, New French President, Forced to Backtrack on Afghanistan Pullout Vow

Some Europeans Have Grim View of Afghan Future


Haifa University Bans 'Nakba Day' Event

J Street's Ben-Ami: 'US Congressmen Live in Fear of Pro-Israeli Intimidation'

BBC Poll: Israel's Global Image Plummets

Abbas Reshuffles Cabinet but Keeps Fayyad as PM, Infuriating Hamas

Iran to Hezbollah: Don't Strike Israel

The US Military Option for Iran Is 'Ready,' American Ambassador to Israel Says
United States

Veterans Exposed to Explosions May Be at Risk for Dementia

Survey: Critical Sectors Least Attuned to Cyber Threat

White House's Cybersecurity Official Retiring

Army Probing PTSD Diagnoses

Middle East-North Africa

US Aid to Syrian Rebels Is a Signal to Iran

Lebanese-Syrian Hostage Saga Ends After Ex-Mayor's Mediation

Syria Election Results Show Support for Reforms, Says Assad

Assad Says Syria Is Fighting Foreign Mercenaries

Clashes in Libyan Oasis Town Kill Seven, Wound More Than 20

Libya Says Gadhafi's Son Refusing Defense Lawyer

Military Hopes for 'Great Leader' From Egypt Vote

Muslim Brotherhood Presidential Candidate an Underdog in Egypt

Turkish Attack on Civilians Tied to Information From US Military Drone

Bahrain and Iran in Diplomatic Row Over Union Proposal


UN Refugee Chief Alarmed at Fresh Displacement From Clashes

Thousands Flee to Uganda as Congo Hunts Renegade Commander

ICC Prosecutors Say Congo Leaders Guilty of Village Massacre

Wanted Congo General Still Using Child Soldiers

Kenya Struggles to Contain al-Shabab

Convicted Taylor Says Prosecutors Paid Witnesses


China and Japan Discuss Disputed Island Chain

Former Sri Lanka Tamil Tiger Rebels 'Disappear'


Mladic Taunts Survivors at Start of Genocide Trial

Macedonia on Trial for Human Rights Abuses in US Post-9/11 Rendition Case
UK Says 10,500 Army Personnel Will Be Deployed to Help Protect London Olympics
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