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Updated May 21, 2012 - 11:21 PM EDT
96 Yemeni Soldiers Slain as Ally Turns Bomber
  US Soldiers Shot in Yemen Ambush
Mixed Messages as Obama Talks Afghan War
  NATO Seeks Unity on Keeping Afghan War Going
  Report: Afghan Troops Forge 'Secret Alliances' With Taliban
  US, Pakistan Still at Odds Over Afghanistan Border Deal
Thousands Rally Against NATO in Chicago
  Did Chicago Police Plant Evidence in NATO 'Plot'?
  Iraq, Afghan War Vets Toss Away Their Medals
  NATO Struggles To Sustain Itself
Growing Hopes for Iran Deal at Baghdad Summit
Settler Shoots at Palestinians While IDF Soldiers Stand By
Syrian General Denies Report Rebels Assassinated Him
Tensions Soar as Clerics Announce 'Lebanese Free Army'
The Terrible Truth About the TSA  by J.D. Tuccille
After Afghanistan Failure, NATO Should Scale Back or Call It Quits  by Thomas Walkom
Ratko Mladic Is a Substitute Hitler for Today's Bored and Mission-Less Western Hacks  by Brendan O'Neill
The Smith-Amash Amendment and NDAA: A Loss and a Win for Liberty  by Tiffany Madison
Missile Defense Is Back  by Alexander Zaitchik
Jews Have a Wrong to Right in Israel  by George Smith

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by David Rieff
Lockerbie Bomber: Hero for Some, Murderer for Many
Nationalist Nikolic Beats Tadic in Serbia Runoff for Presidency
Supreme Court Considers Whether to Take Up Anti-Terrorism Laws
NATO Orders Five New Drones Worth $1.7 Billion
Hidden Fingerprint of Weapons-Grade Plutonium Finally Found

Hama Shelling 'Kills 16'

Bomb Explodes Near UN Observers' Chief in Syria
NATO Officials Says They Have No Intention of Intervening in Syria
Netanyahu: Israel Will Continue to Build Jerusalem and Keep It United
Former Israeli PM: Jerusalem Must Be Partitioned
Palestinians Sign Deal to Set Up Elections
Israel PM: Illegal African Immigrants Threaten Identity of Jewish State
Israel's Fury Over Trade Ban on West Bank Produce
Palestinian Activist Convicted on Stoning Charge
Anti-Turkish Protests in Iraq Escalate
Iraq Buys US Drones to Protect Oil
Baghdad Judges Refuse to Hear Evidence That Could Clear Iraq VP of Terrorism Charges
21 Dead in Yemen al-Qaeda Clashes
Outside Sanaa, a Struggle for Influence Grips the New Yemen
Yemen Army Presses Drive to Retake al-Qaeda Bastion
Middle East
Russia Says West Still Considering Military Action on Iran
Lebanese Soldiers Kill Two Anti-Assad Activists, Including Sunni Cleric
Kuwait Daily Cautious After Sectarian Ban Lifted
Bahraini Activist Granted Bail but Not Released
Spain Mulls Keeping Troops in Afghanistan After 2014
NATO Says 2 Service Members Killed in Afghanistan; Suicide Blast Strikes Police Checkpoint
From M16s to Boots, Afghan Troops Feel Slighted
The Kabul Hospital That Treats All Sides
Pakistan Urges a 'Permanent Solution' on US Drone Strikes
US Should Apologize for Salala Cross-Border Attack: Pakistan
Pakistan Blocks Twitter Because of 'Offensive Material'
Resolution of Chen Crisis Indicates Possible Maturation in US-China Relationship
Egypt Presidential Candidate Joins Hunger Strike
Egypt's Would-Be 'President of the Poor' Touts Past
In Sinai, Tribesmen Remain Hostile to Upcoming Presidential Vote
Libyan's Death Brings Up Debate Over His Release
Algeria Arrests Islamists on Way to Libya
AU Plans to Resume Talks Between Two Sudans
Sudan Releases Four Foreigners Seized in Disputed Area
New Fighting Erupts in Eastern DR Congo
Mali Coup Leader Backs Transition President
UK Ministers Approve £350 Million Contract for Trident Replacement
Former Soldiers and Their Backers March in Haiti's Capital; 40-50 Arrested on Arms Charges
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