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Updated May 22, 2012 - 11:09 PM EDT
NATO Implicitly Admits Failure in Withdrawal Plan
112 Yemeni Soldiers Slain as Ally Turns Bomber
NATO Launches Missile Defense Shield

Iran, UN OK Nuclear Deal; Israel Calls it 'Deception'

  Report: Iran Pressed IAEA Chief on Leaks, Murders
  Netanyahu: Iran Must Stop Enriching Uranium, Give Away the Rest

As Obama Preaches Patience, Gen. Mattis Prepares for War With Iran

UK Court: Release Pre-Iraq Attack Bush-Blair Talk
  Baghdad Warns Kurds on Oil Deal; 13 Killed in Attacks
Mali's New 'President' Thrashed by Protesters
US War Veterans Tossing Medals Back at NATO Was a Heroic Act  by Bernard Harcourt
The Pentagon's Obesity Problem  by John Feffer
Abolish NATO: The Case Against 21st-Century Collective Security  by Daniel de Gracia
On Indefinite Detention: The Tyranny Continues  by Rep. Ron Paul
The Police State Is Here  by Tim Kelly
Honduras: Which Side Is the US On?  by Dana Frank

More Viewpoints

US Senate Unanimously Approves New Iran Sanctions Bill
Dover Mortuary Officials Punished for Retaliating Against Whistleblowers
Daniel Ellsberg, Col. Ann Wright Among 30 Arrested for Protesting Against Abuse of Bradley Manning
Virginia Iraq War Veteran Fights to Keep Arab-Insulting License Plates

NATO Summit Prompts Little Buzz on Streets of Kabul

US-Pakistan Feud, French Pullout Decision Overshadow NATO Summit

New Zealand to Pull Afghanistan Troops Next Year

David Cameron Tells NATO UK 'Won't Desert Afghans'

Part Blimp, Part Kite: Military Testing Helikite for Use Over Afghan Skies

Afghanistan's Battle to Re-Integrate Reformed Taliban Fighters

US Envoy to Afghanistan to Step Down Shortly

Afghan Forces Cross Border, Kill One Pakistani

France's Hollande Sets Conditions on Afghan Financing


Iran Wants Say in Iraqi Development

Lawyer Says Soldier Doesn't Remember Iraq Killings

Inside Baghdad's Sharaf Prison

United States

Trial Starting for Fort Hood Bomb Plot Suspect

Bomb Threat Forces Evacuation at Utah Spy Site, FBI Says


Mexican Troops Capture a Top Suspect in Slayings of 49

Colombia Says FARC Kills 12 Soldiers in Border Attack

Guatemala Judge Hands Down 2nd Genocide Charge Against Ex-Dictator in Separate Mass Killing

Haiti Holds Dozens of Ex-Soldiers for Pro-Army Protests

Middle East-North Africa

Roots of the Chaos in North Lebanon Spread Far and Wide

Two Die in First Beirut Clashes Over Syria Conflict

Ex-Gadhafi Spy Chief Al-Senussi 'Charged' in Mauritania

Egyptians Want Only a Cold Peace With Israel, Survey Shows

Wael Ghonim: The Face of Egypt's Revolution

Secret Clinics Tend to Bahrain's Wounded

Arab League Demands Iran Stop Criticizing Bahrain Crackdown

Minister: Tunisian Islamists Who 'Cross Line' Will Be Punished

Fixing Bodies Broken in Years of War in the Middle East

Netanyahu, Mofaz to Oppose Bill That Would Limit Palestinian Claims to Land
Israel Slams Western Powers for 'Bowing Down' to Iran on Nuclear Program

Israeli PM Urges 'Just' Replacement of Draft Law

Netanyahu: Israel Could Be Overrun by Africans

Witnesses: 7 Killed in Separate Northeast Nigeria Shootings Likely Carried Out by Sect

Man With Munitions Arrested at Nigeria Ministry

Congo Says Army Kills 25 Mutineers in East

Official: 3 Killed, 2 Villages Burned in the Central African Republic

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