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Updated June 2, 2012 - 10:41 PM EDT
US Team Behind Computer Worm That Hit Iran
  Obama Ordered Computer Virus Attacks Against Iran
  Clinton Demands Concessions From Iran Before Moscow Talks
Tense Calm in Syria as Rebel Ultimatum Expires
  Syria Simmers Amid UN Security Council Deadlock
  Panetta: US Won't Attack Syria Without UN OK
  12 Syrian Factory Workers Killed at Northern Checkpoint
Syria-Related Clashes Kill 13 in North Lebanon
Mubarak Sentenced to Life for Killing Protesters
Despite Pledges, US Sucked Deeper Into Yemen
UN Report Faults Canada on Torture Renditions
Several Civilians Wounded in NATO Attack on N. Kosovo
House Republicans Add Half-Billion to Pentagon Budget
Do Obama's Drone Strikes Imperil America?  by Robert Wright
Will a Non-Interventionist Foreign Policy Be Discussed in 2012?  by Kevin Kelly
The Hands-On Approach to Lethal Force  by Paul R. Pillar
America and Future Wars  by Cal Thomas
Tall Tale about Special Forces in North Korea?  by Tim Shorrock
US Should Steer Clear of Syria  by Sheldon Richman

More Viewpoints

Stuxnet Was Work of US and Israeli Experts: Officials
Leon Panetta Outlines New Weaponry for Pacific
Panetta, in Speech in Singapore, Seeks to Lend Heft to US Pivot to Asia
Report: Arab Spring Increases Migration to EU
China 'Arrests High-Level US Spy' in Hong Kong
Venezuela Bans Private Gun Ownership
UN Says 223 Prisoners Released in Syria
French President Says Syria's Assad Has to Go
UN Rights Body Votes to Condemn Syria for Massacre; Russia Rejects the Measure
Putin: Will Help Find 'Positive Results' in Syria
Russia's Stance on Syria Has Roots in Another Civil War
IDF Soldier, Palestinian Killed in Exchange of Fire on Gaza Border
How the Israel Lobby's Favorite Senator Is Trying to Erase Palestinian Refugees
Iraq Closer to Maliki No Confidence Vote
Post-Maliki Era Discussed, Three Candidates Expected
US Must Decide Iranian Group's Fate in Four Months
Bodies of Kurds Killed in Saddam Era Returned
US Asks Iraq to Extradite Hezbollah Suspect
Yemeni Militants Say They Release 27 Soldiers
Al-Qaeda Claims Suicide Bombings Against Yemen Shi'ites
Egyptians Rally Against Mubarak-Era Candidate
Sabahi, Aboul Fotouh Won't Endorse in Runoff, Raising Fears Vote Will Be Polarizing Affair
Egypt Awaits Mubarak Verdict and Its Aftermath
North Africa
Tunisian Officials Ban Weekend Demo Against Extremism
Regional Opinion on the Libyan War
Weekend Reviews
A Stasi for America
Terrorists? Us?
Once-Censored WWII Documentary Shatters Clichés
What Happens When They Get Drones?
Peter Beinart's The Crisis of Zionism and Its Critics
Obama's Flailing Foreign Policy
Review: Consent of the Networked
The Journey to Tahrir: Revolution, Protest and Social Change in Egypt
NATO, Afghan Forces Kill 14 After Rebels Attack Base
Blast Heard in Afghanistan's Khost
Ministry of Defense Says British Soldier Shot Dead in Southern Afghanistan
Army Accuses Sgt. Bales of Using Steroids, Alcohol at Base in Kandahar
Army Drops One Charge Against Soldier Accused in Afghan Massacre
Pakistan Hikes Defense Budget by 10 Percent
Pakistan 'CIA Doctor' Appeals Conviction
Kazakh Killings 'Act of Terror' Says President
Suu Kyi Urges 'Healthy Scepticism' Over Myanmar Reform
UN Seeks Urgent Aid to Avoid Power Vacuum in Somalia
Somalia Government Money 'Goes Missing'
Al-Shabaab Denounces Somalia Istanbul Talks
Khartoum Expels Foreign Aid Agencies From Eastern Sudan
Sudans Caught in Tense Cycle
Tuareg Rebels Reject Deal With Islamists Over Sharia
Police Fire Tear Gas in Nigeria University Protest
Srebrenica 'Not Genocide' – Serbia's President Nikolic
For Mexico's Middle Class, Drug War Deepens Trust Deficit
Violent Mexican Cartel Targets Pepsico Chip Maker
Mexican Prosecutors Seek Freeze on All Bank Accounts of Ex-Governor Accused of Drug Links
Colombian Rebels Want French Negotiating Help
DEA HQ Investigating May 11 Honduras Drug Raid Shooting Where Locals Say 4 Killed
In Setback for Chile Govt, Judges Absolve All Terror Suspects in Anarchist Bank Bombings
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