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Updated June 17, 2012 - 11:28 PM EDT
Muslim Brotherhood Claims to Win Egypt Vote
  Egypt Junta Grants Itself Massive New Powers
Obama Tells Congress 'Do Job' to Avoid War Cuts
  CIA Refuses to Confirm or Deny Drone Attacks Obama Brags About
  US Outsources Its Africa Spying
UN Suspends Peace Mission in Syria
  London-Based Group: Douma and Homs Shelled, 31 Killed Across Syria
Bombs Hits Iraq Pilgrimage, 51 Killed, 154 Hurt
Bombs in Pakistani Tribal Region Kill 33 People
Attack on US Afghan Base Worse Than Originally Reported
Rand Paul's Baffling Support for Romney's Cowboy Foreign Policy  by Daniel Larison
Drone Me Down on the Killing Floor  by Pepe Escobar
The Imperial Agenda of the US's 'Africa Command' Marches On  by Dan Glazebrook
The Cleaving of Palestine  by Paul R. Pillar
About That 'Foreign Money'  by Thomas Knapp
Obama Is Criminalizing Investigative Reporting  by Dan Froomkin

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Christian Group With Pig's Head Taunt Arab-Americans at Dearborn Festival
New War Crimes Prosecutor Sworn in at International Court in the Hague
US Drones, Computers New Weapons of Shadow Wars
Military Suicides a 'National Public Health Problem'
Rumors of EPA 'Drones' Spying on Farmers Quickly Gained Attention
Roadside Bomb Kills 3 Afghan Police Officers in South
US Restarts Competition for Planes for Afghan Air Force, to Brazil's Consternation
Embraer, Hawker Beechcraft Face Off Again Over Planes for Afghanistan
Militant Warns Polio Teams to Stay Away in North Waziristan
Four More Killed in Ongoing Karachi Violence
Bomb Attack on Police Vehicle Kills Seven in Kohat
One Killed in Quran Protests Near Quetta: Officials
Clashes Claim 50 in Myanmar
Anger, Fear Linger After Myanmar Communal Clashes
Suu Kyi: '91 Nobel Peace Prize Shattered My Isolation
Suspected Islamist Insurgents Kill 3 Soldiers, Wound 6 in Southern Thailand
Police: Journalist Stabbed to Death in Bangladesh
As Singapore Loosens Its Grip, Residents Lose Fear to Challenge Authority
3 Civilians, 2 Policemen Injured in Terror Attack in Algeria
France's War in Algeria Explored in Paris Exhibition
Two Soldiers Killed in Somali Suicide Bombing
More Al-Shabab Militants Defect to Join Somali Govt Forces, Despite Threats of Former Bosses
Rival Madagascar Leaders Agree to Meet
Sudan's Bashir: Agreement With South Must Be Based on 2011 Accord
Russian Parties Merge in Push Against Putin
£1billion Deal Paves the Way for UK Trident Nuclear Replacement
US Military
Unmanned Secret Space Plane Lands in California
'Gray Eagle' Drone Fails All the Time, but Army Still Wants More
Attorney for Whistle Blowing Raptor Pilot Renews Call for Disciplinary Action to Be Dropped
MRAP Trucks Near the End of the Road in Military Strategy
Army Task Force: Female Soldiers Need Better Health Care
Navy May Need to Design Ships With Laser Guns in Mind
Facts About Egypt as It Votes for a New President for the First Time Since Mubarak's Ouster
US Defense Secretary Panetta Calls Egypt's Tantawi
Iran's Ahmadinejad to Leave Politics in 2013
Powers Want Diamonds for Peanuts: Iran Ex-Official
Explosions, Heavy Gunshots Rattle Damascus
Jordan Imposes Restrictions on Refugees From Syria
Military Officials: 21 al-Qaeda Fighters, 1 Soldier Killed in Fighting in Yemen's South
4 Yemeni Policemen Injured in Clashes With Separatists
Saudi Arabia
Saudi Crown Prince Nayef, Hard-Liner Who Cracked Down on Al-Qaeda in Kingdom, Has Died
Saudi Heir's Death Opens Door to Younger Voices
Regional Tensions, Arab Spring Worries Backdrop for Saudi's Next Choice on Royal Succession
Middle East
Israeli Gunboats Attack Palestinian Fishermen
Video: Pilgrims in the Line of Fire in Iraq
World War Two Graves in Libya Desecrated Again
Former Tunisia PM Creates New Party to Unite All Forces, Counter-Balance Islamists
Venezuelans Wonder Who Would Replace Chavez
Paraguay Sends in Army After 17 Die in Gunbattle Over Police Eviction in Forest Reserve
ING Bank to Pay Record US Fine for Passing Money on Behalf of Cuban, Iranian Clients
Peru's 'Contrabandits' Smuggle for Survival
Gold Overtakes Drugs as Source of Colombia Rebel Funds
Americans Still Dying
Just-Wed Andover (MN) Marine Dies in Afghanistan
Georgia Soldier Leaves Behind Wife, Young Daughter
Illinois Soldier Killed on First Afghan Deployment
California Marine Had Just Reenlisted Before Death in Afghanistan
Springfield (VA) Soldier Had Been Killed in Afghan Helicopter Crash
Final Good-Byes to Fallen Marine in Covington (IN)
Yucaipa (CA) Soldier Remembered by Family and Friends
Brawley (CA) Family Remembers Army Captain Killed in Helicopter Crash
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