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Updated June 20, 2012 - 11:24 PM EDT
US Plans Military Surge Across Middle East
  Iraqi Security Forces Targeted: 18 Killed
UN Observers Committed to Staying in Syria
  British PM Falsely Claims Putin Dropped Support of Syria's Assad
Egypt's Shafiq Claims Victory in Disputed Vote
Pakistan Supreme Court Ousts Prime Minister
Taliban, NATO Stories Differ After NATO Base Attack
  NATO Troops Among Casualties in Afghan Suicide Bombing
UN Security Council Mulls Call for Invasion of Mali
No Deal With Iran at Moscow Talks
26 Killed as Turkish Troops Fight Kurds in Southeast
Assange Seeks Asylum at Ecuador's UK Embassy
Playing for Time on Iran  by Flynt and Hillary Mann Leverett with Tom Engelhardt
A Plan for Worsening Relations With Russia and Weakening American Interests  by Mark Adomanis
Don't Worry About Leaks; Worry About What They Reveal  The Baltimore Sun
When Will We Attack Syria?  by Rep. Ron Paul
The Looming US Return to Vietnam  by Ted Galen Carpenter
Rep. King: Time to Investigate Muslims, Again  by Nathan Lean

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Talk of Drones Patrolling US Skies Spawns Anxiety

Lawmaker Sets Deadline for Holder to Avoid Contempt Citation

US, Israel Developed Flame Computer Virus to Slow Iranian Nuclear Efforts, Officials Say

CIA Releases Declassified Documents From 9/11 File

7 Troops May Face Punishment in Quran Burning

Questions on Women's Rights and Ethnic Strife Stir Worries Over Afghanistan's Path

Afghanistan Accuses Pakistan Over Shia Attack

Waziri 'Oasis' Braces for Attack


Jewish Extremists Suspected in Arson Attack on West Bank Mosque

Forced Move Raises Anger in West Bank Colonies

Israeli Official Says Priority Is Peace Process, Not Attack on Iran

In Israel, Shaul Mofaz Brings Dissonant Voice to Netanyahu Coalition
United States
Administration Took 'Accidental' Path to Setting Record for Leak Cases
FBI Gets a Broader Role in Coordinating Domestic Intelligence Activities

Senators Start a Review of Solitary Confinement

Obama: China, Russia Not Aligned With US on Syria, but Both See Dangers of Civil War
Syria Says It's Ready to Evacuate Civilians From Homs, Blames Rebels for Obstructing Effort
Head of UN Observer Mission Says His Forces Are Committed to Staying in Syria
Middle East-North Africa
Thousands Protest in Cairo's Tahrir Square Against Egypt 'Military Coup'

Egypt Court to Consider Dissolution of Muslim Brotherhood

Iraq Asks Obama to Halt Exxon's Kurdish Deal


Ivory Coast Attacks 'Last Jolts' of Gbagbo Regime: PM


Sanctions on China for Iran Oil Buys Unlikely

US Artillery Unit Might Not Move South of Seoul in Realignment


Armenia and Azerbaijan Blame Each Other for Protracted War

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The Replacement Quisling

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Cyberwar for Me but Not for Thee

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Endorsing Evil Is Politics as Usual

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Tel Aviv 'Race Riots' Reveal Much About Israel

David R. Henderson
Is Iran a Threat?

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