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Updated June 21, 2012 - 10:56 PM EDT

UN Official: Drones Strikes May Be 'War Crimes'

CIA Funneling Arms to Syrian Rebels Via Turkey

  UK Mulled Taking Russian Ship Over Syria Choppers
  Red Cross Hopes to Evacuate Civilians Trapped in Syria Fighting
Top Gen. 'Obstructed' Afghan Probe to Help Obama
  US Likely to Let Military's Quran Burners Off the Hook
  Attack on Afghan Checkpoint Kills 3 US Soldiers, 18 Afghans
Pakistan's New PM Faces His Own Legal Troubles
Egypt Won't Announce Contested Vote Results
Israel: More Iran Sanctions, 'All Options' Open
House: Holder in Contempt Over 'Fast and Furious'
Egypt's Military Rule: Is Krauthammer Satisfied?  by Kelley Vlahos
The US and Iran's Mistaken Path to War  by Trita Parsi
Obama Administration's Drone Death Figures Don't Add Up  by Justin Elliott
Drones, Special Operations, and Whimsical Wars  by Benjamin H. Friedman
Opposing Unconstitutional Wars  by Sen. Rand Paul
Julian Assange's Artful Dodge  by Ray McGovern

More Viewpoints

Look Up in the Sky and See a Drone
by Malou Innocent & Medea Benjamin

New NSA Docs Contradict 9/11 Claims

NATO Protesters Indicted on Terror-Related Charges

Probe: Bad Judgment in Military School Islam Class

West Florida Republic: The Birth of US Imperialism

UN Investigator: US Dodging Questions on Drones


To Pakistan, America Means Never Having to Say You're Sorry

Pakistan Arrests 'Key French Al-Qaeda Operative'


Militants Bomb Power Transmission Towers in Iraq

68 Iraqi Motorists Killed in Northern District in Last Three Months
Family of Oklahoma Contractor Who Died in Iraq Seeks Help Getting His Body Returned

Hamas: We Will Stop Rocket Fire if Israel Stops Attacks

Israel Continues Deadly Attacks in Gaza for 3rd Day

Gaza Rocket Hits Home in Southern Israel; Iron Dome Intercepts Missile for First Time
Assange Faces Arrest, but Beyond Reach of UK Police While in Ecuador Embassy
Julian Assange: Celebrity Backers Face £240,000 Bill Over Asylum Bid
Uncharged Terror Suspect 'Cannot Find Wife' Because of Restrictions

Russia Jails Two Men for Giving China Nuke Secrets

Agreement With US Sees NZ as 'De Facto' Ally

Dalai Lama: China Unrealistic on Tibet, Talks Futile

Chinese Artist Ai Weiwei 'Barred' From Tax Hearing

Myanmar: UN Body Says 90,000 Displaced by Violence


Assad Could Be Offered New US-UK Clemency Deal

Syria Expels Activist Roman Catholic Priest

Syria Crisis: Rebels 'Kill 20 Soldiers' in Latakia

Putin on Syria: No State Can Decide Another's Government

Middle East-North Africa

Red Cross Says Staff Member Killed in Yemen Airstrike

Yemen: 31 Killed in Fighting in South

105 Killed in Week of Clashes in West Libya

Turkish Military Says Warplanes, Helicopters Have Struck Kurdish Rebel Targets Inside Iraq

Algeria Forces Kill Eight Islamists in Kabylie


Sudan Police Fire Tear Gas at Fresh Khartoum Demos

US to Slap Terrorist Label on Nigerian Militants

Sectarian Violence Kills More in Nigeria's Kaduna

Somaliland Talks Set to Start in Secret UK Location

DR Congo Warns Rwanda of 'Rupture' Over Rebellion Backing

The War at Home

Retirement May Unleash PTSD Symptoms in Vietnam Veterans

Ohio Police Attempt to Track Down Missing Military-Surplus Equipment

Poll: Most Mexicans Continue to Support Military Crackdown

Argentina Holds Talks With Welsh Nationalists Over Its Claim on the Falkland Islands
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Terrorism Arithmetic

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The US Should Take Lessons From Mexico

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A Biblical Threat to National Security

Nebojsa Malic
The Replacement Quisling

Charles V. Peņa
Cyberwar for Me but Not for Thee

Ran HaCohen
Tel Aviv 'Race Riots' Reveal Much About Israel

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Is Iran a Threat?

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