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Updated July 4, 2012 - 11:28 PM EDT
Clinton Apologizes to Pakistan; Lines Re-Opened
  Pakistani Taliban Vows Attacks on NATO Supplies
  Five US Troops Wounded in Latest Afghan Cop Attack
'Unity Talks' Widen Rift Among Syrian Rebels
  Syrian General, Troops Defect to Turkey
Study: Arafat Poisoned by Radioactive Polonium
US Drone Kills Five 'Suspects' in Yemen
Shi'ites Slaughtered: 63 Killed in Iraq Attacks
US Ups Armed Presence in Gulf to Intimidate Iran
Cost of Keeping Govt. Secret Rises to $11 Billion
Mexico's New President Seeks to Reassure US
Netanyahu Worked Inside Nuclear Smuggling Ring  by Grant Smith
The Future of Congressional War Powers  by Doug Bandow
Islamophobia: A Bipartisan Project  by Deepa Kumar
The Whitewashed War  by Alex Massie
The Decade of War to Come  by Nick Turse
Why Iran Does Not Want the Bomb  by Kaveh L. Afrasiabi

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Commander: Iran Will Duplicate Captured US RQ-170 Spy Drone

Kenya: Arrested Iranian Agents 'Were About to Attack UK Interests'
US Presbyterian Church Committee Votes in Favor of Israel Divestment Resolution
Afghanistan Isn't Ready to Govern Itself, Lawmakers Visiting US Say

War Swept Under and Over the Rug


Iran Says It Test-Fires Missiles in War of Nerves


Israel Seeks to Bar Palestine From UN Arms Treaty Conference

Israel Extends Law Exempting Security Forces From Documenting Investigations of Terror Suspects
In New Blow to Palestinian Unity, Hamas Stops Registering Voters in Gaza

World Mulls Options to 'Save Mali' North From Islamists

Blast Near Mall in Nigeria Capital Amid Growing Sectarian Violence; None Hurt

Ken Clarke: UK Plainly Losing War on Drugs

Putin Seeks to Show He Won't Buckle to US


Syria's Assad Expresses Regret for Shooting of Turkish Warplane

Syrian Army Attacks Rebels, Turkey Scrambles F16s

UN Urges Jordan to Open Camp for Syrian Refugees

Middle East-North Africa

Judge Helped Egypt's Military to Cement Power

Security Fears Dog Libya as Election Nears

Niger Resists Libyan Demands for Extradition of Gadhafi's Playboy Son
United States
San Diego Man Stranded in Bahrain After Being Told Name Appears on No-Fly List

Russian PM Medvedev's Visit to Disputed Islands Irks Japan

Philippines Downplays US Spy Plane Request

Myanmar Releases About 20 Political Prisoners in Amnesty

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Who Killed Yasser Arafat?

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Why Women Should Not Enlist

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The Drug War in Mexico: Corruption Is Better Than Slaughter

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Age of Absurdity

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Abe Foxman in Search of Enemies

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Cyberwar for Me but Not for Thee

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Tel Aviv 'Race Riots' Reveal Much About Israel

David R. Henderson
Is Iran a Threat?

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