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Updated August 11, 2012 - 11:14 PM EDT
Netanyahu Decision to Attack Iran 'Almost Final'
  White House: US 'Would Know' If Iran Decided to Build Nukes
  Israeli Bank Chief Warns Attacking Iran Might Cause Economic Crisis
Two 'Friendly' Afghan Attacks Kill 6 US Troops
  Afghan Policeman Kills 11 Fellow Policemen
  Army's Top Enlisted Soldier Among US Troops Killed in Latest Attacks
Syrian, Jordanian Troops Clash Along Border
  The Day After: US, Turkey Plan for Post-Assad Syria
  US: Hezbollah Aiding Syria in Civil War
  State Dept: Hezbollah Could Attack 'Europe or Elsewhere'
Iraq Attacks Leave 28 Dead, 87 Wounded
Another Sinai Checkpoint Attack as Egypt Prepares Troops
Obama's Counterterror Chief: What War in Yemen?
Let the Domestic Drone Age Begin  by Kelley Vlahos
Syria and the Invisible Hand of Foreign Intervention  by Eric Margolis
Bogus Allegations of 'Anti-Semitism' Create Climate of Fear for Arab, Muslim Students in US  by Nora Barrows-Friedman
US-Israel Nuclear Front's Accountability Drives Fall Apart  by Grant Smith
Bomb-Iran Fever  by Pepe Escobar
Intervention Is Now Driving Syria's Descent Into Darkness  by Seumas Milne

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The Battle for Area C
Veterans for Peace Convene in Miami
Seeking Asylum, Assange Makes Controversial Choice: Ecuador
Manning Treatment in 'Flagrant Violation' of Military Code – Lawyer
4 Syrian TV Staffers Kidnapped by Rebels Near Damascus
As War Widens, Palestinians in Syria Are Caught in the Middle
Will Syria's Kurds Benefit From the Crisis?
Syrian Opposition Group Organizes to Send Funds to Rebel Army
UK to Give Millions of Dollars to Syria Rebels, Says Won't Supply Weapons
Aleppo Clashes Spark Rise in Refugees
Iran Official: West's Bid to Topple Assad Is 'Revenge' for Syria's Anti-Israel Stance
Foreign Ministry Denies Lebanon's Ambassador to Syria Leaving Post
Iraq Attacks Leave 28 Dead, 87 Wounded
UN Rights Experts Warn of 'Massacre' in Iraq's Ashraf Camp
Iraq's Kurds Seek Greater Clout Through Oil Policy
Iran Dries Second River That Flows Into Iraq
Iraq's Oil Output Overtakes Iran's
Baghdad at 1,250: A Far Cry From Past Glories
Top Military Official Dies in Explosion in Yemen
Saleh Loyalists Briefly Blockade Defense Ministry Over Cuts in Son's Command
Middle East
Netanyahu to UN Chief: Your Place Is Not in Tehran
New 'Gauss' Trojan Spies on Middle East Banks
Gunmen Murder Libyan General
Virus Plunges Lebanon Into Cyber War
Weekend Reviews
Brave New War
The Dark Defile: Britain's Catastrophic Invasion of Afghanistan, 1838–1842
Beautiful New Film Charts the Course of Nonviolent Resistance the World Over
The Deaths of Others: The Fate of Civilians in America's Wars
The War at Home
Pentagon Proposes More Robust Role for Its Cyber-Specialists
Sens. Levin, McCain Want United Technologies Suspended From Defense Work Over China Sales
Improperly Stored Claims Files Put VA Building at Risk of Collapse
Drones Rocketing Into New Uses, Raising Questions of Privacy, Misuse
AWOL US Soldier Planning Attack on Ft. Hood Jailed for Life
2 Former Border Patrol Agents Convicted of Human Smuggling
Egypt Tribes Back Offensive Against Militants in Sinai
Mursi Tours Israel-Egypt Border, Breaks Fast With Troops, Promises New Terror Crackdown
Activists: Israeli Forces Enter Egypt for African Migrants
Roadside Bomb Kills 6 Afghan Civilians
British Soldier Killed in Afghanistan
NATO Container Torched, Two Injured in Mastung
Afghan Finance Minister Breaks Down in Tears as He Denies Corruption
Federal Detectives Probe Assam Violence
Deadline Looms, but Survivors of Assam Bloodshed Too Scared to Go Home
DR Congo
Without Beds or Electricity, Congo Soldiers Have Little Incentive to Fight Rebels
Boy, 6, Dies After Triggering Landmine in Bosnia
Rights Groups Hail Mexican Supreme Court Decision as Blow Against Impunity for Soldiers
Spain Seizes Four Mexican Sinaloa Drug Cartel Suspects
US Seeks Information on 'Mercenary' Suspect in Venezuela
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Otto Does Foreign Policy

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Quagmires Are Often Just a Few Steps Away

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Clive Stafford Smith: Menace to Drone Society

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Balkans Redux

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Cyberwar for Me but Not for Thee

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Tel Aviv 'Race Riots' Reveal Much About Israel

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Is Iran a Threat?

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