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Updated August 20, 2012 - 11:17 PM EDT
Afghan Policeman Kills US Soldier on Joint Patrol
  NATO Kills at Least 24 'Armed Men' in Afghan Airstrike
US Drone Strikes Kill 17 in North Waziristan
  UN Human Rights Official Demands US Release Drone-Strike Footage
Assange Urges US to End 'War on Whistleblowers'
  British FM Ignored Lawyers' Warnings Not to Threaten Embassy
As War Escalates, Will Syria Ever Be the Same?
  German Military Directly Aiding Syrian Rebels
  Al-Qaeda-Linked Group Gaining Prominence in War to Topple Assad
War With Iran Could Cost Israeli Economy $42B
Study Finds US Troop Morale Plummeting
There Is Unity in Oppression; There Must Be Unity in Response  by Julian Assange
The Danger of Syria Intervention  by Christopher Dickey
Are Drones Any More Immoral Than Other Weapons of War?  by Peter Beaumont
Why Isn't Anyone Talking About Afghanistan?  by Stephen M. Walt
How NATO Expansion Makes America Less Safe  by Doug Bandow
Diplomacy Is the Best Tool for Iran  by Nicholas Burns

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In Weak Economy, College Grads 'Surge' Into Military
Ecuador Rallies Latin America in Assange Battle
Hamas Vows to Help Egypt to Secure Sinai Border
Report: GOP Lawmakers Reprimanded for Drinking, Skinny Dipping in Israel
Detainee Operations Manual Reveals New Drugs Can Be Tested on Prisoners
Intrusion Embarrasses 'Fort Knox of Uranium'
US Military Head in Afghan Trip as Insider Toll Mounts
Karzai Calls on Taliban to Apologize to Afghans, Renounce Violence
Roadside Bomb Kills 3 New Zealand Soldiers in Central Afghanistan

Bomb in Cemetery Kills Two in Afghanistan

NATO Strike in Afghanistan Kills Top Taliban Leader
Pakistan: Sunnis Killed in Babusar Refused to Identify Shias in Front of Terrorists
Anti-Japan Protests Across China Over Islands Dispute
Jem Leader Accuses Sudan and Chad of Plotting to Divide His Group
New Somali Parliament Named; Members to Vote for New President Monday
Shell Spending Millions of Dollars on Security in Nigeria, Leaked Data Shows
Suicide Bomber Kills 7 Russian Policemen at Funeral
Breivik 'Supporter' Accused of Plotting Copycat Attacks in Czech Republic
Colombian 'FARC Rebels' Blow Up Oil Pipeline in Narino
Mexico Replaces All 348 Federal Police at Mexico City Airport After Shooting
Syrian Helicopters Drop Leaflets Over Aleppo
Ramadan Ends but Fast Stays in Syria's Aleppo
Syria Strife Splinters Family Life in Golan
Jordan Says 4 Syrian Rockets Fall on Jordanian Border Town, Wounding 4-Year-Old Girl
Syrian Families Torn Apart Have Little Cause to Celebrate Eid
Kidnappings Expose Lebanon Weakness
Syrian Beaten, Robbed in East Lebanon
Hague Snubbed as Libya Says It'll Handle Gadhafi
Car Bombs Explode in Libya's Capital, Killing 2 People; Authorities Defuse Third Car Bomb
Libya Holds 32 'Gadhafi Loyalists' Over Tripoli Attack
Prominent Sunni Sheikh Wounded in Attack That Killed Five
Iraqi Sunni Cleric's Convoy Struck by Bomb
Yemen Shooting on Eid El-Fitr Leaves 9 Worshippers Dead
Suicide Bomber Kills 1 in South Yemen
Yemeni Secessionist Leader Released by UK Security Forces
Middle East
Turkey Probes Kurdish MPs for Meeting PKK Rebels
19-Year-Old Suspect Arrested in Connection With Jerusalem 'Lynching'
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