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Updated August 24, 2012 - 11:14 PM EDT
US Drones Pound North Waziristan, Killing 18
  Pakistan Summons US Envoy to Protest Drone Strikes
Spike in Afghan Forces' 'Friendly Fire' Attacks
  US Admits Taliban Responsible for More 'Green-on-Blue' Attacks
  Karzai Aide Blames Pakistan for Green-on-Blue Attack Surge
Russia Claims 'Guarantees' Over Chemical Arms
  Clashes Escalate in Syria: More Than 100 Reported Killed Nationwide
US Demands Egypt Get Israeli Permission for Sinai Ops
  US Envoy: Israel's Inquiry Into Rachel Corrie's Killing Wasn't Credible
Norway Jails 'Sane' Breivik for Maximum 21 Years
Western Sanctions Causing Medicine Shortages in Iran
Six Turkish Soldiers, 26 PKK Killed in Clash
Judge Frees US Marine Detained for Facebook Posts
Buckley's Unlikely Heir: Remembering Alexander Cockburn  by Ron Unz
We Are Women Against Rape, but We Don't Want Assange Extradited  by Katrin Axelsson & Lisa Longstaff
The Pursuit of Assange Is an Assault on Freedom  by John Pilger
Whatever Happened to Iraqi Oil?  by Greg Muttitt & Tom Engelhardt
No Decent Reason for 2,000 Dead in Afghanistan  by Matthew Rothschild
Bringing Troops Home From Afghanistan Should Be Main Goal  The Seattle Times

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Pakistan Military Denies ISI Colonel Tipped Off US About bin Laden
Britain Is Shunning Us, Say Ecuadorians as Tension Continues Over Assange
US Testing DoD Surveillance Balloons on Mexico Border
US Military Convoy Rolls Through Ottawa
Syrian War Plays Out Along a Street in Lebanon
Experts Doubt Budget Cuts Would Hurt Military Training
Britain and France Join US in Warning Syria of Military Steps
Sen. Lugar to Russia: Let's Team Up and Take Syria's Weapons
Cameron: West Could Intervene on Use of Chemical Weapons in Syria
France Signals Support for Partial No-Fly Zone in Syria
Syrian Fighter Jets Violate Iraqi Airspace
Syria Vows to Work With New UN Envoy as Fighting Rages
Syria's Armenians Flee to Ancestral Homeland
Whereabouts of Journalist Austin Tice, McClatchy Contributor, Unknown in Syria
Number of Journalists Killed in Syrian Uprising Rises to 35
Sources: Iran Expands Nuclear Capacity
Iran Hails Non-Aligned Summit as Diplomatic Coup Against West
Former Ambassador Indyk Says US Sees Israeli Saber Rattling as 'Crying Wolf'
2 Arab Teens Reportedly Assaulted in Tel Aviv
Two Iraqis Killed; al-Qaeda Claims Old Attacks
Feared Mexican Zetas Cartel Enforcer 'Z-40' Becomes Top Target for Colleagues, Enemies
Thousands of Afghan Refugees in Limbo in Pakistan
Protesters in Tajik Town Demand Troop Pullout Near Afghan Border
Rights Group Urges China to Stop Sending Myanmar Refugees Back to Combat Zone
Tibetan Monk Tortured and Imprisoned: Rights Group
Egypt Passes Law Banning Pre-Trial Jail for Journalists
Detained Egyptian Editor to Be Freed: President's Spokesman
At Least 12 Killed in Tribal Clash in Libya
More Than 100 Tanks Seized From Pro-Gadhafi Militia in Libya
'Salafist' Militants Attack Tunisia's Sidi Bouzid: Police
Kenya to Disarm Tribes to Prevent Deadly Clashes
Nigeria's Boko Haram Rules Out Peace Talks
Mai Mai Chief Ready for War Against DR Congo Rebels
Russia's Rights Ombudsman Decries Pussy Riot Verdict
Moldova Arrests Man Suspected of Throwing Incendiary Device at German Chancellor's Motorcade
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Assange Dodges Elite Media Darts

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Blowback in Bosnia

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Cyberwar for Me but Not for Thee

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Tel Aviv 'Race Riots' Reveal Much About Israel

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Is Iran a Threat?

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