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Updated September 4, 2012 - 10:33 PM EDT
Obama Denies Deal Offer to Iran on Israeli Strike
  Hezbollah: Iran Could Strike US Bases, Troops if Israel Attacks
  Iran Claims More Progress in Domestic-Made Air Defense System
  Nine Israeli MPs Vow Unconditional Support for Attacking Iran
US Allies in Reprisal Killings With Taliban
  25 Killed in Suicide Attack Against Afghan Funeral
  Afghan Officials Say They Lack Resources to Screen New Recruits
  White House Disavows Obama's Pledge for 2014 Afghan Withdrawal
  Afghan Commander Suspected of Acting as Crime Boss
UN's New Syria Envoy Takes Over as Civil War Continues
10 Turkish Soldiers, 20 Kurdish Militants Killed in Clashes
Two Killed in Attack on US Consulate Car in Pakistan
The GOP's Insipid American Exceptionalism  by Justin Logan
Shunning Evil: Tutu Sets Example in Call for Blair & Bush Indictments  by Chris Floyd
No Accountability for Torturers  by Marjorie Cohn
Entangled With Israel  by Philip Giraldi
COIN's Failure in Afghanistan  by Oleg Svet
The Modern US Army: Unfit for Service?  by Matt Kennard

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UK Rejects Assange Death Penalty Claim
Roaming Airport Screeners Look for People With Something to Hide
Military at 'Turning Point,' Panetta Avoids Bold Moves
Poll: Should Apple Accept App That Tracks Drone Kills?
Camp Lejeune Water Contamination Victim Speaks Out
Air Force Deserter: 28 Years on the Run
NATO Chief: Rogue Afghan Attacks Will Not Hasten Pullout
New Zealand Confirms Early Withdrawal From Afghanistan
NATO Service Member Killed in Afghan Bombing
Christopher Roney in US 'Friendly Fire' Afghanistan Death
Armenia 'Ready for War' After Azerbaijan Axe-Killer Pardon
Clinton Warns Against Coercion in South China Sea Dispute
In Authoritarian North Korea, Hints of Reform
India, China Defense Ministers to Meet Tuesday
Egypt Retires 70 Army Generals
Berlin Rejects Talk of Israeli Relations Hit by Submarine Sale to Egypt
Egypt and US Near Deal on Debt Relief
UK 'Fails to Freeze' Mubarak-Era Assets
Former Rebel Group Declares War Against Burundi Govt.
Kenya Charges Shabab-Linked Preacher After Riots
Chad Rebel Leader Agrees to Turn Himself in in Central African Republic
Media Institute Reports Prominent Journalist Dies in Confrontation With Tanzania Police
Ivory Coast Universities Reopen for First Time After Conflict
Former Sierra Leone Child Soldier Helps Other Victims
France Warns of Syrian Chemical Weapons Attack
Airstrikes in Syria Kill at Least 19 People
Syrian Children Speak of Revenge Against Alawites
Syrian Official Says Refugees Are Free to Return
Red Cross Chief to Meet Assad in Syria
France: Israeli Strike on Iran Could Backfire
Iran Opens Nuclear Site to Mongolia's President
Saudi Arabia/Yemen
'US Drone Strikes Help Saudi Arabia Keep Yemen Divided'
Saudi Police Arrest Wanted Shi'ite
Brazil: 22 Murders in 2 Months Connected to Municipal Elections
Shooting Injures 4 People in Venezuela at Political Event Ahead of Presidential Vote
Britain's Hague Urges Ecuador to Quickly Resume Talks Over Assange
Russia Says It Will Respond Tit-For-Tat to Any British Sanctions Over Lawyer's Prison Death
Georgians Among Islamists Killed Near Russian Border
47 Police Hurt in 'Savage' Northern Ireland Sectarian Clash
Ukrainian Journalists Protest as Leader Hails Media Freedom
Swedish Government Websites Shut Down by Hacker Attacks
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