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Updated September 6, 2012 - 11:24 PM EDT
Israel Dials Back Iran War Rhetoric After US Meets
  Netanyahu Angrily Breaks Up Cabinet Meeting on Iran, Citing Leaks
  Scared of Leaks, Netanyahu May Force Cabinet to Take Polygraphs
Kabul Arrests, Expels Hundreds of Afghan Forces
  US to Retain Role as a Jailer in Afghanistan
  Iran Signs Deal Giving Land-Locked Afghanistan Access to Major Port
  Third Helicopter Crash in 10 Days Kills 2 US Troops in Afghanistan
Iraq the Latest Dragged Into Syria Proxy War
  US Calls on Iraq to Inspect Syria-Bound Iranian Planes for Arms
  Iraq Demands Evidence Iran Shipping Arms to Syria
  Turkish Jets Hit Kurdish Militant Positions Near Syria and Iraq Borders
US Puts Yemen Drone War in Overdrive
  Yemen's Rights Groups Strongly Condemn US Drone Attacks
Judge: US Can't Set Limits on Gitmo Laywers
New Rotation of US Soldiers Arrives in Kosovo
US Preparing Case Against WikiLeaks' Assange: Lawyer
Mali Seeks Foreign Military Backing to Reconquer North
Shaky ‘Vote’ Returns Jerusalem to Dems’ Platform
Ongoing Attacks in Afghanistan Remind US It's Time to Bring Troops Home  by Malou Innocent
Drone Blowback Is Real  by Jordan Michael Smith
The Hague Will Always Be a Tool of the West  by Patrick Hayes
Obama's Vietnam  by Bruce Fein
Santorum the Warmonger  by Daniel Larison
The President as Planetary Policeman  by Jacob Sullum

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US Nuclear Bombs Will Remain in Germany
FBI, Hackers Trade Claims on Stolen Apple Device IDs
Clinton Offers Support to E. Timor as It Leaves UN Wing
Japan Govt. 'Reaches Deal to Buy' Disputed Islands
CNN International's Response to the Guardian
NATO Expresses 'Deep Concern' to Karzai
Pakistan, Afghanistan, US Discuss Safe Passage for Taliban Leaders to Join Peace Talks
Pakistan Orders Save the Children Foreign Workers to Leave
Cultural Insensitivity Contributes to 'Insider' Afghan Attacks, Says US Military Officer
US to Continue to Pressure Haqqani Group
Afghan Museum Rebuilds With Returned Artifacts
Turkmenistan Holds Naval Drills on Caspian
Kashmir Won't DNA-Test Mass Graves
Amnesty Accuses Maldives Government of Beatings and Torture
South Korea Ordered to Pay $2M Over False Spy Claim
Britain Accused of 'Disastrous Signal' by Resuming Rwanda Aid
Ugandan Troops Capture Rebel and Wound Another in Hunt for Joseph Kony
Nigerian Navy Frees Hijacked Singapore-Owned Oil Tanker
North Belfast Riot Talks Positive: Robinson and McGuinness
Frankfurt Under Fire for Giving Prize to Israel Critic
No Cease-Fire, Drugs Nag at Colombia Peace Talks
Deadly Quebec Attack May Have Been Assassination Attempt on New PM, Police Say
The War at Home
Engine Failure Led Crew to Crash $3.8M Drone in Virginia on Purpose
Navy Tells FAA It Wants Small Georgia Airport Moved
Ahmadinejad Concedes Iran Sanctions Hurting Economy
Russian Firm to Halt Iran Ship Work as Pressure Grows
Syria Troops 'Bombard Aleppo Districts'
France Giving Aid to Rebel-Held Syrian Cities
Turkey Accuses Syria of 'State Terrorism'
Egypt's Mursi Calls on Syrian Regime to Step Down
Syrian Kurds Demand More Rights
Gunmen Kill Palestinian Security Chief in West Bank
French to Exhume Arafat's Remains
Israeli Airstrike Kills Three Gaza Militants
Palestinians Slipping Deeper Into Poverty: UN
Israel Prosecution Seeks Community Service for Olmert
Eritreans Stranded for Week on Israel-Egypt Border
Activists: Israeli Military Blocked Food Transfer to Africans
Nine Killed in Iraq Attacks; Many Wounded in Raids on Nightclubs
Iraq Loses '$200 a Second' as Political Rift With Kurdistan Affects Oil Exports
Iraq's Role in Syria War Poses Problems for US
Standing Between Iran and Syria, Iraq Faces US Pressure to Halt Arms Transfers to Assad
Middle East
20 Wounded in Military Ammunition Depot Blasts in Central Turkey
Turkey's Kurdish Problem Morphs but Remains
North Africa
President Has Not Tackled Egypt's Biggest Problems
Mauritania Deports Libya Spy Chief Abdullah Al-Senussi
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