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Updated September 7, 2012 - 11:26 PM EDT
Canada Severs Ties With Iran, Expels Diplomats
  Israel Dials Back Iran War Rhetoric After US Meetings
  Rumored Bibi Tantrum to US Envoy Did Occur, Says US Congressman
More US Spies to Organize, Train Syria Rebels
  Syria Rebels Declare Civilian Aircraft Legitimate Targets
  Iraq Reiterates It Isn't Involved in Syrian Civil War
  Syrian Troops Take Town on Refugee Flight Route
  Analysts: Syrian Army in No Danger of Collapsing From Rebel Assaults
Judge: US Can't Set Limits on Gitmo Lawyers
  Report on US Torture, Rendition to Libya Details New Waterboarding
Clinton Designates Haqqanis a Terrorist Group
  'Save the Children' Denies CIA Links in Pakistan Row
Clinton Met With Friction From Antagonized China
Putin: Missile Deal Possible 'If Obama Is Reelected'
US, Yemen Can't Agree on Responsibility for Drone Deaths
Venezuela Holds US Vessel for Alleged Arms Trafficking
Rights Activists Call on US to Revise Bahrain Policy
The Dumbing Down of American Foreign Policy  by John Feffer & Nick Turse
The Liberal Way to Run the World  by John Pilger
Why Drone Strikes Cede 'Hearts and Minds' to Taliban  by Robert Dreyfuss
The War Drums Are Getting Louder  by Taki Theodoracopulos
Truth Stranger Than Fiction in Palestine  by Melkam Lidet
US, Israeli Interests Diverge on Iran  by Robert W. Merry

More Viewpoints

Hair Dye, No Bullets in bin Laden's Room
HRW: Evidence of Wider US Waterboarding Use
East Timor Visit a 'Message on US Power'
War Might Be Making Young Bodies Old
Judge Orders Fort Hood Suspect Be Clean-Shaven
Interactive: Karachi's Killing Fields
More Than 320 Shias Killed in Pakistan This Year in Wave of Sectarian Attacks
Human Rights Watch Pushes Pakistan to 'Urgently' Protect Shias
Afghans Use Culture Guides to Cut Insider Attacks
Nationalism Stokes Island Disputes Around Asia
Myanmar MPs Force Out Constitutional Court Judges
Bomb Severely Wounds Woman in Southern Thailand Insurgency
Sudan Says Unafraid of UNSC Sanctions
Islamic Radicalism Hits Ancient City of Mombasa
North Nigeria Mobile Phone Towers Attacked, Severing Communications Amid Sect Attacks
Ethiopian Man Threatens Action Over UK 'Link to Abuse'
US Government Puts Another Wife of Mexico's Most Wanted Cartel Capo on Drug Kingpin List
Zetas Cartel Feud Augurs More Blood, Fear in Mexico
Quebec Killing Sparked by Secession Fears
Colombia's President Rejects Proposal by FARC Rebels to Observe Cease-Fire During Talks
The War at Home
TSA: Testing Drinks Purchased Inside Airport Terminal Nothing New
Pentagon Escalates Case That Former Navy SEAL Broke Secrecy Pledge
Report: Half of Military Bases Lack Voting Facility
Airlines Face Trial Over 9/11 Terror Attacks
Western Airstrikes on Libya Violated UNSC Resolution, Says India
Libya Names 8 Candidates for Prime Minister
Killing of Rebel With Al-Qaeda Links Opens Debate on Syrian Opposition
Syria's Rebels Set Their Sights on Regime's Air Power in Struggle for Aleppo Province
France May Send Anti-Aircraft Guns to Syrian Rebels
France Sends Funds to 5 Syrian Civic Groups
Russia's Putin Defiant on Syria, Calls Romney Mistaken
Report: Syria's Chemical Weapons Stored in 20 Sites Around Country
Gaza Strip: Israeli Strikes Kill Six Militants
Barak Mulls Law to Shut Crossing Into Sinai
Palestinians Criticize Democrats' Jerusalem Stance
Palestinian Taxi Drivers Halt Traffic in West Bank
Police Bar Israeli Doctors' NGO From Accessing Eritrean Refugees
Egypt: 4 Top Police Cleared of Killing Protesters
After Egypt's Revolution, a Long Search for the Missing
Middle East
Russia Starkly Warns Against Attacking Iran Over Nuclear Fears
Iraq: Turkish Airstrikes Wound Three Iraqis; Four Killed in Other Attacks
Turkey Grenade Depot Blast Kills 25
UK Malware Used Against Bahraini Activists
Russia: Pussy Riot Lawyer Questioned
Hungarian Prime Minister Uses Facebook Page to 'Unfriend' IMF, Rejects Alleged Loan Conditions
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